Q1: Why do you worship when you do?

Q2: What brings you back?

Q3: If cost were not an issue, what would you like to see change/ improve...



fits my routine (early service, adult ed, out for breakfast)

some people are morning people- like to get up and get going

Just like the traditional service”

No music listed in second service



sit with family, then go to lunch after church

don't like to get going early in the morning

Later means not feeling rushed

10:30 service is my soul

More casual style


Single/blended/Palm Sunday comments:

enjoyment at single service

felt more energy from congregation as a whole

summer schedule suggestion- single blended service

10:30- comfortable worship atmosphere

Like the different types of worship offered

single service

positively received mostly

desire to see them continue on occasion

helps to overcome the separate 2 or 3 cultures of SPLC

- too much emphasis on a full sanctuary

- perception this is moving us to single service

* Sunday evening special service- “barrier down all are welcome”



"I attend the 8:30 because I sing in choir" (3)

“Choir makes me more devoted”

“if I want rock, I’ll go to Substance Church.”

“I don’t want to be entertained”

"like the music better at this service"

“i’m old, I love the hymns.” not really crazy about the music at the 10:30

like the familiar hymns- easy to sing (when not familiar w/music, don't feel as involved)

Like the hymns

Like the opportunity to harmonize

10:30 attendees

i love the music and the beat. (4)

We like when the kids can get involved in the music

We like it when they make us clap.

many like when old hymns are done in contemporary style,

enjoy this service more

enjoy the music more

More contemporary music

-hard to know where the band is going without notes to follow


majority of 1 cottage meeting participants would switch times to follow their format

people are positive & enthusiastic about their preferred format, but people respect the other format.

Singing noted as a main reason for attending when they do.


* bring in other worship formats (jazz, bluegrass, polka)

* 100 member choir

Current structure/model is “just right”- not too traditional, not too contemporary.

*Bring Back Children’s choirs

-Fear of getting rid of the hymnals like other churches are doing.

*would like the music on the screen

Need more familiar songs

More songs for children

Music director- full time



More casual style/relaxed



Love the liturgy (2)

Love the creed

people like mixing up the order

People love Holden Evening Prayer

* processions on feast days

* prayer for healing (behind the altar) during distribution

* would like a service were all different faiths are represented

 * Hold hands for the Lord’s Prayer

*free prayers instead of just reading them

Bring back reading the psalms on Sunday


* shared serving (individual pre-filled plastic cups that have the wafer in a separate pouch that are passed

* individuals noted a desire to continue kneeling distribution

- Communion every Sunday is a hassle sometimes getting people to help – wondering if it would go back to twice a month

*Love communion every Sunday


“Believe in Lutheranism”

We stayed at SPLC because of the “ relevancy of the sermons”

Relevant messages during the sermon

Preaching is super important as the message is my spiritual food every week.

* guest preachers (seminary professors?)

* Bring science and the Bible together (how science blends with it)

*More scripture read in the services


Attend because of children’s ministry

Children's’ time- welcoming to kids

children in church (older member- enjoys seeing them)

Kid friendly

Good children's program

* having youth and families involved in leading (youth lectors, family Advent wreath lighting)

* family dinners

* kids time

I want my kids to be welcomed in service

Confirmation: would like the kids names in both bulletins

-Pray ground : some individuals struggle with it, it can be very distracting, sometimes the kids are out of control. Kids need to respect the place

* help families with young children

 Children sermons – should have the kids be visible

* children’s music program (2)

*Happy with the pray ground

Make commitments short term


- no notes on the screens for the songs (2).

Beauty of the stained glass

Pray Ground

* choir out of the balcony.

* alternative way to get to the balcony (2)

* elevator to the balcony

* flexible seating (so people have to change it up)

*Improve sanctuary lighting (balcony lighting is a concern, some areas of sanctuary seem too dim)

*handicap/wheelchair area out of the aisles (2)

* add railings around the baptismal font- concern about people falling

* Take “the fence” down around the front of the church

* Larger crucifix

* more flowers around the altar

Rope off back pews to make people sit more in front

Modify pews for closer feeling



The volunteers are gray hairs – need younger people to step up into the work crew– how do we do it?

Since we have 2 women pastors, get men to lead other areas of worship for more balance.

People who can do the readings but not have to serve communion

Ask seminary students for involvement

Time and talent sheets


* tweaks to the PA- both the wireless transmitters and the personal PA receivers (2)

* hire a pro sound operator to run the sound throughout the services (someone who can help minimize/eliminate feedback, improve balance, etc)

* cleaning up the worship band aea- less cords, more “professional look”

* desire to have more people trained on using the sound system (e.g. VBS 2016- CD player was put up to a microphone, rather than played through the system)



Lots of friends

Favorable and friendly from day 1

Children grew up here

Its family

10:30- kid friendly and accepting

SPLC is home (3)

the people are my friends (3)

1 individual had thought of leaving, but “I came back because people knew my name”

"we're the constant that makes the church"

"we have worked hard to make this place ours"


Always done it

Grew up that Sunday was church day


Place to unwind after the week

acceptance and caring shown by individual members for others in the congregation

I see Jesus in the people of St. Philips.

my husband and I stayed at St. Philip's because of the sense of community

Feel welcomed

* more social time (time to connect and check in)

* replace 1 adult forum a month with "coffee & donuts with the pastors" (1/2 social, 1/2 breakout/small group)

* get rid of adult forum time altogether and only do social time

* second coffee area or 1 larger space

* coffee shop with specialty drinks as well as drip-brewed (2)

* assigned brewers each week

* more cinnamon roll sales to go with the social coffee time (youth run- more fundraisers & more engagement with older members)

* more open way to reach and engage volunteers

* staffed stand at entrances engaging members as they walk in

* more electronic boards addressing volunteer options and openings

* info for new members about what the opportunities are and who to contact

* atmosphere of excitement, engagement and acceptance around all events, opportunities and volunteer options SPLC is part of

* church is dwindling- a social time to meet people and people will return

* coffee time for both services

* full time chef- for funerals, special functions

* use the lounge for the coffee corner

* bus to pick up families and elderly

Do what’s in your culture now – meaning to get the younger generation involved – we need to change how we do things – be more connected to social media even if it's not how you worshipped as a kid. Need to change

Office to be staffed with volunteers after second service.

Parish nurse full time

Mission/ Outreach (added item since there were so many ideas)

Helping people in the community

Outreach needs to be prominent

A bigger food shelf- one that isn’t behind closed doors. Make it available once/twice a month. Families come in with a couple bags and “go shopping” we’d have to have a place to secure items, but make it for the community. Fresh veggies in summer, maybe fresh eggs, etc.

connect to the schools -  homework help, etc.

* bring mission minutes back in a structured format

* Small group ministry – how do we attract people

* Getting younger people involved/programming for younger people

Family bible camp

Reach out to people of color in our community

Future/forward thinking

Be visible

·         Multigenerational programming

·         Community suppers

·         Once a month community gatherings – example: trunks & treats, blessing of animals, Easter egg hunt, community art show – one for adults and one for kids

-will the church still be here in 15 years if outreach stays the same

Free discussion at different meetings:

What could we do to make things more welcoming?

Open Discussion on Worship