Some movies and shows are adaptations of comic books; “The Flash” is a comic book in motion. It has it all; riveting action, stellar character work, and a tone that incorporates both drama and a sense of fun that rivals Marvel’s best adaptations. “Fast Enough”, the Season 1 finale, sees Barry using his speed to travel back in time to save his mother from Reverse Flash. This episode is chock full of emotional drama, with Barry feeling both betrayed at what his mentor did to him and conflicted on whether he should go back in time and change the future. I didn’t watch any of the show (or any CW show, really) before I saw this episode. And wow; if this is the kind of stuff that the CW is showing (quick shout-out to Arrow, The 100, and the decidedly not-SFF Jane the Virgin), then I need to watch that channel more often. We can only hope that the upcoming movie is just as good.