High School Students can take actual UVU courses through

Concurrent Enrollment via Live Interactive Education!


Live Interactive Education (formerly called Distance Learning) is another great opportunity for Timpview students to earn college credit while in high school.  Utah Valley Professors are on the UVU campus teaching in a special classroom designed to transmit the class throughout the state.  The high-tech equipment enables students to communicate with the professor on campus in real-class time while attending their high school class at Timpview High School in the Media Center.


Why take Live Interactive Classes?

  • Earn high school and college credit at the same time
  • Convenient: classes are attended right at the high school
  • Low Tuition of only $5 per credit hour (student responsible for textbook and other materials when assigned by the instructor)
  • Classes are taught by UVU instructors in semester-based classes (earning 1.0 high school credit per semester)
  • Classes fulfill college General Education requirements or degree prerequisites
  • Get a jump start on college!

Who should take Live Interactive (LI) Classes?

  • Junior and Senior students with 3.0 GPA or higher and meet ACT requirements for college English, Math and Biology courses
  • Students wanting a challenge through rigor
  • Self motivated and disciplined students who understand the importance of attendance and good study skills
  • Confident students that like expressing themselves through written communication
  • Students ready to move on to college!

How do I register for  LI College Courses?

  • Meet with your CE coordinator, Lisa Pulver in the Distance Ed room at Timpview for details, courses offerings per semester, and enrollment instructions
  • Report or submit ACT scores and AP exam scores to UVU
  • Obtain and complete a LI Registration Card  (Will require admission to UVU)
  • Meet with your high school counselor

Participation requires students to block out even/odd (A/B) high school class time. UVU courses follow the UVU schedule and calendar.  Fall courses may begin before THS classes begin in August.  Spring courses begin in January before the end of high school first semester.

With a one-time UVU admission fee of $35 and participation in four LI courses a semester the low tuition cost of $5 per credit hour is a tuition savings of $2,448!!





All matters are subject to change

updated 03/19/2015