Mixed Up Fairy Tale

Little Red Riding Hood Had walk through these words many times before but just this once it felt strangely weird.She kept hearing russells in the leaves and she was super scared someone was following her to the little cottage in the woods.


Someone or something shouted.


Little Red Riding Hood squeld .

“ Ha ha ha “

It’s only a joke Herold the giant said with a big grin on his face.

“ Few It’s only you Herold come and walk with me”.


Herold said still grinning.


So Herold and Little Red Riding Hood walked to there little cottage in the woods / there personal dance studio.

Once they got to their personal dance studio they put on some music and started to break dance.  After twenty minutes of non-stop break dancing they could barely breathe and Herold needed to sit down for a while and Little Red Riding Hood needed to go to the toilet.

They both headed of in different directions, after a while Herold got a bit anxious someone was watching him him and Little Red Riding Hood kept hearing loud breathing noises.

Suddenly Little Red Riding Hood heard a big roar from the room Herold was in.  She rushed in and hypnotized the dragon to not harm anyone ever again because she didn't want to harm or even worse kill the dragon. That means Little Red Riding Hood saved the day by saving Herolds life,the dragons life and hers.