Bandit Country

All players experience essentially the same interview experience  here so play simultaneously for all, switching between players as fits the tempo.

Read or paraphrase

You Fly into Bahrain with the plump finger of Qatar to your right pointing to Iran on the other side of the Gulf. The plane is full of silent German engineers and their loud wives and children.

The plane lands and you cycle through the airport to the waiting driver.

The car curves out onto the Arad Highway and around the south end of the district of Muharraq , the bay glistening to the south. Passing the headquarters of the Department of Public Security you head across the Shaikh Hamad causeway to the financial district of Manama. Turning south onto the Alfatih Highway you drive for a time away from the flash and fancy of Manama into a mixed district of old and new.

Finally the car pulls up and the driver opens the door and walks you into the foyer of a mid sized and aging block. He ushers you into the lift and presses the button for the top floor, number 5. The plaque indicates shipping and assorted inspection businesses on the other floors. When you both exit he ushers you to a chair in a cramped space with framed photographs of the King of Bahrain and various bulk container ships. He walks to the lift and with a chime he is gone.

A few minutes later a man opens a door and ushers you into a spacious office. He moves behind a large desk. Windows face East with a view over the Bahrain tennis club and beyond that the white comms domes of the American Naval Base, Headquarters of the Fifth Fleet. The man follows your gaze, and quips in a British accent

“Never hurts to be near your paymasters eh? Or at least one of them. Adrian Jarrell” He introduces himself with a firm handshake. He is tall, probably in his 60’s and looks like a cross between John Cleese and Prince Charles. His eyes are sharp.

“Welcome to Risk :: Reward”.

“I’ve read your file and spoken to your advocates.  Marcus has run the numbers and decided that you are off the clock enough to be ripe for the game. But they’ve sent you to me and I am going to test you because I need to know if you have the mettle for what I have in mind.

Tell me about yourself.”

Do Character generation and Assets.


Each player chooses two specialties and draws a line through them. They are the Untrained specialties.

Select a Specialty and draw a circle around it. This is your Entry Specialty and it defines all of the natural talents and capabilities of the character.

 From this starting Specialty they must be able to draw a line that links all Specialties in a chain. No Specialty can be linked more than once and the Civilian Specialties cannot be linked. One of the Specialties along the chain is the Defining Specialty, draw a circle around it. It represents the thing that they had to work the hardest to achieve.

The final Specialty in the chain is the Transition Specialty.

Your Character history starts with your Entry Specialty and then proceeds in line through each one with an anecdote that defined a moment in your career that was influenced by that specialty. The Entry, Defining and Transition Specialties are all key moments in the Characters life and the others add colour.


Use the Asset chart, starting from `START’ in the centre, plot a path that follows the same shape as the line on the Character sheet from Entry to Defining Specialty. The character gains the Asset in this position with a score equal to the number of steps from the Entry to the Defining Specialty.

Re Centre at `START’ and trace the path from Defining to Transition Specialty and give the character the resulting Asset with a score equal to the number of steps.

Each Asset can be given a character anecdote (how it was gained) by linking it to one of the Untrained Specialties.


Talal Haseeb Abd Yazan.

Serve 6  Safe 6 Gain 0

Talal is moderately resistant to approaches that risk his professional dedication and to his own well being and that of his family.  He is very easily bribed though he likes the high life.

Bahraini who is a loans assurance officer for an Iranian Islamic Bank (choose one).

Low level interviewer and inspector for loans approval for the bank.

He is largely nondescript except that he has made 5 trips to Kenya in the past year. He spends most of his time in Iran. Generally travels to Bahrain and then to Kenya within a fortnight. He arrived back in Bahrain last night.

Iranian Republican Guard keep a very distanced watch on him, checking in occasionally.

He has an apartment at Somerset Al Fateh Bahrain.

His parents live in Muharrak with a sister and younger brother.

Risk :: Reward believe that he is being used to arrange loans for North Africa Insurgency. They want him recruited.

Assets Available

Watchers (Surveillance Tech)

Doorknockers (B&E Tech)

Site (Apartment) not secure

Cover (the players are employed by Panama Best Transit, a company that ensures shipping compliance with transit requirements for the Panama Canal.