Chiltern League 2018

Round 1 - Tiddenfoot

Wow what a night of swimming, a great team performance, amazing PB’s and a brilliant team spirit. We had so many highs last night that is is difficult to single any out but the 2 I will is the only 2 speeding tickets we got, firstly Jemima Kimber who set a 7 second PB in the 50m Breaststroke with an amazing time of 51.73. It is such a shame that this was not a licensed meet as this would have given Jemima her first County time, a quite brilliant swim. The second one was the 10 year old boys Freestyle relay team of Lewis Masson, George Foster, Lewis Sweetlove & Cameron Gell who were too fast in the relay with a time of 01:17.13.

Two other swims that were just inside the no faster that time was Finn Bunyard in the 100m IM with a time of 01:13.18 (0.18) and 1st place whilst Dylan Evans swam the 100m Backstroke in 01:11.61 with the no faster than time of 01:11.00 again gaining a 1st place.

Overall we had 16 1st place finishes and 12 2nd place finishes out of 50 races, even better we had no disqualifications which is amazing considering the relays were in the water starts in the shallow end. There were 24 individual PB’s and 20 relay PB’s.

The final gala result:

1st - Linslade Crusaders 224 (will will also get  bonus points in the league)

2nd - Flitwick Dolphins 199

3rd - Bourne End 171

4th - Henley 133

5th Dunstable 130

6th Hemel Hempstead 123

A huge thank you to all the poolside helpers, officials and other helpers who came forward as we were the hosting club, we cannot enter these events with your help. The biggest thank you goes to the swimmers, you are the best and a joy for us all to watch you develop.

Round 2 is the 17th March, details to be confirmed.

Chiltern League 2017

Round 3 - The Final - Tiddenfoot

Wow, Wow, Wow what an incredible night of swimming in the final of the Chiltern League at Tiddenfoot, after 2 previous rounds the top 6 teams battle it out for the title. A titanic battle took part throughout the night and it went down to the wire in the league in one of the closest finishes in years. At the start of the evening Dunstable were top of the league with 25 points, 5 points ahead of Leighton Buzzard onn 20, Linslade Crusaders on 19 and Witney on 18 points.

On the night Crusaders swimmers produced some outstanding swims and never gave up the hope of catching the teams above, their determination was breathtaking, the support they gave each other during the whole evening was the best I have seen. Over the course of the evening we achieved 16 1st places, 10 2nd places & 12 3rd places, we also had two swims that were too fast with both Arron O’Dwyer & Luca Bainbridge hitting new PB’s and beating the No Faster Than time. There were 19 individual PB’s and 25 relay PB’s. There were too many great swims to mention but the one that stands out was Skye Bunyard setting a new Club Record in the Ladies Open 100m Im with a fantastic time of 1:22.75, a brilliant swim.

On the night Linslade Crusaders won the final gala only pulling away in the final set of relays.

1st Place - Linslade Crusaders 216 pts

2nd Place - Leighton Buzzard 192 pts

3rd Place - Witney 171 pts

4th Place - Dunstable 166 pts

5th Place - Flitwick 151 pts

6th Place - Letchworth 108 pts

We then had to wait whilst all the gala points, bonus points were added up and there were many nervous swimmers waiting around poolside. Finally the results came through and in a dramatic turnaround Linslade Crusaders were crowned Chiltern League Champions 2017 by 1 bonus point.

Final Positions in Division 1:

1st Place - Linslade Crusaders 35 pts

2nd Place - Leighton Buzzard 34 pts

3rd Place - Dunstable 33 pts

4th Place - Witney 29 pts

5th Place - Bourne End 25 pts

6th Place - Letchworth 24 pts

7th Place - Flitwick 22 pts

8th Place - Wycombe 19 pts

9th Place - Aylesbury 17 pts

10th Place - Hemel Hempstead 16 pts

11th place - Banbury 11 pts

12th Place - Bletchley 11 pts

Over the 3 rounds the Crusaders swimmers have been brilliant and I am very proud of them all in what they have achieved. A massive thank you to them all for a superb series of swims, also a huge thank you to the parents for supporting the team, to all the poolside helpers for the help as we cannot do this without your help and lastly to all the coaches for your dedication in helping these swimmers achieve so much.

All that is left to say is “CHAMPIONS” #Simplythebest

Round 2 - Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Round 2 of the Chiltern League took place on Saturday 18th March and again we were drawn away to compete at Aylesbury. I make a few changes to the team as from round 1 we have a few “Too Fast” swims and I changed a few events for swimmers. The results speak for themselves.

An amazing night of swimming by our swimmers, they also created a great atmosphere with all their support for their teammates and the parents also cheered for the gallery making it a special event, in fact I would say one of the best galas that  have been to. I think this was summed up in the Boys Open 4x100m Free relay, the last race, Dylan Evans, William Wright, William March & Fenton Miles who were really getting themselves up for the race, and the team support in this final race was brilliant, the boys swam like they were possessed and achieved a time of 2:00.99 and won the race by 4 seconds, the noise gave me a headache but so worth it for such a great race.

We had some fabulous swims, in fact too many to mention but what is amazing is that many of the  PB’s were only set in the last round or at the latest splash gala so a fantastic achievement by those swimmers. I have 2 special mentions though, one to Daniel Chang for stepping in at the last minute and swimming so well and achieved 2 PB’s and to Amy Cobb who in the 50m Breaststroke move to within 0.5 seconds of achieving her 1st County time.

On the night the swimmers achieved the following:

Individual PB’s - 20

Relay PB’s = 30

1st Place finishes = 14

2nd Place finishes = 11

3rd Place finishes = 11

Too Fast Swims = 1 (a brilliant swim by William March smashing his own 100m Freestyle PBby 3 seconds with a time of 1:02.58)

DQ’s = 3 (Rebecca Knibb got a DQ in the 100m IM, this was great for me as her time was too fast and would have meant losing a bonus point so by being DQ’d the too fast doesn’t count so we kept the extra point).

The final result:

1st Place - Linslade Crusader 204

2nd Place - Witney 189

3rd Place - Aylesbury 177

4th Place - Banbury - 156

5th Place - Wycombe & District 128

6th Place - Hemel Hempstead 125

The final is being held at Tiddenfoot on the 22nd April and Crusaders are hosting the event, I will send the team out shortly but on the whole it will be the same as round 2, please come forward to help on the night as we will require extra help to run the event.

Thank you to the swimmers, poolside helpers & parents for making this such a special evening of swimming.

Round 1 - Aqua Vale, Aylesbury

Round 1 of the Chiltern League got underway on the 25th February and we were drawn to swim at Aqua Vale against some very tough opposition. In this league you can earn bonus points if you do not swim faster than the allocated times for each event which makes picking a team very difficult. As the gala got under way the Crusaders swimmers were smashing it, in the first 10 races we had 4 too fast times which earn zero points, this gave me the feeling that we were not going to get any bonus points as we only had 2 more to go for. However I would rather see swimmers getting PB’s than bonus points.

The four swims that were too fast were amazing PB’s set by Rebecca Knibb, Millie Hughes, Ella Evans & Riley Firth, they smashed their PB’s with brilliant swims, we also had 5 other PB’s in the first 10 races, incredible.

Every swimmer played their part in the gala, overall they set 25 individual PB’s and 44 relay PB’s, this would have been more but the stopwatch failed on one relay. We achieved 10 first places, 8 second places & 7 third place during the night.

Rebecca continued her good form again going too fast even though I was frantically trying to slow her down so that we could get the points!!! We also have 2 relay that were too fast so we ended up with no bonus points but very happy coaches, swimmers & parents.

A special mention goes to a few of our younger swimmers who were competing in their first team gala, Klara Foster, Conor Hemming, Harley Samuels, Lewis Sweetlove who were all amazing.

The final gala score were:

1st Place > Dunstable 173

2nd Place > Hemel Hempstead 170

3rd Place Linslade Crusaders 167

4th Place = > Wycombe & District and Bourne End 157

6th Place > Aylesbury & District 151

All results & B’s are now posted in the files below so you can see how everyone did.

As always a huge thank you to all the swimmers, not only for performing so well be supported each other, impeccable behaviour as always and a credit to the club & parents. To all the poolside helpers who without your support we could not enter the team and to the parents for giving up their Saturday evening to support their swimmer and the club.

Next round is again at Aylesbury on the 18th March, warm up 4:30pm, gala start time 5:00pm.

Chiltern League 2016

Round 3 Final - Tiddenfoot hosted by Crusaders

Round 3, The Final was held at Tiddenfoot on Saturday 16th April at Tiddenfoot and what a night it was, great swimming, great atmosphere and amazing finish to the league.

Crusaders started the evening in 5th place in the league but after an exceptional night of PB’s, heart, determination and team spirit Linslade Crusaders won the gala on the night and finished as Runners-Up to Leighton Buzzard.

We achieved 23 individual PB’s, 22 Relay PB’s which was a fantastic effort by the team especially as many of the PB’s had only just been set in the previous round or at the last Splash gala.

The result of the gala was as follows:

Linslade Crusaders - 190pts

Wycombe District - 186pts

Flitwick Dolphins - 183pts

Leighton Buzzard - 171pts

Bourne End - 163pts

Letchworth Sharks - 109pts

A big thanks you to all the swimmers who have taken part in the Chiltern League, as always you were all a credit to the club, you created a great team atmosphere and swam your hearts out for the team. To all the poolside helpers, a huge thank you, you all know that we cannot compete without parents helping on the evenings and to the swimmer’s parents for supporting us all at the 3 events whether home or away.

A final thank you to Andrea Bunyard for organising all the helpers, officials for each event.

And now we look forward to next year - as I always say “Keep training hard and swimming fast” listen to your coaches and together we can achieve all your dreams.

Round 2 - Witney hosted by Witney (although it felt like Crusaders hosting with so many officials helping)

Round 2 of the 2016 Chiltern League held on Saturday 19th March at Witney and the team put up a marvellous performance in coming 2nd to Wycombe District. Overall we achieved 14 individual PB’s, 20 relay PB’s, 3 too fast swims and 3 DQ’s. We gained 3 bonus points which leaves us 5th in division 2 on 16 points, 2 points away from 2nd place, Leighton Buzzard lead the way on 24 points. It is great that swimmers are swimming so well but it has cost us in the bonus points as we have a total of 3 bonus points out of a possible 12.

1st Place > Wycombe District 212pts

2nd Place > Linslade Crusaders 201pts

3rd Place > Witney 191pts

4th Place > Bicester 168pts

5th Place > Dunstable 146pts

I have 4 standout performances from the round:

Jude Gore beating his 50m Backstroke time by 5 seconds and he is now only 1.89 seconds off his county time

Gwen Firoozmand beating her 50m Backstroke time by 10 seconds

Mia Sibley beating her 50m Freestyle time by 6 seconds, if Mia now does this time of 43.41 in a licensed gala it will qualify her for the County Championships in 2017.

A special mention goes to Joshua Lane who was representing Crusaders for the 1st time and set a 5 second PB in his 25m Freestyle relay leg.

A big thank you goes to all the poolside helpers and the Crusaders officials, it really did feel like we hosted the event having provided a referee, a starter, 4 judges and 2 timekeepers. You all make a great team.

Lastly to the swimmers - keep training hard and swimming fast, we are all very proud of you for the way you represent the club and for putting your heart & soul into your swimming and creating a great team atmosphere.

Next round is at Tiddenfoot on Saturday 16th April and YES, WE ARE HOSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 1 - Tiddenfoot hosted by Leighton Buzzard

Round 1 of the 2016 Chiltern League was held on Saturday 27th February at Tiddenfoot, another great night of swimming by Crusaders and overall we came 2nd. We had 7 swims that were faster than the time allowed so we didn’t get any bonus points but it proves how well the swimmers are coming on, we had 2 disqualifications for “Starting before the starting signal”.

Overall the swimmers achieved 23 individual PB’s and 27 Relay PB’s, which is a fantastic effort by the swimmers. The team was a mixture of new swimmers to the event and some that swam last year and we had a great team spirit poolside with everyone cheering and encouraging each other.

A couple of standout performances:

Abigail Lawrence who hadn’t PB’s in the 100 backstroke came in with a 5 second PB.

Tom Pickering 4 second PB in the 100m Breaststroke.

Jude Gore 4 second PB in the 50m Freestyle

Sam Humphrey 5 second PB in the 50m Breaststroke

Ethan Rodgers 3 second PB in the 100m Freestyle, another 3 seconds and he will be sub 1 minute

It is also great to see Charlotte Baxter swimming again after her long term back injury, keep training and the time will come.

The times & PB’s are posted below and the final result was:

Leighton Buzzard 196 pts

Linslade Crusaders 184 pts

Letchworth 171 pts

Bourne End 157 pts

Bicester 136 pts

Tring 121 pts

We are drawn away in the next round at Witney, warm up is 5:15pm.

Chiltern League is a team gala over 3 rounds, points are awarded for where you finish in each gala and bonus points are awarded if the swimmers do not go faster than the “No Faster than Times”. You can earn up to 6 bonus points if you have no “No Faster than Times”, 5 if you have 1 and so on. After each round the league positions are sent out and we can see where we are. Linslade Crusaders came 3rd last year after being champions the previous 2 years. A draw is made for who swims with who in round 1 & 2 and then for the final round the top 6 clubs swim in a “Swim Off” for the title”.

This year the dates are as follows:

Round 1 > 27th February at Tiddenfoot

Round 2 > 19th March venue TBC

Round 3 > 16th April venue TBC

In Round 1 were are competing against Bicester, Bourne End, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth & Tring.

The age groups are as follows:

10 & Under

12 & under

14 & Under

Open age

There are rules on how many swims a competitor can swim in their own age group as this league is about encouraging clubs to pick swimmers who may not usually get picked and many swimmers swim up an age group. I have posted the “No Faster than Times” so you can all see these and the events.

It is the most difficult squad to pick and takes a lot of time to put together, you have to start with the relays and work back to the individual swims, as it is a “No Faster Than” gala. The first task is to fit everyone into the relay so that you are not too fast and then work out the individual races. I work on a philosophy that all swimmers must get a minimum of 3 swims regardless of whether we win or not, it is about the swimmers gaining experience in competitive swimming.

Picking a team also gets more difficult when you have worked out the team and then swimmers turn down the invitation to swim, you then have to start again in that age group. My other philosophy is that if you cannot make round 1 then you will be reserve for the next round as I carry forward the team. This happens most when we are away with parents turning down the opportunity for their child to swim.

This year I will be sending out a squad list for swimmers to say whether they are available for all 3 rounds regardless of home or away and I will start with swimmers that can make all 3, this is the fairest way to pick the team.

This is a fabulous league and I hope anyone that is chosen will support the team for all 3 rounds.