Migration guide from Bibliophilia to CLZ Books

This is a migration guide to transfer the data from Bibliophilia app to the CLZ Books catalogue system ( https://www.collectorz.com/book ).

We are not the owners of the CLZ Books app so, for any problem or questions, you have to contact them.

The CLZ apps are only in english and they are not free.

The mobile version costs, at the time this guide is written, €14.99. The web-based version costs €2.5 per month, but you can choose to buy customizable bundles according to your uses.

The migration requires two steps: the first one will export the data from Bibliophilia in a .csv format; the second one will import the data in the CLZ Books system.

Attention: the migration will NOT import files or images of the covers you had in Bibliophilia. You should import the cover images manually after the migration, but CLZ Books is smart enough to provide you a cover image automatically.

Attention: the import in CLZ Books must be executed from their web-based version Book Connect that you can find here: https://www.collectorz.com/book/book-connect and only in a second moment you will access the imported books from your mobile application (after a synchronization of the data from the CLZ cloud).

To see more than 100 books in your mobile app, you have to buy the full version.

The migration MUST be executed from a PC or Mac, not from mobile devices.

(You can try from Android tablets or phones but it will be more difficult).

N.B.: if you can’t access the app due to the iOS upgrade or to another reason, please download the .Sqlite file from iTunes, connecting the device to PC or MAC. Then you can use this converter online tool to get a .csv file, and follow these instructions.

FIRST STEP (export from Bibilophilia)

  1. Open Bibliophlia and go to the “Backup” section
  2. Click on “Export Database…”
  3. Click on “Export in Excel (.csv)...”
  4. Send the file via email (iPad/iPhone) or save the file in a folder (Android or desktop)
  5. Only for iPad and iPhone users: download the file you sent via email in a PC or Mac desktop computer.
  6. Open the .zip file generated and extract the Bibliophilia_DB.csv file in a folder where you can find it later.
  7. Optional but reccomended: you can convert the .csv exported in a more readable format from CLZ Books, following the instructions from this page: http://www.panurge.it/bibliophilia/biblio-parse-to-clz.html

SECOND STEP (import in Book connect web based system)

  1. Go to CLZ Books connect website https://www.collectorz.com/book/book-connect 
  2. Insert an email to start the free trial period
  3. Once logged in, click on the Tool icon in the top right corner of the window and click on Import

  1. Click on Choose file and select the Bibliophilia_BD.csv previously saved and wait some seconds.

  1. Select the options in the second point as in the following image (really important):

  1. Arrange the column fields in the point n. 4 according to the EXACT order shown in the following images (this is a really important step and the most complex one, so be patient and careful). You have to drag the fields you need to add them or rearrange them:

N.B. if you need to change some fields according to your Custom fields created in Bibliophilia, you’re free to edit the list of the fields.

  1. You should have a preview similar to this:

  1. Click on Import books and cross you fingers…
  2. Pay attention: it’s very likely that the first book of your collection will not be imported due to some strange bug.
  3. Not every fields are imported properly (as read or collection status), unless you haven’t converted the file (STEP ONE, point 7). You have to check them manually.
  4. Once you have imported the books from the web based Book Connect you can access your mobile application and start a sync from the CLZ Cloud. You need to upgrade to the full version, to see more than 100 books.
    You can find more informations here: