The library is here for your use and enjoyment, and is intended for reading, studying and using library materials.  Please demonstrate courteous behavior toward other patrons and staff members. While using the library, please remember:

The Board of Trustees has adopted a Safe Child Policy to ensure the safety of each child visiting one of its library branches.  Each patron acknowledges his/her access to this policy when supplying a library card application.  Copies of this policy are available at each branch’s circulation desk and/or upon request.

The Board of Trustees of the Copiah-Jefferson Regional Library System has adopted these rules of conduct.  The Director, Branch Librarians and staff have been authorized and directed by the Board of Trustees to strictly enforce these rules.  The rules are for the benefit of all patrons and staff.  They serve to promote the enjoyable use of all library facilities by patrons of all ages, and the effective utilization of staff time and services.

Violations of any of these rules of conduct can subject the offending party to removal from the premises.  Serious violations or repetitive violations will be brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees for resolution.  The offending party may lose all library privileges pending action by the Board of Trustees.  The Director, Branch Librarians and staff have been authorized by the Board of Trustees to refer, to the proper authorities, those who refuse to abide by these rules or cooperate with staff members.

Please help conserve library resources and assist the staff in providing the quiet, pleasant atmosphere so that the library experience can be enjoyable and beneficial to all members of the community.