Stafford 2017-2018 School Supplies

Earbuds are recommended for all students.

6th Grade

o   (2) boxes of 24-pack pencils (to be used in all subject areas)

o   (1) pack of 12 blue or black pens (all subject areas)

o   (1) multi-pack of highlighters- various colors (ILA/Science)

o   (1) package of large glue sticks

o   (1) package of red pens

o   (1) package of colored pencils

o   (1) pencil case/pouch

o   (1) hand-held pencil sharpener with removable cover

o   (3) one-inch binders with pockets and clear plastic front covers (ILA, Social Studies, Math)

o   (1) Several packs of notebook paper

o   (1) composition books (1-ILA)

o   (1) plastic 2-pocket folder with brads (to be used as a Homework Folder)

o   (3) packs of 3x5 index cards (2-ILA, 1-Science)

o   (2) sets of 7-tab dividers for binder (ILA, Math)

o   (1) USB flash drive (any size)—Preferred, not required

o   (1) pair of scissors (for all subject areas)


7th Grade

o   (3) 1.5-inch clear view binders with pockets (Math, History, ILA)

o   (1) 1- inch clear view binder w/pockets  (Science)

o   (4) sets of 5-tab dividers for binder (1-Math,1-ILA, 2-History )

o   box of 12 colored pencils (History)

o   package of red & blue grading pens ( Math)

o   package of 24 No. 2 pencils (to be replenished)

o   (4) composition books (Math, Science, 2-ILA)

o   pocket folders with brads (ILA, Homework)

o   pack of 4x6 index cards (to be used in ILA & Science)

o   box of markers

o   multi-pack of highlighters- various colors (ILA, Math)

o   hand-held pencil sharpener with removable cover

o   liquid glue bottles (Math)

o   Package 500 count notebook paper

o   (2) Glue sticks (ILA)


8th Grade

o   (2) one-inch binders with pockets (ILA, Science)

o   (3) 1.5-inch binder (1-Math, 2-History, one for each semester)

o   (1) folder with pockets and brads

o   (3) set of tab dividers for binder (Math, History)

o   (1) pack of 4x6 index cards (ILA)

o   (2) composition notebooks (1-Science, 1- ILA)  

o   (1) multi-pack of highlighters- various colors

o   (2) pack of notebook paper (replenish as needed throughout the year, History)

o   (1) pack each: blue or black pens, grading pens (red, green, or purple)

o   (1) pack of pencils (replenished as needed)

o   (1) pair of scissors  (All classes)

o   (3) Glue sticks (Science, History, and ILA)


 2017-2018 Electives’ Supply List



o   Spiral notebook


Study Skills (Advisory)

o   Composition notebook



o   Spiral artist sketchbook 9"x 12"

o   Pencils

o   Modeling clay in multiple colors and flesh tones (no play dough &/or air dry clay).
Preferred Brands: Crazy Art Modeling Clay, Creative Art Modeling Clay or Claytoon Modeling Clay.


Technology Applications

o   Pocket folder


 Art 1, 2 & 3

o   5.5 x 8 sketchbook 100 pages. Sharpie your name on this.

o   Large pencil pouch 8x11 (advantus zipper pouch expanding clear & black). Sharpie your name on this.

o   10 pack pencils

o   3 pack erasers

o   Handheld sharpener

o   24 pack Crayola color pencils (not erasable)

o   5 pack black sharpies

o   5 pack black ultrafine sharpie or sharpie pen

o   Art 2 & 3 option ** 24 pack of Prismacolor colored pencils. Sharpie your name on these.

o   These items will stay in the art room for safe keeping.


6th grade Theatre, Theatre 1, Theatre 2 & Theatre Productions

o   (1)1” binder with pockets

o   package of dividers

o   notebook paper (replenish as needed)

o   pens

o   pencils with erasers


Technical Theatre

o   Binder (at least 1”)

o   Notebook paper and Graph paper

o   Pencils and a large eraser

o   Basic Sewing kit

o   Sketch Book 






2017-2018 Electives’ Supply List


Gifted & Talented (GT)

o   college-ruled notebook paper (replenish as needed)

o   college ruled 70 page spiral notebook

o   3 various color highlighters


Skills for Living

o   Pencils

o   Folder or Small Binder

o   Spiral Notebook or Notebook Paper

o   Sewing Kit Money (Information about price will be provided in the Spring)



o   Pencils

o   Highlighter

o   ½  inch black binder

o   3 ring pencil pouch

o   Choir T-shirt to be purchased in August

o   Possible uniform rental fee to be announced in August (not all choirs)



The following items will need to be obtained from a local music store: (Preferred Vendors are Dallas Strings, Cadenza Violins, or Williamson Music)

o   Instrument, Bow, and Case

o   “Sound Innovations” for your instrument (Beginners need Book 1-Blue Cover, Symphonic needs Book 2- Red Cover, Chamber needs Book 3- Green Cover)

o   Rosin- (Hidersine for Violin/Viola/Cello. Bass players will need Carlsson’s)

o   Metronome/Tuner Combo- All Students MUST purchase a standalone device for school use

o   Music Stand for Home Practice

o   Shoulder Rest (Violin/Viola Only- "KUN", "FOM", or "Everest")

o   Rock Stop (Cello/Bass- "Slip Stop" recommended)

o   Cleaning Cloth- Cotton or Microfiber


*The following items will need to be obtained from a local office supply store:

o   1” BLACK 3 Ring Binder and pencil pouch (This binder must be separate from their regular school binders)

o   2-3 Sharpened Pencils

*All students will also be required to purchase the 2017-2018 Orchestra Shirt. Information will be provided at the start of the school year for price and how to purchase.


Binders, texts, and music will be provided as a part of your annual band fees.  Please watch your email during August for instructions on how to pay these fees.

All band students must provide:

o   -Heavy duty pencil pouch that clips inside your band binder

o   -Pencils

o   -4x6 locker mirror

 2017-2018 Electives’ Supply List

Teen Leadership

o   (1) package of 3x5 notecards

o   (1) folder



o   1 folder 



o   1.5 inch binder

o   dividers

o   red pens

o   pack 3x5 note cards




*Earbuds are recommended for all students.