ISB facilities are covered by a wireless network that can be accessed by users with the network key.  Access is restricted to school-owned computers, staff members' personal computers/electronic devices and parents'/guests' personal computers/electronic devices.  Students' personal computers/electronic devices can only be connected to the ISOB-guest network, which have a daily password.

ISB students have access to laptops running Windows and to class desktop PCs in classes, also running Windows.  There are a few important rules to remember when using ISB ICT equipment. Each primary classroom also has an iPad.

Using the internet

All ISB computers are connected to the internet.  Primary students can only use iPads and computers under the supervision of a staff member.  When using the internet, students must ensure to avoid committing any of the violations below.  While DNS filters and firewalls are in place to ensure that students do not have access inappropriate or illegal content, the internet is an open and dynamic system, thereby reducing the guarantees.  In order to be as sure as possible that students will not access or be exposed to inappropriate content, it is essential that they will be shown in ICT lessons how to use the internet responsibly and that they apply this each and every day.


The following are always forbidden for all users:


Violations will be addressed under the Behaviour and possibly Anti-Bullying Policies.

Users who have committed any of the above can result in a temporary or permanent ban on use of the school's IT resources.  

Mobile Phones

ISB students are permitted to bring a mobile phone to school and to carry it with them throughout the day.  However, these devices are to be used in urgent situations only and is intended to ensure quick and easy communication with family members or emergency contacts.  This is especially useful in situations where parents/legal guardians do not speak English or Czech.  The general guideline is that no one else should be aware that the student even has a phone.  

While students have their phone at school, ISB does not assume any responsibility for them in the event of loss or damage.

If a student is found to be using their phone during class, they will be instructed to place their phone in a designated place in the classroom and to collect the phone at the end of the lesson.  Repeated instances will result in an email or phone call home to parents/legal guardians.

Student computers/tablets

ISB students are allowed to bring their laptop or tablet computer to school only if an ISB teacher has given them permission to do so.  If  internet access is required, they can be given the daily internet password by a member of staff.  This password changes daily, which help the school control student access to the internet.*   For Primary students, the device must then only be used during the appropriate lesson time.  The device must be used appropriately throughout the day.  It must be switched off and stored according to teacher´s instructions during all other times of the school day.  Secondary and high school students are more personally responsible for their use of devices.  

While students have their devices at school, ISB does not assume any responsibility for them in the event of loss or damage.

*IB students are given a 1-year token which allows them to always access the internet with 2 devices.  The token allows the school to look at their internet use in the event of an incident.

All other electronic devices

All other electronic devices (portable gaming consoles, portable media players, etc) should not be brought to school.  During break times, it is expected that students will spend their time socialising and exercising.  It is accepted that there is plenty of time after school for students to spend time with electronic devices.

As an extra note, it is understood that students will have some of these devices with them at school to be used on their way to and from school.  It is important that they realize that these items (including headphones) must be put away during the school day.

Google at ISB

ISB uses the Google Apps for education package.  ISB accounts are provided to all staff members.  Students are not given an ISB Google account.  If students do not have an existing google account, they will be asked to create one with the help of their parents as children younger than 12 are not able to make their own google account.  Primary families will be asked to provide the email of their child to the school upon request of the teachers and this will be the only email address the school will use. Secondary and High School students must have their own e-mail addresses and google account as much of their work will be done in Google Docs.  

An email address is also required in order for secondary and high school students to be given ManageBac accounts.

School calendars are google calendars.

Saving students’ work

Primary students use the shared folders on the school’s server.  This makes it easier for them to find their work the next lesson (no passwords necessary).

Year 6, secondary and High School students must use their own device or their own google drive to keep track of their work.  

School information Systems

ISB has purchased a license to ManageBac which is used to track attendance, student assessment data and generate reports for secondary and high school students.  Students and parents are given logins using the provided email addresses. Secondary and High School students are expected to login to ManageBac at least once a day in order to be sure they are keeping up with assignments and deadlines.

Primary and Kindergarten use google documents to track attendance, student assessment data and to generate reports. We use Seesaw, an online tool that helps teachers and students record and share with families what is happening in the classroom.

Other learning software

ISB has also purchased licenses to several on-line learning platforms: