Closing Keynote: Zak Greant - Patterns Power & Change

Update from Oversight Committee

Evergreen: a good place to be

Update About 2014

Closing Keynote: Zak Greant - Patterns Power & Change

Introduction: Dan Scott


Patterns of Change

Story from Germany in 2002

POWER as a basic need when thinking about group dynamics - and a basic driver of change

Three Examples from Three Viewpoints

The Crescent Formerly Known as Fertile

Rapa Nui

Three Examples

Rate & Scale

Another Look at this change by category:

The first copyright laws were a response to the printing monopoly in england

A couple of things:

Don’t worry be happy

Three things:


Balance & Diversity



zak@greant[dot]com - feel free to follow up online

Discussion (& Questions):

Q: book borrowing :) (breaking the rules of the loan!)

A:“Has anyone else in the room borrowed a book from me?”

Q: elements of talk that are about harshness of life, vs the warm and fuzziness of the recommended books?

A: needs can be motivation for both awful and wonderful things - and warm and fuzzy doesn’t mean ineffective

Q: Libraries and fast change - changes in publishing and ebooks as “the threat to libraries” - can you comment?

A: You can look forward by looking back

Update from Oversight Committee

A group elected by the EG community, working to manage funds, work on trademark issues

This past year:

What’s Next

Quality improvement

Concluding points:

Rogan Hamby

Harnessing Energy


Q1: suggestions about resources: 1) setting up a program to support hackaway attendance? 2) leftover conference money - contribute to Equinox QA program idea?

A1: We have no money - finance explanation:


Evergreen: a good place to be

John Durno, Brian Owen, Shirley Lew & John van Rassel

Introduction of final panel:

Final Panel

Shirley Lew

John van Rassel (Innisfil Public Library System)

John Durno

Brian Owen | SFU Libraries

Trigger Events

Two questions:


“Roadtrip to Lillooet”

Gartner Hype Cycle 


Slide points: [pp]

Tie back to opening keynote:John Vaillant - Golden Spruce; The Tiger 

"Evergreen is a very good place to be and I commend you all for being here."

Concluding Statements: (Tara)

Update About 2014

Next conference in Boston

Tentative dates March 19-22nd

Hosted by: MassLNC and BIbliomation

Olli - Question about Tea Party

Ben Hyman (BC Libraries Co-operative)

One last thing from Tara - give name tags back.