WALT activate prior knowledge.

Name: Tulsi                                dead car clean up                                            Date_16/5/16

Prereading Activity: Work independently to skim-read this week’s text and complete the first three columns. The last column will be completed after reading later on in the week.


Would like to know



K: List all the things you think you know about the themes in the text.

W: List 2 - 5 things you’d like to find out.

V: Make a list of words you think you might come across reading about this subject.

List some of the main things you learned from reading this text.

Dumping cars

Spraying X on the cars

Diggers stacking cars

Why do people dump cars?

Where is the forest?

Why do trucks take the cars away? What type of cars are they?  Why do they stake the car on each other? Why do they spray the cars? What do they do with the cars? Where are the wheels?





People dumped rusty  old cars in the bush.  The cars would be crushed and taken to auckland for recycling. The punaruku school helped move the cars. People marked a large X on the cars with a spray cans  so that people wanted taken away. There were nearly sixty dead cars.