You will notice that our PWS certificate “expired some time ago”. For the current year we will be issued a certificate that expires December 31st of last year. This odd event is the result of the State mandating that our Annual Water Quality Report must be issued prior to the certificate being awarded.  The catch is that the Annual Water Quality Report is mandated by the State to be last year’s performance. Consequently, the license to operate as a Public Water Supply is always based on, and licensed for, the prior year!

Do not let the apparent tardiness of the license raise alarm.  All Public Water Supply licenses expire at the end of the prior year.  Typically, we are issued our prior-year license sometime in June of the current year, whereupon we update this page with the “new” expired license.

All we can say is “That is just the way they do it in Massachusetts.” We regularly monitor for levels of the items listed in the report to protect the quality of our drinking water.  We live here and drink the Island Terrace water daily, so we want it pure!