aka Write a Script in November

Like NaNoWriMo, but for Scripts!

Purpose Of This Document[a]

This doc exists to offer up the collection of contexts, goals, and a potential set of rules, as well as to solicit collaborators and anyone who might want to join WriScrivember as more of a leader.

If you have writing questions - either for audio drama, film/TV, comics - you name it - please submit those here so I (Zach Valenti) can address them in the email series I’ll be organizing.

I have a copy of everything below in a backup doc and Google Docs is great at tracking revisions, so don’t worry about editing or adding stuff.

Please just be respectful of others and make sure you’re not erasing anyone’s ideas. Be kind. No hate speech. Please & thank you!

When in doubt, use comments instead of editing.

Context / Public Goals

The big goals I have for WriScrivember are (in order of priority):

Providing an alternative, less stressful creative outlet for folks who would love to write scripts of any kind.

  • There’s a 90-page goal - can be any combination of many smaller scripts or 1 big one.
  • The small goal is just a finished draft of any script of any length.
  • The spirit of the event is such that you win no matter what.

Activate Audio Drama Community for Puerto Rico.

  • There’s a suggested donation of $7 for all participants and folks are being asked to send a copy of their receipts to me so we can track the impact.
  • I’m creating a community competition for anyone who wants to submit an original audio drama script. The winner’s script will be produced by me and voiced my myself and other familiar audio drama voices. That final audio file will be available on Bandcamp as a “Pay What You Want” offering with 100% of the proceeds going to United for Puerto Rico.
  • Zach will match up to $500 of donations

Create a sister tradition to NaNoWriMo (i.e., it happens again next year, potentially without me).

Asks / Opportunities:

1) Written content for daily emails. Any advice, funny stories, drafts, etc relevant to a bunch of people writing scripts[b][c].

2) An audio or video interview (phone, Skype, or IRL) for the podcasts & videos I’ll be doing during the month for the community.

3) Introductions / recommendations of online creators I should talk to about this for any other reasons above. Especially if you know of actors, editors, producers interested in putting together the content winner’s United for Puerto Rico benefit audio drama.

Audio Drama Contest Rules

Contest Entry & Voting

  • Submit your scripts here!
  • Submissions will be accepted until 11:59PM EST, December 31st, 2017
  • The winner will be decided by a popular vote limited to entrants. Entrants voting for themselves will have their votes disqualified (read: vote for someone else).
  • Submitted scripts will be made available on January 1st, 2018 via a Google Drive folder. It will be shared with entrants via emails provided with script submissions.
  • Voting will open January 15th and entrants will have until January 31st, 2018 to select their favorite script.
  • Production timeline will be determined after a winner is selected.

Submission Rules & Guidelines

  • Submissions must be < 35 standard Hollywood script pages or < 40 BBC style Radio Drama script pages.
  • You can have as many as 10 characters.
  • No hate speech. No porn. Anything is chill.
  • The best fit for this is a standalone story. While it’s recommended that it not be the first episode of a serial narrative, there’s no rule against it. Just do not expect any talent involved to be available for future episodes. One potential workaround if you’re committed to making a serialized show is to make a standalone episode in the world of the show that can be separate from the main storyline (i.e., different characters or location -- like if I wrote a 30 minute episode about a janitor on earth named Freddy that works in Goddard Futuristics’ experimental pet cloning facility).

Personal Goals[d][e]

Zach Valenti

I have too many ideas that are too undeveloped to execute on. I’m going to use this challenge to write many shorter scripts for YouTube videos and podcast series[f] I’m contemplating executing on in 2018. I’ll likely also be sharing some brainstorming session about a feature script idea[g] I’ve been kicking around, but it’s not my intention to actually write that in November.

Rashika R

I have until the end of the semeste[h]r to write and produce at least the first four episodes of an audio drama for my campus radio station[i][j][k]. I’ll be using this month to completely finish translating these from outline to script (rough draft)[l]. I also have a couple of side projects that I want to work on if I finish my goal for each day for the radio drama.

Kate Fairchild[m]

I’m a visual arts student already entrenched in animation finals [n][o]but I signed up to further my storytelling skills, which are a bit lacking, I’ve been focusing on the visual stuff until now. I’d love to write scripts for animated shorts or potentially an audio drama (it’s a medium I love, and would love to explore).[p][q] More specific goals: less stiff dialogue, more cohesive story, and more dynamic/dimensional characters![r][s]

Katherine (frith)

Well, while I was considering signing up and worrying about never having written in script form before, apparently I just volunteered to write the Christmas play script[t] for the school I teach at.[u] Does that count?[v]

Update: IT’S A MASTERPIECE. (My class is Special Needs, I had to make it extremely straightforward, and write specific characters to what that child will realistically cope with. So it was a fun challenge! It is super short, but I’m still going to give myself a gold star for achieving A Script.)

Nizzy Holloway

At the moment I’m attempting to adapt a story written by a friend of mine into an audiodrama [w][x][y]that we’ll hopefully create at some point next year, and I’ve not been the most motivated in getting the writing done. The story isn’t quite finished yet, which I’m using as an excuse, but there’s plenty to write before I need to worry about the ending.[z] I’ve spend so much time thinking about the casting and recording and editing and everything else that will happen once we have a script, and not that much time actually working on the scripts[aa], so I’m using this to try and motivate myself to write. I’m only aiming to write 30 pages, because 90 pages sounds a bit overwhelming to me,[ab] especially as I’m going away for a few days when I won’t be able to write, and I don’t want to stress about getting behind, but if I can do more, I’m going to try to.


Script-writing has always been something I’ve wanted to get into, especially with my current obsession with podcasts.[ac] One day, I hope to make one but first I need the idea. So I guess this is a way to kickstart that process.[ad] I’m not sure if I’ll finish the month or even still like the idea at the end of November, but at least I will have finished and it’s a sign that I can do this.[ae] So I’m really excited to see how I grow as a writer and see how I’ve progressed in plot-building over the course of a month[af][ag]. Right now, I’m working on two at once (one with a friend) so here’s to hoping I don’t burn myself out before the end.[ah][ai]

Sarah O.

Okay, so scripts are...not my strong suit[aj]. So this is me attempting to tackle the challenge of telling a story without use of verbage[ak] (‘s totally a word) and descriptions that are strictly prose-ish-y in nature. I’m working with one or two others on an audio drama plot that hopefully will be alright, [al]since I’m going to be doing most of the actual scriptwriting. If you convert my intrinsic motivation into a percentage, you'll end up with a negative number[am] - so I figure this'll help me actually get something done. So, that said, thanks so much for the opportunity!


I have this idea for a audio drama, and I have already written the first draft of the first episode. I’ll be using this to get a few more scripts out.[an] (I am a little iffy about a couple of the characters[ao][ap]. Once I write a few more episodes it will be easier for me to tell if they should exist, or if what they are doing should be included with another character.)[aq][ar][as][at]

Rina C.

I’m writing story and scripts for a game I’m building[au]. First time writing a, like, full story, and first time writing scripts, so this’ll be an adventure. Have a real bad habit of getting bogged down in researching things that aren’t really that important at the current moment, so gonna try to push myself to just finish even if things[av] don’t entirely make sense. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[aw]

Em and Eliza

We’re working on a noir-inspired 1950s buddy cop audio drama [ax][ay](featuring art, friendship, murder and animal puns[az]) which is an idea we’ve been kicking around for the last couple months--and now is our chance to actually get it started. Our goal is to complete drafts of two 45 minute episodes and additional background content.[ba] Edit: possibly 3 or 4 episodes, since we’re done with episode 1 already!


I’m working on a radio drama about a radio station that reports on people turning into creatures and the superheroes who combat the threat. An idea that has been bouncing around my brain for a couple of months, but it’s been hard to work on while touring Australia doing science shows, So this is a good chance to push myself. My goal is to finish S1 with a total of 10 20-25min episodes.[bb][bc][bd][be]


I’m working on a standalone story involving two characters that I’ve already created, an older vampire with complete power, and a chilled out hunter who manages to trap her. [bf][bg]I really enjoy stories that trap people who are very different together[bh], and the chance to get Zach Valenti’s amazing voice on something I wrote was too good to pass up. I’m also using this as a test to see how interesting my characters can be, because if I can’t write 30 pages of them having a conversation, I think that’s a good lesson to learn on creating interesting characters. Good luck on everyone’s projects! They all sound very cool.


I’ve had a story idea floating around in the back of my head for a while now, and since all my other writing projects are in editing and production phases I figured now would be a good time to get this one down on paper! Because editing is a nightmare[bi] and sometimes you need to write something new, you know? I originally intended for it to be in novel form, but I kind of want to see how it would work as an audio drama.[bj] My goal is just to get the first draft of it done, and if I manage that I might try to refine it a little.


My goal is to finish the first season[bk][bl] of scripts for an audio drama I’ve been slowly working on. I don’t know if I’ll quite get there, but this seems like a great way to motivate myself to get a bigger bulk of work done. I already have general outlines for most of it,[bm] so I just need to keep my motivation/dedication up for the whole month…[bn][bo]


I’m in the first draft stage of a serial horror AD currently with 32k words somewhere in the 6th episode. The episodes are all outlined and I’m using WriScri (as well as a NaNo group at my workplace) to keep me accountable and hyped to wrap writing the season by the end of the month[bp][bq]. I’d been bouncing back and forth between writing and learning Reaper and doing a spare-room studio build[br][bs], but this month will be solely focused on writing.


My goal for this month is to have a full outline for the first season of my AD project, have the first draft of script two and three done and the polished version of script one under way on top of perhaps a couple of mini-episodes worthy[bt] scripts.    


My first goal is to finish the rough draft of the first episode of the audio drama that my friend and I are working on. Our larger goal for that is to have a set of full scripts for a season 1 (not during November), and then we’ll decide if we want to put it into production[bu]. My smaller goal is that I want to write every day on something, whether it’s the script, or prose, or some freewriting, just to build the habit back up.


I’m in the middle of a very busy semester right now, so my goal is just working on a script for a silly ghost-hunting romcom webseries as stress relief. [bv][bw][bx][by] As long as I spend a little time most days writing fun spooky shenanigans, I’m counting this as a win :)


When I first heard about Wriscrivember (from the amazing folks at “The Once and Future Nerd,” which is my bread and butter these days), I thought to myself, “Self! Let’s write that audio drama we’ve been thinking about lo these many months!” And then I looked at my calendar for November and I thought to myself, “Self! We might need to tone that back a little bit…”[bz] S[ca][cb]O...my revised goal is to do some lesson plans/lectures (which are script-like in the way I usually compiled them) AND then work on one episode of the audio drama, which is set in the 8th century, during the reign of Charlemagne the King, focusing on this totally badass English nun [cc]who was Charlemagne’s advisor and also the educational reforms happening at the same time. Glad to be in this work with you all!


I’ve had a couple of ideas for some playing around in my head for a while, so I’m using this as an excuse to get started on them.  I’m also trying to figure out what creative medium is the most comfortable for me, and script-writing sounds like a good place to start; whether it’ll end up being an AD or play format, I’m not entirely sure yet…  Either way, I tend to keep everything in my head and have the hardest time getting ideas written down, so this should help.[cd][ce][cf]

Egypt Spivey

I plan to use WriScrivember to finish the first draft of an audio drama that I’ve wanted to work on for some time and write a couple of scripts for the webcomic I plan to publish next year. For the audio drama I want to have at minimum forty pages done and for the webcomic at minimum 5 issues written.

Alsha Brown

I have had this story brewing in the back of my head for a while- first as a novel, then as an audio drama. It’s a steampunk paranormal drama about Mo, a brilliant inventor and spiritualist, and her partner Guillemot, an agnostic but equally brilliant inventor who honestly wishes she wasn’t so dramatic during their exorcisms. My goal is to get through episodes 1-3 and plan for future episodes. While I have the basic story in my head, I still need to figure out how each episode is going to take me to the end, if that makes any sense.

Rowan Rook

My current goal for this month is to draft at least three episodes of an audio drama. It's a supernatural mystery about a genderqueer student in an all-girl's boarding school, their missing girlfriend, and a key that opens doors that may be better left locked. I've written novels, short stories, and video game scripts, but this is a new medium for me, so it's been a fun project so far. Good luck all!

Emma S

My goal was to reach 50k words through November and I hit it!!  I’m really excited to have a plotline for this audio drama story I wanted to write because I went into November without any idea what I was going to write about.  It’s basically a story where abstract concepts are personified and work on a space station of sorts to change the lives of people.  So if someone is deciding whether or not to propose, for instance, the concept Love helps them work through the decision.  Pretty proud of my script so far and super excited to start editing it <3

[a]The first half of this is more rules/guidelines oriented and the second half is more participatory (i.e., the end of the doc has a section for everyone to share their goals!).

If you disagree with or have better ideas for any of the rules/guidelines, please leave a comment like this so we can make it better together!

[b]Do we just email these to you, Zach, or post them somewhere...?

[c]Wow sorry for snoozing on this! Never saw it come in - my bad!! Thanks for asking and stay tuned for future opportunities to submit / crowdsource for the community

[d]Add yourself!!

[e]And cheer other people on! Start dialogue! Enjoy the community!!!


[g]*gets hype*

[h]Your college radio station has ADs?! That's amazing. What's the genre/topic/theme/etc. for your WIP? Sending lots of good energy your way! :)

[i]So cool!! Are you working alone or with a partner?

[j]Alone for now! :') It's going to be a fun journey.

[k]That is so cool! I wish my campus radio had audio dramas. Good luck to you!

[l]The struggle of an outline sentence turning into a 5 minute scene! I'm also working from outline -- good luck!

[m]kate ily

[n]You've got this!! Storytelling wise, I love http://channel101.wikia.com/wiki/Story_Structure_101:_Super_Basic_Shit for laying it all out simply and concisely.

[o]this is super duper helpful? brb im restructuring everything i've ever written

[p]Wow I'm excited to see what you create! It's pretty cool you have everything you need to take an audio drama series and turn it into an animated TV series.

[q]that's definitely the hope! now to convince all my animation friends to help me w inbetweening...


[s]This is really helpful for me in terms of getting folks to contribute smart stuff to the emails I'll be sending out!

[t]There are lots of awesome software options (free, too) that help negate any script formatting confusion with just a tiny bit of practice. I think Zach linked a few comments above in this doc, even!

[u]!!! That's so cool!!!!!

[v]YES IT DOES!!! Also, don't sweat the formatting. Programs will make that easy and there are even free ones like Celtx (https://celtx.en.softonic.com)

[w]oh my god that's so cool would you say it's easier or harder to adapt vs write from scratch?

[x]personally I find it easier, but I usually struggle to get through a first draft for anything longer than flash fiction, but really enjoy the redrafting process, so it gets around the biggest thing that gets in the way of me writing

[y](didn't realise that I wasn't signed in, so that anonymous comment was me)

[z]That's all chill. Excuses are totally normal and part of the exhaust of the human brain by default, in my experience. Rock it out!!

[aa]Oh gosh, this is me, too. But this is going to be the month to focus on writing! 30 pages is a manageable bite especially when working from a source document that may not even be able to provide 90 pages of script formatted. It sounds like a fun project!


[ac]Hooray that you're on the court doin it!


[ae]That's all chill and you know if you write a single complete scene you could enter that in to the contest if you want!!!

[af]Sounds like an awesome excuse to listen to lots of Audio Drama for "research" purposes :D Are you writing within the genres you listen to or trying something new?

[ag]I'm doing a little bit of both, I think? The two I'm working on this month are more fictional/drama based and one I'm still trying to flesh out is more of a blog style? Kinda?

[ah]you got this!!!! [insert ok hand emoji x2 insert 100 emoji] (where are emoji when i need them)

[ai]Thanks! I'm super excited! (and yeah google docs defintely needs emojis - how can i convey my excitement with just words??? step up your game google lol)

[aj]I don't think they're anyone's by default! It's all about the practice. Wax on, wax off - ya know?

[ak]I struggle with this sometimes, too. Our brains like to think visually, so naturally, when we create, that becomes difficult to overcome. I shamelessly steal ideas from other ADs all the time about how to integrate exposition and description into general dialogue without it feeling shoehorned in. :D But you can do it!!

[al]i bet it's going to be amazing<3

[am]motivation is overrated! We got this!

[an]Excellent use of this month!

[ao]They may decide to spring to life without your knowledge and steal the show!

[ap]Fingers crossed. I would be so happy if that happens. (hopefully they keep the plot going in the direction I was hoping. Some of my characters start going in a different direction.)

[aq]honestly this is such a mood and if you have the time would you mind helping me out with this/giving me advice w this at some point because SAME

[ar]also?? first draft already?? GOALS.

[as]Episode 1 wasn't from starting in November. I've been slowly working on it for months... But thanks :)

I just need to get myself out of thinking it isn't good enough. I want to show it to people to get feedback, but I don't want to show it to people because I am afraid of being judged. Ugh!

[at]Also, would love to help you with anything :)

[au]Whaaat! SO COOL

[av]I firmly believe that it's easier to edit from a half-baked draft and polish from raw metal than it is to create from scratch! *encouragement jazz hands*

[aw]33c ;) but also!! this is going to be so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[ax]i'm in. immediately. please let me know where i can pay you once this is out.

[ay]Oh my gosh! This is amazing.

[az]All I've ever needed in life!

[ba]Great goal!!! Way to work partnership for-the-win!

[bb]this entire thing just made me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (in a good way!) supernatural radio station? mysterious transformations? (insert eyes emoji here) touring australia doing SCIENCE?!?!?!???!?!!!!!! your life is so cool and your ideas are so cool i'm just. wow.

[bc]Yeah, Rashu's comment is about 100% of how I was going to reply, so.. Yeah. Seconded!!


[be]fourthed(?) superheroes are rad im s pumped to see what u do!

[bf]i'm already DYING to meet these characters (sorry, bad pun, but i had to make it). your point about interesting characters is so true too! it's def something i'm going to keep in mind now!!


[bh]Right! Just slam two totally different ideologies together and see where the tendrils of intersection eventually meet. I dig it!

[bi]Ain't this the truth. I try not to self-edit during drafting because I get caught up in it so fast. You've got this! It sounds like you're not short on ideas at all!

[bj]my favorite thing is when you've thought of something, and then all of sudden you think of a way it could be BETTER/COOLER. good luck on this omg!!!!

[bk]Saaame! You can do it!

[bl]Thanks! You too!

[bm]i know the feeling-- when you outline something to the point where you don't feel quite as enthused when you actually start writing bc all at once you already know how things are going to go... a piece of advice one of my writing  "coach"es told me was to always leave a bit of mystery to your outlines-- whether w character development, or leaving room for unexpected plot twists, or even just being flexible to change, so there's always a chance your story will surprise you!

idk if this helps, but i hope it does! i'm super intrigued to see more deets about your audio drama [insert eyes emoji here]



[bp]Wow! Good luck!

[bq]Seconded! That's a great goal!

[br]Maybe after this month is over we could chat about that. I am hoping to put together a studio in my house too.

[bs]Thanks, and I'm not an acoustics engineer by any stretch, but I'm happy to chat about it!

[bt]you got this! and mini-episodes, imo, are the best thing to write-- you can take them basically *anywhere*

[bu]i hope you do-- and if so, i'm psyched to listen! The "a little a day" mentality is a good one- slow and steady wins the race? unless you've got too much caffeine?

[bv]I didn't know I needed ghost-hunting romcoms in my life until I read this. For all our sakes, I wish you ALL THE LUCK this month.

[bw]No kidding! I want to listen to this!

[bx]The world needs this omg it sounds amazing. Good luck!!!


[bz]it me

[ca]what a mood BUT from what i can tell you're an extremely creative, driven person and i'm so excited to see this badass english nun advisor to the king!!

[cb]Oh, you're very kind! I'm certainly going to take inspiration from your energy and enthusiasm! :)

[cc]Oh man I am HERE for the badass English nun

[cd]Also I'm TOTALLY digging this community???  Y'all are so supportive n' it's inspiring to hear all of your goals <3

[ce]I'm crying

[cf]This is so beautiful...