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          full-stack web developer                                                 


contact center sw

Jul 16 ⋯ 

Full-stack senior developer

Talkdesk webapp  API microservices for AppConnect  Talkdesk for Salesforce app 

Team coaching  Task automation  Twilio and Slack integrations  GDPR implementation

Selenium  Backbone.js Ruby  Ruby on Rails  RSpec  Grape  Swagger  Apex  Kotlin  Spring Boot  Selenium

Cassandra  Redis  MongoDB  Docker  Ant  Amazon S3  Heroku  Salesforce



Oct 15 ⋯ Jul 16

Backend senior developer

Architecture definition  Database and API design  SugarCRM integration

I18n module  Backend for leasing application

Java 8  Spring Boot  AspectJ  Mockito  JaCoCo  JPA  Hibernate

Oracle DB  Oracle Cloud  SugarCRM

Media Capital

media group

Mar 11 ⋯ Oct 15

Lead developer ⬩ Software architect

Backend services dev.  Coaching and team management

Project advising on websites (10M views/month)  Interaction design

Facebook/Google integration  Mobile notifications  Big databases migrations

Newsroom back-office  Analytics/Uploads/Feeds/Jobs services  User self care portal

Java EE  Spring  Spring Boot  Spring Security  Python  PHP

JavaServer Faces  PrimeFaces  Spring MVC  JSP  JavaScript  jQuery  CSS

MongoDB  Oracle DB  MySQL  JPA  Elasticsearch  Payara  Tomcat  TomEE

Nokia Siemens


Oct 07 ⋯ Mar 11

R&D engineer ⬩ Usability specialist

Java web/desktop dev.  GUI Board member

Researcher on frontend technologies and UX  Coaching, teaching, training of teams

Heuristic evaluations  TNMS and NAT projects (network management)

Definition of frontend architecture  Task automation  Automated testing

Java SE  Java EE Java Swing  C#  Python  Selenium  Robot Framework

JavaServer Faces RichFaces  JavaScript  jQuery  HTML  CSS  OpenLayers
Google Maps API
 Hibernate  Oracle DB  WebSphere  JBoss


energy sector

Jan 06 ⋯ Jan 07

Researcher ⬩ software developer

Requirement specification  Application prototyping

Research on ITIL  Web based CMDB portal  Web Services API  Automated testing

OutSystems  HTML  CSS  JavaScript  Web Services


 transport software

Jan 05 ⋯ Apr 05

Software developer and analyst

Built an online help system  Copywriter of help articles

EDI messages definition/implementation  CRM feature development

CA Plex  HTML  JavaScript  CSS  EDI

Instituto Superior Técnico

University of Lisbon

‘01 ⋯ ‘07

Master Degree in Information Systems and Computer Eng.

Corporate Information Systems  Multimedia Systems

16 out of 20 / 123.0 ECTS  /  Thesis on Enterprise Architectures (16 out of 20)

Degree in Information Systems and Computer Eng.

14 out of 20 / 180.0 ECTS

Training _main











Spring 5 

Vue JS 2

Salesforce dev.

Cassandra 101/201

Security Dev.

Ruby / Ruby on Rails

Scaled Agile

MongoDB for Developers


User Experience

Training for Trainers

Java Best Practices

Security dev.

Project Management

Advanced Java

Test Driven Dev.

Udemy (ongoing)



Datastax Academy

Talkdesk (on site)


McKenna Consultants (on site)



Ideias e Imagens (on site)

AERLIS (on site with cert.)

Learning Tree (on site)

Nokia Siemens (on site)

APOGEP (cert.)

Learning Tree (on site)

Nokia Siemens (on site)

Nokia Siemens (on site)

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GDG Dev Sessions

GDG DevFest  Pixels Camp  TEDxIST   Salesforce Essentials

KWAN Talks  Merge Lisbon  SmartTalks

Appy Day BPI

Design Jam Lisbon  TEDxIST

Usability Seminar, APPU

Directions - IDC  2nd IST Tagus Seminars  BPM & BI - IDC

Dynamic IT & SOA - IDC  IT Best Practices - itSMF  Directions - IDC

1st IST Tagus Seminars