When is World Breastfeeding Week?

WBW is officially celebrated on 1-7 August every year to mark the anniversary of the Innocenti Declaration, however, some countries hold their celebrations at different times of the year.

From 2016 onwards we are transforming WBW from a celebration for one week in a year into a showcase of the efforts made to protect, promote and support breastfeeding for all 51 weeks in a year.

Can I use/modify the WBW Logo for my event/materials/etc.?

To use the WBW Logo, please fulfill the 4 steps below:

STEP 1: Read our Copyright Notice:

WABA asserts all rights under the Berne Convention over the image known as SDG-WBW17 (logo). This copyright is subject to fair use, with appropriate attribution to WABA. The image may be used in celebrating World Breastfeeding Week and other activities related to the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding. The image must not be changed in any way or used in any way that damages WABA's reputation, whether by content, context or association. Permission must always be sought before the image is used in any commercial activity. The image known as SDG-WBW must not be used in any activity sponsored by companies producing or marketing breastmilk substitutes, related equipment and complementary foods.

STEP 2: Write to us at wbw@waba.org.my with the following information:

- Are you receiving any sponsorship?

- Will there be any other logo/text accompanying the Logo?

STEP 3: Send us a final layout of how you intend to use the Logo

STEP 4: Credit WABA for usage of the WBW Logo

What languages are the WBW materials available in?

WBW materials are available in the following languages:

•        English

•        Arabic

•        Mandarin

•        Spanish

•        Portuguese

•        French

Visit the website to check for more languages. If you have translated our materials into other languages, do share this with us by emailing wbw@waba.org.my. If approved, we may even share your translation on our website!

Where can I find/download WBW materials?

Do visit our website for access to various exciting WBW materials e.g. Action Folder, Inserts, Poster and Logo.

How can I receive WBW materials?

To subscribe, follow visiting our website > downloads > subscribe

Once you have subscribed, please check your inbox* and click on the confirmation email link. We will note your interest, retain your details and send you the latest WBW related news and materials when available

*please check your Spam folder if email does not appear

How do I pledge to organize a WBW event/activity?

This year, in accordance with our theme – Sustaining Breastfeeding Together – we aim to link individuals and organisations working to protect, promote and support breastfeeding globally with each other through our online platform. If you have an interesting idea/campaign and would like to make it sustainable, pledge your interest with us.

How can I link with individuals/organizations working on breastfeeding issues?

First, send us information at wbw@waba.org.my or pledge your campaign so we can link you with the key individuals/organisations.

We will collect information you wish to share e.g. about your work within one or more of the four Thematic Areas, your geographical location and information on the focus of your campaign. As more individuals and organisations register themselves, each one will find many others to link to and work with. In time, existing and new contacts can be brought together and you can start to make common plans. You will find planning tools and learning resources on the platform.

By pledging to work in this way, we will have a tangible way to track and aggregate your progress toward making breastfeeding a key to Sustainable Development by 2030.

How can I promote WBW via social media?

Like/follow the

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding WBW?

Write to at wbw@waba.org.my