Hello everyone! Welcome to the akusai zine, here’s all the info you need to know before wanting to contribute to this fanzine, or maybe support this project in the future:

As you may know, this fanzine will focus on Axel/Lea and Saix/Isa and their relationship through the Kingdom Hearts series. Our faves friends to enemy (to lovers!) We want to make a project where everybody can have fun and feel comfortable, creating content of our fav characters. I hope y’all have fun here!

  • This will be a profit zine, with benefits distributed between all the artists. If there’s the case where we can’t reach enough profit, then the money will be donated to an organization of mutual choice. All the contributors will receive a copy of the zine and extras.
  • Both artists and writers can contribute here, you can follow any theme you want as long as the characters remains recognizable. Crossovers are only allowed between FF or Disney series.
  • The rating of the zine will be R16, since we want everybody to feel comfortable here. Slightly nudity and suggestive things are ok, the same for bloody themes, but gore is not allowed either.
  • Artists need to make an original piece for this zine, the same goes for writers. The length for writing pieces has to remain under 3000 words.
  • Artists and writers can collaborate together! After the selection stage artist can choose between doing an original art or an illustration for a Drabble of their choice.
  • The tentative deadline for collaborators would be 30 August, the preorders and productions should go live in September.


  • I like the characters but I don’t ship them romantically, can I still contribute to this zine?

           Of course, but you may take in count that a lot of people would like to represent them in a romantic way. As long as everybody respect each other tastes and it’s no hate involved, it shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have any question for us, please feel free to ask!