Stay-Cation Checklist

So here is the goal, create a digital journal/reflection of our time off. Some items are to be done each day, some items are just goals to try and meet. Check one or 10 things off the list each day. Have fun, start checking items off! Add links, upload your pictures and follow the directions below.

Came up with something awesome that wasn’t on the list? Add it!




Watch a movie from each decade!

Watch a movie from each decade, write the title and a brief description about what the movie was about and what you thought!

  • pre-20’s
  • 20’s
  • 30’s
  • 40’s
  • 50’s
  • 60’s
  • 70’s
  • 80’s
  • 90’s
  • 20’s

Take a picture!

Record a moment in time, tell me why that moment feels important. Upload it here, or at the bottom or even just make an album online and share it with me.

Work Out time

20 minute workout session. Find an online video, or create your own and share


Podcasts! Find a new one, find an old favorite, share your go to, or newly discovered favorites.

Listen up (favorite podcasts):

Read something

Spend 30 minutes reading something! A book, comics, poems, the news whatever it is, share it.

total time reading: ________

What I Read:

Do an act of good

Give back to your community

Clean up an outside area

Write a letter to someone stuck in a nursing home at this time

Record a video message for someone in a nursing home, or take a picture.

Check in with someone outside your circle. Make sure they’re doing ok.

Help your parent/guardian with something unexpected


Become a Citizen Scientist

Look up citizen science projects you can help with from home!

Add as many as you do.

Link to the project: description:

Cook something

Whether it’s making sandwiches, pancakes, or a whole chicken.

What I cooked:

Go for a walk

Spend 30 minutes a day outside (at least)

Become a Nature ePhotographer

Look at the world around you through a different lense.

Math Time

30 minutes of math a day! Keep a running tally of your math time.

Math Minutes!:

Current Event!

Read something happening today in the news, what is it, how is it affecting you, the community, the country, the world? Try and find a new one each day!

What is the Event

Who does it affect

Link to the article

Write something

Record your thoughts, observations, frustrations etc. share it or not, but write it down!

Do this each day.

Learn a new skill

Learn about something you’ve always wanted to try/know how to do.

Educational Videos

Find and watch a video a day that helps explain something you’ve learned about.

Video topic:

Video link:

Action Lab!

check out Action Lab on YouTube


Research something you are passionate about, anything create a flipgrid video to share your new knowledge


grow something, use seeds from something you’ve eaten, or seeds you pick up at the store. Egg crates makes awesome starter pots.

Go on a tour

Use the internet to take a virtual tour! There are museums around the world along with google world tours that can transport you somewhere else.

Where did you tour?

Music hour

Listen to your favorite music, or listen to hits from the past.

Number of hours I listened to music:

Game time

Unplug and play a board/card game

Who Was!

If you have Netflix check out this show! Look through the episodes to find your favorite historic characters.

Become a Google App pro!

Learn how to use Google Apps like spreadsheet and slides

Use their tutorials to get strong at Word, Slides and Spreadsheet

Draw it!

Draw something new every day

Take a picture, upload them here :)

Become the teacher

Teach someone something they don't know (it can be anything! How to draw, how to play a game, a new fact, even a new joke!)

Create a video, TicTok, Flipgrid, YouTube video, screen cast etc… share it with me.

You Time

Do yoga, mediate, take some mental health time

There are great resources online for this

Say Thanks

Write a note to someone thanking them for their work, parent, doctor, teacher, first responders etc

Clean Up.

Clean your room, the dishes, a garden bed, just clean.

Story Time.

Write fan fiction or a short story

Craft Time

Make a craft, use recycled materials, nature items or on hand supplies.

Take a picture of your creation