Health 6 -         Nutrition Assessment Friday, October 13th

Health Triangle Unit One Assessment due Friday, September 29th

Obesity Map due Tuesday, August 29th

PE 7 -

Health 8 - One 20-minute workout in your heart rate zone due Thursday, October 12th

Three food logs and reflection due Thursday, October 5th

Reflection questions to think about What did you do well? Why/how? What could be changed and why? How would you go about that change? Did you eat from all five food groups? How were your overall calories for your activity level? Sodium intake?

Two sleep logs and reflection due Thursday, September 28th

Pacer FitBit Heartrate due Friday, September 22nd

Teen Obesity Assessment Tuesday September 12th

        Sleep and Physical Activity Assessment Wednesday, September 13th

One 20-minute workout due and one food log due Thursday, September 7th

Two 20-minute workouts in your target heart rate zone due Thursday, August 31st

SPARK questions due Tuesday, August 22nd.

    --see Showbie for chapter and questions