Digital Humanities + Design Records:


* How can we use CAD files in DH? Who uses them? What barriers exist?

* What kind of tools can we create for future researchers?

* How do we handle these different file formats?

* How to facilitate access, preservation, and sharing?

* Fundraising to sponsor digitization projects for these records?

* What are the needs of practitioners?

* How can cultural heritage professionals and digital humanists partner with architects & designers?

* How to navigate layers of data, linked data, proprietary data?

* CAD + Digital Forensics... reconstructing files across multiple formats and platforms

* Is AutoDesk still the dominant software? Have archivists reached out to these companies to collaborate?

* What about STEP-files?

* Ongoing challenges of digital obsolescence


* CAD files analogous to MRIs and astronomy maps, animation files, oceanographic files

* Design records are frequently most valuable in conjunction with other records (primary source texts, maps, etc)

* There needs to be a critical mass of data or digital objects before technologists and humanists start producing innovative products

* We are still grappling with the question of preservation... but the question of access (and how people will use it) is just around the corner. Exciting!

* Technical/preservation metadata needs may be unique. The timeline and methods of creation are going to be vital to future researchers. For example, was the file scanned/compressed/copied/interpreted/printed/scanned again?

* Can we create 3D models which can be viewed, analysed, printed, etc... and link these models to the files?

* CAD records are so much more than buildings... designed objects, animation, laser shows (Stone Mountain, GA)

Examples of use:

* Scholars using 3D renderings and line of site analysis for historical structures

* Augmented reality tours

* Creating 3D-printed models of objects from designs

* Using design records to preserve and recreate vanishing history and cultural heritage

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