Chapter 2: The Night of the Party

The next day went by quickly, and before they knew it, they had to get ready for the party. It was a casual party, and from what they had been told, no sex would actually occur. There would, however, be a substantial amount of discussion about sex. Lucy decided that she would wear a lacy white thong and was hoping to have some inspiration for later tonight. Mark came in and noticed the underwear.

“Are you planning on some mischief tonight?”

“Well… we are trying to have a baby… right?”

“Well, yes, but shouldn’t we try after you have your cycle?”

“I stopped taking the pill today. We could get pregnant if we try.”

He walked up to her and embraced her from behind. He moved his hands over her breasts, and then tickled her armpits. She crumpled over laughing, and swatted at him.

“You jerk, why did you do that?”

“Because it’s fun, and besides, we can’t waste our energy yet. We have a party to get to.”

“Well, after this you are not getting any tonight.”

“But I thought you wanted a baby.”

She rubbed her flat stomach, and smacked him. “Jerk.”

“Just think. I have another week of paid vacation for us to try all sorts of things to get pregnant.”

Lucy turned and hugged him. She kissed him lightly and whispered in his ear, “I can’t wait… I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Mark patted her on the butt and got dressed as she finished. She put on a light amount of makeup and they locked the door as they left. Dan and James Dugan lived on Royal Park Drive with their parents. Presently their parents were on a cruise in the Bahamas, so the brothers were able to work together to hold the party there. The house had a small amount of light coming from the windows and the shades were drawn. Lucy pointed out to Mark that all of the windows had bars on them. It was a curious sight in an area with relatively low crime, but it was the Dugan home and no one else’s.

They parked across the street since the driveway was full and the street in front of the house was filled with more cars. They walked up the driveway and knocked on the door. Megan greeted them and let them in. They came into the living room and found it sensually decorated. Red drapes hung on the windows, and little red candles dotted every place possible. Mark and Lucy spotted their friends immediately, but also saw some faces they did not recognize. They assumed that they were James’s friends.

James stood up and walked over to hug Lucy. Mark stepped back to see the twisted face that she made as she was being hugged.

“I’m so glad that you could make it.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” Her tone was flat, but she was trying to be courteous.

“And this is your husband… Matt?”

Mark chuckled and stepped forward to shake his hand. “The name is Mark, and I have wanted to meet you for some time.”

James shrank in fear and panic, thinking that Mark wanted to put him in his place. Megan came up between them.

“Okay, everyone, sit down, the last couple has arrived so let’s get started.”

Lucy looked around quickly, and noticed that Monica was not in the living room. “Is Monica here?”

Dan was sitting down in a kitchen chair he had brought out. “No, she was asked to fill in for someone at the last minute. The girl that went to the hospital yesterday… broke her leg an’ she laid up for now.”

“Well, that sucks.”

“Not yet but she will.”

They all got a good laugh from his poorly crafted little quip, and then moved on. The evening started with brief introductions. Megan started with her introduction, and then one by one the guests introduced themselves. Since Mark and Lucy were the last couple to arrive, Megan had them introduce themselves first. Then Dan and James were introduced as the hosts. Thomas and Alice came next to round out the older crowd.

Now it was time for James’s friends to be introduced. The first couple was Ted and Annette; they had been recently engaged, and felt that it would be fun to learn something new. Another couple was recently married, Michael and Suzanne, but clearly had little experience in the bedroom, and clung to every story that was told. Lucy really liked this pair because they reminded her of the way she was with Mark.

Then there was a pair of couples that had admitted to being swingers, and were looking for some other couples that were willing to play. Mark and Lucy got some bad vibes from one of the women who seemed to have a keen interest in Mark. Her nose was pierced; she had red and black hair, and wore a dress that was practically a slip. The name she gave was Harmony, but no one thought that was her true name. Mark thought that it would be a fun night for him to see Lucy squirm a little, but the spotlight had been fixed on him. Now that he was under scrutiny, he found that he did not like it and vowed never to put Lucy in such a situation again.

The man with Harmony identified himself as Ricky, and he had a look of superiority on his face as if he were someone important. His hair was short, he was clean-shaven, and was wearing a suit. The other swingers were wanna-be-gangstas and tried to rap as they introduced themselves. The girl, Tanya, was pretty good, but Stan “The Man” wasn’t so good.

The night continued with some games that were tailored for the party. The ladies played pass the double dildo, but the guys refused to play pass the strap-on. A sex-themed trivia game was played, and finally the products were given their time to shine. Many products were available: some were sex toys, while others were oils made to intensify sensations. Candle sets were available, CDs, Kama Sutra books, erotic massage books, lubricants, sensual perfumes, lingerie, special position pillows, and even specialized swing sets.

The swinger couples seemed to be the most intrigued by the larger products, and had pooled their money together for a large order. Every time that the swingers mentioned how they would use them, Harmony would look over at Mark and give him an over exaggerated wink. Eventually the other swinger couple became too excited and began to pet heavily. As soon as a breast was exposed, Megan interrupted.

“Hey now, this is not that kind of party; you cut that out!”

“Oh, come on… live a little.” said Ricky.

“Maybe she wants to join us?” asked Tanya, giggling.

Mark saw Megan get mad, so he grabbed Lucy’s hand and took her to the master bedroom so they could breathe for a moment. Even all of the way in the back of the house they could still hear the yelling going on in the living room.

“Some party,” said Mark finally.

“Yeah, no shit. Did you notice that red-headed bitch looking at you?”

“Unfortunately… I just can’t understand why someone would want to do something like that.”

“I know what you mean… but I thought that they would at least be less rude about it.”

“I know we haven’t even ordered anything… but do you want to leave?”

“I am not leaving this room until Miss Boobs leaves.”

“Fair enough.”

They then heard the front door slam open, and a sudden silence. Mark and Lucy smiled; it seemed that Miss Boobs was leaving the building, but then they heard screaming. Immediately they both stopped smiling. The screaming continued and they heard people scrambling to the bedroom. Mark shoved Lucy into a closet and she pulled him down with her. They closed the door, but could see through the slits of the door. James and Harmony came in covered in blood. Lucy cupped her hands over her mouth and began to cry in fear. Mark held her close to him. James ran to the bed and reached under the mattress. Then Michael and Suzanna brought in Megan, who was covered in blood and appeared lifeless. They closed the door as James pulled out a shotgun. He pumped it and pointed it toward the door. Harmony was next to the door, rocking, holding her head, and crying.

“What was he doin’?” demanded James to Michael.

Michael replied, “I don’t know… I grabbed my phone an’ he took it from me. I’ve never seen anyone move so fast.”

“How’s Megan?”

Suzanne was crying over Megan’s body. “She’s dead.”

Suddenly there was a scratching at the door, and a muffled voice saying, “Little pig, little pig, let me in.”

James fired the shotgun at the door, and it flung open. A man, covered in blood, was now standing at the door, and his mouth was wide open. Lucy almost screamed from the sight of his top two front teeth. They had elongated and formed a single point, as if declaring his identity and his intensions. His eyes seemed to have turned black, but not quite all the way. He was short, and Lucy could see a little brown hair that was not covered in blood. She still could make out the blue of his iris. He took a step toward James, and he fired another shot into the man causing him recoiled for a moment. Then he stood up tall and cut off James’s head with what looked like nothing more than his hand. Harmony darted toward the front door but the vampire grabbed the shotgun from James’s dead hands and fired at her.

The vampire dropped the shotgun as he licked the blood dripping from his hand. Michael tried to tackle the vampire, but he just picked Michael up and crushed his chest. Then Michael collapsed on the floor, and the vampire thrust his foot into his head causing it to cave in. Suzanne had retreated to the corner of the room crying and pleading for her life. The vampire walked over to her and kneeled down.

“I only need one survivor, and you are not it.” He reached into her stomach, and then up into her chest cavity. Terror filled her eyes and she began to convulse from the intense pain. Marks’ stomach lurched as he saw Suzanne’s arteries ripping under the skin of her neck and the blood pooling under it. He knew that they had been found out. Who else could be the survivor? So he took it upon himself to make sure that Lucy would be the survivor.

He started to push Lucy off him, but she just held on for dear life. The vampire pulled out the dead girl’s heart from the opening he had made in her abdomen and stood up. Mark could see the veins and arteries swinging from her heart and what looked like a piece of her lung when he turned to the closet door.

“I know you want your woman to survive… but that is not the part she has been given. I need you to start the war that I could not finish. Now… I am going to open the door and pull the two of you out. I will disable you and have you watch me as I feed on your lovely woman…until she is dead.”

Mark was ready to fight with everything that he had to protect Lucy, when someone else spoke from the living room. It was too muffled at first to hear. The vampire stood up and turned around to face the door leading to the hallway.

“I’m in here.”

Suddenly four people entered the room, and surrounded the vampire. A fifth person came through, a gorgeous woman, very tall and lean. Her hair was a radiant blonde, and she had deep blue eyes. Her dress was long and flowing, and she wore heels that added three inches to her height. She stepped up to the vampire with tears in her eyes and mascara running down her face.

“Why have you done this, my son?”

“I am not your son! I am the monster that you made!”

“No, we are not monsters.”

“We have always been monsters, and you made me one!”

“Don’t you understand that I did it for all of us? You would have never stopped hunting us if I hadn’t done it… and we would have been forced to kill you.”

“You try to deny the nature of our existence, so you can hide and make more of us.”

“There are very few vampires left in the world. We cannot risk anything to draw attention to ourselves. There has never been a need to kill a human for feeding. I have never done it, and neither has anyone else here besides you. Do you want to die?”

“Yes, we all deserve to die for what we are.”

The beautiful vampire then broke down crying. “I don’t want to kill my oldest son. You are old enough to start your own family.”

“The last thing I want to do is continue our species. I would end our kind if I could, but I can’t do it, because of the hold you have over me.”

“No, brother,” a male vampire with his back to the closet said. “Only you deserve to die now… for what you did to these people. Mama… you are the only one strong enough to do it. He is the oldest… as you said.”

The female vampire wiped her tears away and stood up straight. “I am sorry, my son, but you have left me no choice.”

She lifted up her hand and drew it across the vampire’s neck so fast that Mark could not see it. The vampire’s body crumpled and fell to the ground. She looked over to the male vampire that had spoken earlier. “Get the fire started.”

“Yes, Mama.”

The other vampires picked up the body and head of the vampire that had attacked and left the room. Mark saw the female vampire look at the closet as if she was looking directly into his eyes. She walked over to the closet door and kneeled down breathing heavily through the slits in the door.

“I am sorry that you had to witness this… but it is not over yet. I know what you must be feeling, with the pain of the loss of your loved ones. Trust me. Their deaths have already been avenged… I leave you two now with a choice.” She stopped, and looked down. “You may come out of that closet with us, or follow a path of pain. I do not envy you in this time of fear and grief, but it has become necessary after what you have witnessed. This needs to be explained properly, so that you may understand. I don’t want to force you into anything, but I am not sure if I have a choice. I have my family to protect… as I know you are doing right now.” She paused for a moment. “Won’t you please come out?”

Lucy was shaking, holding onto Mark, and he remained silent.

“Very well… I understand… but the fire has been set, and I must leave you now.” She stood up and looked at the door. “It seems that my path has been blocked; I guess that I will have to go out through the window.” She walked over to the window across from the bed and opened it. “Bars on all of the windows… what a pain in the ass.” She then pushed them and they gave way to her and she climbed out the window, disappearing into the night.

Mark kicked open the door when he thought the coast was clear and rushed over to the hallway. It was engulfed in flames, so he took Lucy and helped her out through the window. He climbed out when the flames reached the bedroom and they ran for their car. They climbed in and sped off back to their apartment.

Lucy broke down completely. “Oh my God, oh my God. What just happened?”

“Calm down, Lucy, I think we are in the clear. We have to call the police.”

“And tell them what? That a fucking vampire crashed our party and started killing people, then was killed by more vampires? They won’t believe us. They will think we did it and send us to jail!” She brought up her knees and sank her face into them.

“We’ll figure this out… we’ll figure this out, babe.”