Power Point of main ideas

ESSAY 2 PARAGRAPHS : What were our early ancestors like? How are we able to find out about them?

1 point per example (max 6 points)

ESSAY 2 PARAGRAPHS : What did the early civilizations that we studied have in common? In what ways were they different?

1 point per example (max 6 points)

Main ideas, Study these topics:

ALL 5 UNITS WILL BE ON THE TEST. copies are on the shared drive

unit one

•How old is the our Universe and the Earth?

•How does rotating and revolving affect the earth?

•What are the natural forces that change the Earth?

•What was Pangea?

•What are plate tectonics?

•How do the movements of plates effect the earth?

unit 2

What were our ancient ancestors like? How were they

similar? How were they different?

•What was life like during the Stone Age?

•How Where and When did early humans settle the earth?

•How do Archaeologist learn about the past?

unit three

•What makes a Civilization?

•How did Agriculture lead to Civilizations?

•Why were rivers important to Agriculture and Early Civilizations?

•Describe the culture of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt?

•How did Egypt and Mesopotamia use written language? What was

their writing like?

unit four

 What were the major achievements of the

ancient Greeks and Romans in: government,

art, science, and philosophy?

• How did Greek and Roman democracy

influence the world?

• What were the pros and cons of having an


• What problems did the Romans and Greeks

have maintaining their empires? How did

they attempt to solve them?

unit five

• What are the beliefs of the five major world


• What are the similarities and differences

between the 5 religions?

• Where is each religion centered? Where are

their members located? How did they spread?