Dear *[headmaster/mistress name]*

I hope you're well.

As I am sure you have seen from the recent news events in the US, the still painful reality of racism and injustice in our society. The harsh truth is that this is not just limited to the US, it is a global systematic deep rooted problem and it takes a collective informative effort to unlearn systematic racial biases.

Whilst uncomfortable, we need to be comfortable with having uncomfortable discussions from an earlier age, the power in conversation and telling stories raised against racism chips away at its very power.

We as adults often think that we should avoid talking with young children about race or racism because in doing so will cause them to notice race or make them racist. In fact when adults are silent about race or use "raceblind" rhetoric they are actually reinforcing racial prejudice in children.

Starting from a young age, children see patterns - who lives where; what kind of homes they see as they ride or walk through different neighbourhoods; who seems to have particular jobs or roles at the doctor's office for example, at school, at the shop and so on and try and assign rules to explain what they see. Adults silence about these patterns and the structural racism that causes them, combined with the false but ubiquitous narrative that everyone can achieve anything that they want through hard work, results in children concluding that the patterns they see "must have been caused by meaningful inherent differences between groups." In other words, young children infer that the racial inequities they see are natural and justified.

So despite good intentions, when we fail to talk openly with our children about racial inequity in our society, we are in fact contributing to the development of their racial biases.

Now more than ever it is important that we are having these discussions whilst the events such as what we are seeing on the news are current and visible else we are conforming to the same powerful influences that will just perpetuate through time.

Even in a diverse and inclusive School as *[Schools name]* more can and should be done to foster active conversations amongst children. I hope the school is using this period to acknowledge, learn, inform and actively engage with all school pupils on the events that are happening in the news due to racial prejudice and injustice. As ever I am willing to assist in any way I can.


*[Your name]*