Getting Started with Twitter

Introduction - Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows you to create posts 140 characters long

1. Go to:

2. Create an account.

Remember to think about your username/handle, because this is how people will connect with you

3. Tell Us Who You Are

Go to ‘Me’ and write a short bio, as well as add a photo/image that you want to be known by. A common disclaimer that many make is that “thoughts are my own” For some examples, go to If you want to maximise it then you can add a header if you really want, but at least start with a photo.

4. Engage with a Hashtag

If you go to ‘Discover’, you will find various hashtags that are currently trending. Otherwise, a site like or to find the conversation you are looking for.

5. Find people to follow

You may have seen someone publish their handle or simply know someone on Twitter. Find them. Follow them. Just as the best way to write a blog is to read them, so to with Twitter. Look at how other people are making sense of it. There are no rules.

BONUS: Make a list

If you are worried about keeping up with the abundance of information, a simple thing that you can do is organise your information into lists. Like Circles in Google+, lists allows you to group people.


Here is a list of some useful resources:

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