Warning: We are half minds and often forget to bring the Haberdashery with us.

Please contact Haberdashery to make certain that the product still is available. Contact Haberdashery directly or send an email to oh3.info101@gmail.com





General OH3 Stuff

OH3 Vests

$10 each.

Red Dress Runs

Canada 150th Red Dress Run 2017 T-shirt



👆 Front & Back 👆

 $5 each.

Gildan Performance® Adult Core T-Shirt (Active-fit).

Limited sizes XS only

Canada 150th Red Dress Run 2017 Mugs

OH3 Lanyards


$1 each. Used but in good condition

Plastic with logo on one side and red dress image on the other.

The company said not to put them in the dishwasher but we have been dishwashering them for a while.  

$2 each.

Use for all your hash nametags.  Good swag to bring to international hashes for trading or promotion.

Red Dress Run 2016 T-Shirts

Red Dress Run 2022

Two ladies large and one ladies medium $10.00

2 mediums left



WinterRude 2021

Super warm neck warmer, muff, touque, only your

Imagination dictates