2013 April mixtape

  1. Breton Wood Ooogum Boogum Song  Breton Wood has exactly two well-known songs, this and “Gimme a Little Sign”. If I had only two songs to my name I’d be retire happy.
  2. Phosphorescent Song for Zula This is a totally hypnotic song that I can (and have) listen to over and over.
  3. Night Beds Everything Trying Night Beds’ original material has slowly worked its way into my brain, but this cover of Damien Jurado grabbed me immediately. Fantastic.
  4. Local Natives Heavy Feet I come and go on Local Natives a bit but this is a really catchy one. I should listen to the whole new album more.
  5. Lord Huron Time to Run I think of Lord Huron as a more interesting, more rhythmic version of Fleet Foxes. That’s a good thing.
  6. Sin Fang Young Boys Sin Fang is the solo project of Icelandic Seabear frontman Sindri Már Sigfússon. I like Seabear a lot and though I haven’t listened to Sin Fang as much, I certainly like this song a lot.
  7. Keegan DeWitt Two Hearts Wow, what a lovely and arresting song. “Cut my heart out// Cut my heart out.”
  8. Tyler Lyle Medusa Tyler Lyle might just be getting better with time. I really enjoyed his album from last year and this year’s EP Expatriots is perhaps even better. Let’s hope he can make another album soon.
  9. Chris Porterfield I Would Not Die in Springtime This is a great version of a song by 19th century songwriter (and Pittsburgh native) Stephen Foster by the leadman of Field Report. It has a timeless melancholy to it.
  10. Hayden Blurry Nights Hayden is on his, what, 47th by now, and the latest, Us Alone is my favorite in a while. Solid songs throughout, but I think this somewhat dark but also somewhat driving song is the highlight of the album.
  11. Pickwick Lady Luck Since Pickwick reinvented themselves a couple years ago as an indie soul band--previously they were a mediocre folk band that I actually saw live once--I’ve really digged their stuff. This Richard Swift cover with additional vocals from Sharon Van Etten is a real gem.
  12. Llans Thelwell and His Celestials Grazing in the Grass I’m pretty sure this apes another soul song from the same era, but I can’t place it. Regardless: it’s a pretty good jam.
  13. The Ray Alexander Techniques I Don’t Bite When I first got into soul, I wasn’t particularly into the ‘70s stuff as much preferring the Motown soul pop. I’m still more into the ‘60s stuff but this is really good.
  14. Frightened Rabbit Late March, Death March This album has gotten a little lost in the fray for me but it’s still a really solid effort with some great songs, like this one.
  15. The Mouthbreathers Birthdays Said the Grammophone had this on their year end list for last year and I’m not sure if I’ve heard a minute, fifty-two second song have a better concentration of rawk in it.
  16. Fionn Regan 67 Blackout Fionn Regan’s stripped-down latest effort Anchor Black Tattoo is his first to approach the absolute magic of The End of History since that album came out. Lovely songwriting without any distractions and bonus points for the videos of the songs playing on record players in remote locations in Ireland.
  17. The Local Strangers Uptown The path that took me to house show of theirs on a cute back street in Somerville would not fit in this space, but I’ll say that I was there and if you have a chance to see a house show of theirs, you should. And this is the song you should request.
  18. Hey Marseilles Heart Beats Their new album is a really nice list and there’s just something about the part of this song where the drums come in here that feels likes something settling into it’s rightful place.
  19. Benjamin Gibbard Bigger than Love I think it was someone on NPR’s All Songs Considered that said that they would gladly listen to an entire album of Gibbard and Aimee Mann singing together. Agreed.
  20. The Tree Ring Salton Sea Joel P. West and Co are still a pretty underrated band. Their latest album is a lovely set of music and I’m so glad I can end this mixtape with this languid number.