Part I      

Meeting date | time 10/25/2016 1:00 PM | Meeting location  Istanbul

Type of meeting

Kick-off meeting Meeting


Lemonia Golikidou

Dimitris Konstantopoulos

Rene Leiner

Veronika Uibo

Fernando Carvalho

Jorge Salt

Birute Druckute

Ieva Kriauciuniene

José Angel Moreno Pelegrín

Carmen Torres Torres

Tahir Taş

Sevtap Kösem

Agenda topics

Time allotted | 25 | Agenda topic: Description of the project- Terms of the Contract- Budget Management

Discussion :All the partners express their opinions and review all the aims of the Project and the terms of the Contract.  

Conclusion: All the participants agreed that regarding the contract, the project will run from 01-09-2016 to 31-08-2018. For the budget; All partners are informed that every partner school is allowed to transfer up to 20% of the funds allocated for Project. Every month we have an amount of money 250 euro for the partner school and 500 for the coordinator (included also the summer months) that we can spend.  It is also stated that in transnational meeting, every person can spend 575 Euro or 760 Euros depending on distance.

Time allotted | 15’ | Agenda topic l Responsibilities of Coordinator and the partners

Discussion:  Coordinator Lemonia Golikidou made a presentation regarding the responsibilities of her as a coordinator and all the partners, especially focusing on the dissemination events and the quality of Project´s activities and final products.

Every partner should be in contact with its National Agency because rules and requirements may vary from country to country.

Portugal team stated that their educational system is very restricted regarding students appearance in the web (sites, social media, etc) and we must be very careful with the exposure of students to the web.

Conclusion. It was decided that 30-09-2017 will be deadline for the evaluation of first year of the project. It is stated that it could be submitted online in the Mobility Tool. Moreover, for final Report, The coordinator will do it until the deadline 31-10-2018.

Time allotted | 45’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Definition of Activities and Timeline & Implementation of Activities

Discussion: All partners have discussion on definition of activities and timelines for them.

Conclusion:  Every school has all these 15 activities to implement. But every school has to prepare the rules, and the theoretical frame for 2 activities. Each partner is responsible for designing the methodology to be followed by all the other schools, there must be an evaluation form not only for students but also for teachers. Carmen emphasized that every activity needs label which tells us what it is about and a Blog can be very useful in order to organize and gather all the events, activities, products, actions taken regarding the Project from all the partners. Rene explains some ideas about how garden activity can be carried out. For example; it is stated that every partner can dig small flowers and put some pots for their garden activity.

The deadline to be delivered the guides for the activities is the 20st of December. As soon as the partner schools have the activities guide they can implement them according their conditions, but with the obligation that they will have them ready until the corresponsive mobility.    

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] | Target Group of Students

Discussion:  Target Group: Students that are in risk of early school leaving, students with low marks and high sum of absences and students that bullied or have been bullied during their school life. Lela has offered that it can be those students who are very successful in academic terms but have little confidence and students who are shy. Birute offers that every school will decide how many students will take place in an activity. Logo contest will be designed by Lithuania.

We also discuss the possibility to add more students to the mobilities if the host schools find families disposal for hosting. Birute argued that more mobilities than the previewed  is not anymore an added value, because in the new Erasmus+ projects what it is matters is sharing good practices.

Conclusion: Each partner has to deliver his/her final logo product which are done by students until deadline 10th December 2016 to Lithuanian Partner.  It is also stated by Birute that in learning/teaching activities students has to come across something new in order to make the mobility more impressed and valuable.  The Europass can be used as a complementary tool to certify the learning activities

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Criteria of Eligibility

Discussion:  Students who will take place during these activities and motilities, can work as mentors.

Conclusion:  During the meeting it is said that students who are able to take responsibility more, very capable in working internationally and also like travelling can be best candidates for the mobilities because after mobilities it is believed that these pupils will be able to help their peers much more than any other students thanks to their special qualifications.  So, it is also agreed that they can be perfect fit for the mobilities and for working as mentors.


Meeting date | time 10/26/2016 11:00 PM | Meeting location  Istanbul

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Ice breaking, Exchange presents

The meeting starts exchanging presents and with some energizing and ice breaking games held by the Greek team that contribute to build communication bridges.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Logo Contest rules

Discussion Birute shared the logo contest rules and all partners had their opinion on how the contest will be carried out, the options in case of equal points, etc

Conclusion: All partners will send to Birute’s email the best 2 logos until 10/12/2016.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] etwinning Project

Discussion Carmen and Lela will be responsible to open and be the organizers of the etwinning Project “Art, Technology and Sport” and we will try to involve also students, because it is a safe environment and easy to be used by everyone. The only “negative” is that students are very fond to use facebook or similar platforms and they don’t easily be attracted by other media.

Conclusion: An etwinning Project will be open and all our activity will be uploaded also there.

Time allotted | 20’ | Agenda topic [Topic] Evaluation Forms, Dissemination Events, Mobility Tool

Discussion Regarding our project dissemination several strategies will be carried out such as presentations, lectures, posters, letters on the local and regional newspapers, interviews on TV, etc.. We agreed with the publication of every action we do. Moreover, we have already done news on Turkish local press while we are visiting Beykoz Municipality about our project during the kick off meeting.  

Every partner gives their opinions about how Erasmus Project web site must be.  

Conclusion: Every partner agreed that web site is the most important one. For dissemination events, Carmen advised that we should create both blog and web site. We should label any activity.

Every Partner may send some photos, information, links etc.  relating to their activities taken at their school to Carmen or Lela.

Next mobility will be held in Portugal roughly between the dates 12-18 February depending on flight costs. During this Meeting, there will be a learning Activity for participating students (C1) and a learning Activity for teachers (C2).

 Another Mobility will be in Estonia during Spring time- May. Arrivals and Departures dates will be decided later on for it.