DHMN Organizational Meeting

Sept 22, 2014

Call to Order

Present: Jake K., Mike P., Mark F., Bob T-Son, Steve P., Shane G.

Late arrivals: Kristin M.

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Ross L., Jason S., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Steve P., Paul K., Seth, Sara K.

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Steve P.

Seconded: Jake K.


Treasurer's Report

as of 9/22:



bank: $1793.06

stripe: $48.25

cash: $63.00

paypal: $48.25

Utility obligation (about to pay):-374.19

October rent (about to pay): -450


total: $1128.37

monthly diff: +120.91


notable deltas:

$25 cash in snack purchase / donations

$33.54 on square from makerfest food


Utilities (not paid yet, still owe to Sim. Paying right after this report):

$1.89       5/20-6/19 still owe  from 77.76 actual on a 75.87 estimate

$79.975   6/19-7/21

$67.977   7/21-8/19

$70          8/19-9/20 ESTIMATE


51.45   6/23-7/23

51.45   7/23-8/23

51.45   8/23-9/23


374.19 owed



Gained one individual (Ryan Peterson)

Paused one student (Tyler Doupe)

Current tallies:

1 @ Family

11 @ Full

1 @ Student

3 @ Limited



 670.04     current monthly membership income

-785.08    current monthly averaged outlay


Average Monthly shortfall: 115.04

Monthly outlay includes:

3400/yr utilities

450/mo rent

621/yr insurance

Move to Approve: Mark F.

Seconded: Jake K.


Old Business

Motion to create a subcommittee to explore expanding the board beyond the existing officers to be headed by Mark F.

Seconded: Bob T-Son.


New Business

Shane begins inventory and tool library.

Seconded: Bob t-son



Move to Adjourn: Bob T-son

Seconded: Steve P.