Fall 2017

U7/U8 Rules:

  1. Team listed first will be considered the home team and will wear the navy jersey if they are a DDY team.  The away team will wear the white jersey.

  1. Size 3 balls will be used for games, game balls will be provided by the home team.

  1. No player may play with a hard cast.  Only soft casts are allowed per Georgia Soccer Rules.

  1. Play will consist of 4 vs. 4 with no goalkeepers.

  1. U8 coaches are not allowed on the field during games, unless they are acting as a referee.

  1. Each game will be divided into four (4) quarters of twelve (12) minutes each.  Coaches will substitute players every six (6) minutes; substitutions should be completed within one (1) minute.  When substitutions are made at each 6 minute interval, all players on the field of play should be substituted; this will prevent any player from being out for an entire quarter.  The referee will notify coaches when they can substitute.

  1. Half time will be 5 minutes in length.

  1. Offside will not be called at this age group.

  1. All free kicks will be indirect during either type of play.  No penalty kicks will be called.

  1. Defending players will not be allowed in the goal box area without attempting to play the ball.  This rule is designed to discourage players from “guarding the goal” since goalkeepers are not used at the age level. Please do not allow players to stand in the goal box when the ball is not in the area.

  1.  A ¾ line will be on both sides of the field near the halfway line.  When the ball is in the defending team half of the field, all offensive players must be in front of the team’s ¾ line.  This is to help the goal tending issues discussed above.

  1. U7 Boys league will play the “New Ball” method during the entire season.  Coaches or referees will not be allowed to alter this rule.

  1. All U8 Teams, Boys, Girls, & Coed will play with “Kick ins” during the entire season.  Coaches or referees will not be allowed to alter this rule.

  1. New Ball: The New Ball method will not have any throw-ins, corner kicks, or goal kicks.  Instead when a ball travels out of bounds, a coach will announce “new ball” to the players and will gently roll a new ball onto the playing field.  This will allow the players to have more touches during a game.  Coaches must have parent volunteers on the sidelines to help shag balls and feed them to the coach to throw into the players.

  1. During the New Ball method coaches should try to throw a ball onto the field near a player that has not had a chance to touch a ball.  This will help allow all players a chance to touch the ball whether they are aggressive or not.  Also the coach should throw a ball towards the goal of a team that has not scored yet to help the team be successful, especially if the other team has scored several goals.

  1. The New Ball method is used to help promote the basics of the game, dribbling and passing.

  1. Kick-ins: “Kick-ins” will be used for the U8 age groups to restart the ball when the player kicks it out of bounds.  The ball will be kicked-in in place of a throw-in.

  1. If a ball goes out-of-bounds on the sidelines then it will be a kick-in to restart play.

  1. The ball will be placed on the sideline where it went out-of-bounds and the player will have 4 seconds to kick the ball back into play.

  1. All kick-ins will be indirect.

  1. Balls out-of-bounds on the end lines for the offensive team will be a corner kick.  Normal soccer rules apply.

  1. Ball out-of-bounds on the end lines for the defensive team will be a goal kick. Defending players must be behind the red ¾ line and cannot play the ball until it crosses the line.

  1. Mercy Rule:  Rule for teams leading an opponent by a substantial goal difference

Reasoning: Games can get lopsided and if a coach does not take appropriate measures the game becomes no longer fun for all involved.  Teams should be challenged whether they are winning or losing a game and this way teams will still be challenged even if the one team is winning by a substantial amount.

  1. Players are no longer allowed to head the ball during practice or games.  If a player intentionally “heads” a ball during a game, then it will be an automatic penalty with an indirect kick at the site of the penalty.

  1. All U8 Games will be officiated by a certified referee or club assistant.  In the event that a referee does not show up to a field, each coach, home and away, will be asked to officiate a half of the game.  Please notify the Field Supervisor if a referee does not show up to a game.

  1. Coaches will officiate all U7 Games.  

  1. Individual game scores will not be kept as well as win-lost records.  Please DO NOT record scores in PlayerSpace.  This function is not able to be disabled yet, so please do not use it.