Health 6 -Nutrition Assessment on Tuesday, May 22nd

Health Triangle Assessment due Thursday, May 3rd

Obesity Prediction Map due no later than Monday, April 9th

                        -see showbie if you need a copy of the map

PE 7 -

Health 8 -  One 20-minute workout in your target heart rate zone due Friday, May 11th

Sleep/Physical Activity Test Thursday, May 3rd

2 sleep logs due Thursday, May 3rd

Pacer heart rate due Friday, April 27th

SPARK chapter read and questions due Tuesday, April 17th


Teen Obesity Assessment due Friday, April 20th

Garmin/FitBit Activity: Bike Desk vs Regular Desk Workout or one 20-minute workout due Friday, April 20th        

     Two 20-minute workouts in your target heart rate zone due Friday, April 13th

FitBit/Garmin Agreement Form due Wednesday, April 4th

FitBit/Garmin Set Up software due Friday, April 6th