ABQ Hosting Action Center Job Description                                                

TITLE:         Action Center Resource Coordinator 

DESCRIPTION:   Performs the duties of the Center Director when that person is not at the center.  Coordinates and conducts training of staff and hosted participants.  Develop resources to support center operations.

OBJECTIVE:  To develop an Action Center that can be duplicated in other locations. To make it easy for volunteers to link their passion with a meaningful volunteer opportunity. To help hosted program participants obtain employment.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Working knowledge of computer spreadsheets, word processing and databases. Knowledgeable on training procedures and techniques.

SKILLS:        Leadership and management. Attention to detail.  Public speaking skills. Good skills on computer keyboards and software, primarily spreadsheets, word processing and databases.  Ability to handle rejection or uncomfortable situations.

EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Certificate or GED        

TIME COMMITMENT:        As needed by the daily situation.        

SUPERVISED BY:        UNM Action Center Director                

WORKING WITH:        General public, CLABQ staff,  at the Action Center plus charitable and other organizations.        

WORK LOCATION:        UNM Action Center @ 2210 Silver SE Albuquerque.                

AGE REQUIREMENTS:        At least 18 years old.                


OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Adherence to all policies. The Resource Coordinator cannot be in a hosted program. Signing of a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form is required. A sex offender registry check will be conducted.  If a person is on the registry they will not be allowed to work in the Action Center because children and vulnerable individuals are present at times.

Specific Duties:  Includes, but not limited to;

  1. Be familiar with the duties of the Action Center Director and perform them as necessary when the Center Director is out of the office.
  2. Initiate improvements to operational plans and procedures.
  3. Act as the lead in developing resources for the center and the corporation in the local area.  Resources include personnel, donors, furnishings, funding and other things needed by the center.
  4. Function as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Action Center.
  5. Develop and coordinate projects assigned to center personnel and outside groups.
  6. Train all personnel in the use of the CLABQ database.
  7. Control, train personnel on, and review email accounts assigned to center personnel.
  8. Develop training opportunities for center personnel.
  9. Other duties as assigned.

5/28/2018  Version 2NT