DHMN Organizational Meeting

August 24, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Shane G., Sim, Bob T-Son, Mathew P., Mark F., Jakob,

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Tater, Jake K., Sara K.j,  Ross L., Jason S., Steve P., John McGrath, Mike P., Kristin M.,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Mark F.

Seconded: Bob T-son


Treasurer's Report

 Report as of 2015/07
generated from 1d4a5b7

Assets and Liabilities
Accounts Receivable     24.00
               Cash   1448.13
       Cash on hand   1472.13

  amortized charges    514.16
           Deposits   2042.00
     Working Assets   2556.16
         Assets       4028.29

   Accounts Payable  -1532.02
    Utils budgeting   -381.68
earmarked donations      0.00
      prepayed dues   -675.00
   Cash Liabilities  -2588.70

          insurance   -617.00
           deposits  -2042.00
Working Capital Reqd -2659.00
      Liabilities    -5247.70

Short Term Net Worth -1219.41

Income and Expenses (/month)
Bank Fees 40.00
Electric 154.53
Gas      108.88
insurance 51.42
Internet  73.50
Rent     625.00
total expenses: 1053.33

Membership Dues 1095.00
total income: 1095.00

Net worth adding 41.67 / month
29 months to zero short term net worth.

Mark motions to accept



New Business

Mark moves that he will make a membership application and process to allow supporting membership as distinct from voting membership.

Seconded: Shane


Mathew P. volunteered to be the project manager for what needs to get done to improve the facilities, physical and virtual.

Shane moved to sponsor Jakob's project with a dollar amount and time to be determined.

Mark seconded


Shane moved to sponsor Chris P. project with a dollar amount and time to be determined.

Mark Seconded


Mark moves to create a reserved desk membership rate of $150/ month subject to availability by board approval.

Shane seconds



Move to Adjourn: Bob T-son

Seconded: Sim