Email, Eliza Vielma, director, Social & Digital Strategy, David Dewhurst campaign, May 6, 2014

12:22 p.m.

SB 1528 In-State Tuition Bill - Patrick Claims it expanded in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.


SB 1528 did NOT expand in-state tuition for illegal immigrants or international students, it REPEALED part of the international student portion of the in-state tuition bill that unfortunately passed in 2001 BEFORE Lt. Governor Dewhurst was elected Lt. Governor. The only expansion in the bill was for US citizens. It only expanded in-state tuition to students who are both Citizens and residents of Texas whose parents move out of state while they are in college or live with grandparents or other family members that never went to court for legal custody.




SB 309 - Patrick claims the bill expanded health care for illegal immigrants