"I'm curious and wonder, and have to ask - what is that?"

Haar reached down with one long arm and picked up the sheet of paper that had just been shoved under their door. He held it up for Rosalind's inspection. "Note."

"A note?" Rosalind scurried across and took it from him. "Who, that is, which agents would write us a note and send us said note?"

Haar said nothing. Rosalind barely noticed.

"'Hello, hello, hello,'" she read, and snorted. "Who do they think we are? Which Department? Do they believe and suppose that we are the Department called the Repetitive Department of Repetition? I may or might have to call them and tell and explain to them the difference, and our respective roles."

Haar said nothing. Rosalind snorted and looked back at the note.

"'Seven a.m. in the morning'?" she read aloud. "Well, that is, or could certainly be said to be, within our jurisdiction and under our authority. An entry or log needs to be, indeed, is required to be made and written. Haar, my partner, will you undertake to compose and write the log, or will you prepare and deliver the receipt, or the note of acknowledgement and receipt, to the agents who are called and known as Agent Rina and Agent Randa, Assassins of the Department of Mary-Sues?"

Haar considered this, his metal head tilted to one side. Blue lights flickered across his skull. Finally, he said: "Yes."

Rosalind sighed. This was going to take a while.