• Print the Main Trip Plan & bring to troop meeting
  • Get trip signup sheets from Troop Scribe (once payments have been recorded) & fill in roster on first page of trip plan.
  • Announces trip activities & schedule,  number & type of meals + food budget
  • Add duty assignments using codes in 1st column
  • Fill in driver/rider information
  • Develop trip schedule
  • Assigns skill instructors for activities & advancement needs
  • Determine day and time of online meeting.
  • Enter information online
  • update 4 week timeline
  • Print the Main Trip Plan & bring to troop meeting
  • Finalize driver/rider list
  • Finalize Trip Schedule
  • Check in with Scouts & leaders who are responsible for leading activities or teaching skills during the trip
  • Finalize Program Materials list
  • Review Personal & Patrol Gear
  • Review Campfire Program
  • Gather materials/equip needed for program activitie
  • Determine day/time of on-line meeting
  • Enter weather information into on-line Trip Plan
  • Print copy of final version of Trip Plan
  • Oversee loading of vehicles
  • Roll call
  • Review of essential gear/equipment
  • Keeps troop on schedule – announces activities throughout the day
  • Puts away Program Materials
  • Writes up evaluation of the trip


  • Print out your patrol’s Trip Plan and bring it to the meeting
  • Makes trip duty assignments
  • Makes tent assignments
  • Tell each patrol member what their trip duty assignment is & direct them
  • enter patrol duty roster & schedule info in the on-line Trip Plan.
  • Participate in on-line trip plan meeting & make sure all your patrol members
  • Print out your patrol’s Trip Plan and bring it to the meeting
  • Check in with all patrol members to find out where they are with their trip preparation duties
  • Review & approve your patrol’s menu and shopping list
  • Finalize Trip Schedule
  • update on-line Trip Plan
  • Participate in one-line trip meeting and make sure all your patrol members complete their responsibilities
  • Print out your patrol’s Trip Plan & bring it with you
  • Oversees work of patrol members to make sure things get  done
  • Makes sure all patrol members assist with unloading & putting away gear
  • Direct scouts to get any requirements completed during the trip signed off before they leave



(Eats Last)

  • Find out how many people you are feeding, for how many meals, and what your food budget is        
  • Makes patrol menu  & shopping list
  • Fills in food price estimates
  • Finalizes menu & shopping list
  • Gets menu/food list approval from PL & Patrol Advisor
  • Cooks meals
  • Cleans cooking area
  • Assists Grubmaster with leftover food.


  • Helps Cook/Asst. Cook w/ menu & shopping list
  • Pulls items from food boxes
  • Shops for patrol food
  • Pre-packages food as needed
  • Pulls out the food for each meal for cooks
  • Makes sure all food is stored properly during the trip
  • Deals with leftover food – gives away perishables & stores non-perishables
  • Cleans out food coolers


  • Inventories patrol chuck box
  • Replenishes supply items
  • Puts items that need to be purchased on shopping list
  • Checks out patrol gear needed for trip
  • Sets up dining fly, axe yard, etc.
  • Checks in patrol & borrowed gear
  • Takes patrol chuck box home to clean & return at next meeting
  • Notifies adult leader of items that need to be replaced


  • Makes Fire Ceremony Plan
  • Adds any equip needed to Patrol Gear List
  • Finalizes Fire Ceremony Plan
  • Gathers any materials needed for fire ceremony
  • Gathers & prepares wood
  • Builds campfire
  • Leads campfire ceremony
  • Helps Quartermaster break down dining fly, axe yard, etc.


  • Makes Patrol Gear List
  • Inventories Patrol Gear Box
  • Finalizes Patrol Gear List
  • Helps gather patrol/troop gear for trip
  • Fills/re-fills water jugs as needed
  • Backpacking:  sets up water purification station
  • Inventories Patrol Gear Box
  • Empties & cleans water jugs


(Eats First)

  • Makes Personal Gear List
  • Finalizes Personal Gear List
  • Helps gather patrol/troop gear for trip
  • Sets up trash/recycling bags
  • Sets up dish washing station
  • Washes cooking dishes
  • Cleans camp kitchen, table, etc.
  • Disposes of trash


  • Looks up reqs. assigned to teach
  • Makes list of Program Materials neeed
  • Prepares lesson plans
  • Helps gather Program Materials
  • Teach skills
  • Evaluate/test scouts on skills
  • Signs off on any rank/MB skills requirements completed
  • Puts away Program Materials

**TRIP LEADER – 4 WEEKS BEFORE TRIP:  Makes decisions about trip location, length, and activities; see that any reservations are made

   3 WEEKS BEFORE TRIP:  Calculates cost; Makes Trip Flier; Print Trip Fliers; Makes Schedule for Trip; Tells Adv. Chair which advancement activities to include

Updated 4/18/13 but not finished, check the website for the newest version!