Library Program Design 1.0

  1. What is the point of this program?
  2. What do I want attendees to learn or experience?
  3. Who is this program for? Special considerations?
  4. What type of format fits the program?
  1. stations?
  2. Large group?
  3. Independent work?
  4. ½ large group, ½ stations?
  5. other?________________
  1. Program details:
  1. Background Knowledge:
  1. Do attendees need to know anything to engage fully in the program?
  2. What books/materials do I need to provide this?
  1. What will attendees do?
  2. What will I do?
  3. What do we need to make this happen?
  4. How will we share our learning or experiences? How will attendees share with friends and family?
  1. Reflect:
  1. What did I learn today?
  2. What worked well? What didn’t? Why? (Program design or other factors?)