Student Proposals

Project Proposal

Detail how you are pushing yourself artistically through your five images.

I am hoping to portray different emotions/expressions through different styles and techniques in my photos such as

possibly editing two photos with overlays using double exposure

slightly darker emotions (ex: isolation) through black and white photos or photos with low contrast

the performance side of me with colorful photos with paint, glitter, or bold makeup

using motion blur with a long shutter speed to portray two different emotions/expressions in one photo

I'm very excited to try this project. When I was little, I have always wondered what it would be like to be the one in front of the camera instead of the one behind that's taking the photos. I have had a few opportunities last year to model for other students' projects, but still have yet to come the feeling of awkwardness (I personally don't believe I have a very photogenic face). Physically, this will be a challenge because I have yet to order a remote for my camera to be able to take portraits from a long distance, so I will have to work with the timer setting. However, the main reason I am so excited for this project, is because instead of having to work with a specific theme, I have the chance to express my own emotions through the photos because I will be the one in it. Some may be surprised at my perspective of certain ideas. I plan to, instead of focusing on personal interests, focus on emotional ideas to be portrayed through my images. This may lead my photos to a slight conceptual field.

In this project I am going show the different sides of me. How my friends, family, strangers, and I see myself. I am choosing these because I want to learn about how those around me think of me, and I want to show others of what I think of myself. I also want to learn more about myself, because throughout my life I haven't really explored how I view myself, I generally focus on other thing, I think it will be a good idea to learn more about me and sharing it with others.

I am pushing myself because I don't like taking pictures of myself, I'm just awkward when a camera is pointed at me. I also have not really been the subject of my photos before, and I'm pushing myself to come out of my shell. To be honest I slightly terrified, but it will be worth it.

1. motorcycles-- i have grown up with motorcycles and they are basically my life so i want to incorporate them.

2. friends-- i have quite a few of really close friens so i want to try and bring them into the project

3. school-- i am very academic, and some people don't know that about me, so i want to include theat.

4. religion-- I am a Christian kid, and i would like to express that

5. racing-- i race AMA Professional SUpermoto, and it is easily my favorite thing to do, so if i can bring that into my project, i would be stoked

I mean, I am generally a relatively open person, so most people know a lot about me, but my relationship with God and my best friends are like no other so expressing that is coming out of my comfort zone a little bit.

As far as artistically goes, i am fine with taking dumb #selfies for snapchat or whatever, but theres something about standing infront of a real camera, with everything around me staged that just seems awkward. it will be an expieriance if nothing else

To say the least, my five self portrait ideas are coming from artists that I have a strange connection between their lyrics and my life. As most people, my public facade isn't naturally who I am, so for some of the self portraits I'll try capturing the rawer side of me. Music that's inspiring this project is Ben Howard's "fear" he says this line where we all live in the confides of fear. Not able to branch out and try new things and that's me, sorta. The whole album, "Every Kingdom" by Ben Howard is so relatable that I'm going to try to interpret that. Another artist is Matisyahu, he's a hasidic reggae singer and his latest album "Akeda" is like a survivor album, that there's more to live than sorrow. I also like the idea of setting the camera on a tripod on a timer and doing facial expressions.

I'm pushing myself because hardly anyone really knows the real me, I'm barely getting to know the real me and I can be this energetic person, specifically at reggae concerts, and I like that I'm using music to inspire my photo ideas because the music I listen to says a lot about me, for instance reggae music is the only music that calms me or just brings the good vibes. I like art that has meaning so this will be the rawest project I'll ever do for photography.

The five concepts I have in mind for my project are; realism, emotion/ personality, interests and ethnicity.

For my self portrait project it is a push to photograph myself in the first place. I'm very uncomfortable with myself, or who I am and being in front of the camera, so I am going to try to photograph myself with showing the least amount of me as possible. For example this picture that was an example on the FTHS art page for this project is what I want to do.

I am going to base my project on the idea of a fractured personality. For my first image i was thinking of doing something where i am in the dark with only a lighter lighting my face as if i am telling a scary story but i'm the only one there and the idea is i'm talking about myself. For my second photo i was going to be lying down on my side covering my eyes in an attempt to hide myself. The third photo idea was going to be a "standard" portrait of just my face and i was going to try and superimpose different emotions onto just my face to show the different emotions hidden, or possibly two pictures put together with the eyes taken from one and the rest taken from the other to try and bring emphasis to a story i am trying to tell in my eyes, or i was going to take several images of different faces and tear them apart in a way that they can be crudely fit back together but i haven't decided yet. For my fourth picture i was going to lay on the beach and have the water wash over my head because i use the beach as a place to just let things go and calm down after a stressful situation. Finally for my last photo i was going to try and mimic a look of sleepwalking to give a window into how i feel going about my daily life.

I am pushing myself artistically through these photos by first of all putting myself in front of the camera which is extremely difficult given how i view myself and i am trying to tell a story in the photos that i could very comfortably leave untold. I am shining a light on different fractures of my personality that i'm not exactly comfortable with talking about but feel i can portray in an artistic manor.

I will be doing a warhol style self portrait with me running a CNC mill/simulator

I will be pushing myself by trying to get the lighting right since it is harsh fluorescent lighting.

1) fire -> I'm always angry.

2) ice -> To represent depression.

3) Plants/ some sort of nature element-> represent growth.

4) Mirrors/ reflections--> who I see myself as or how other people see me.

5) Looking through my eyes--> I see the world differently than most people.

Personally, self portrait projects are really difficult for me because I'm still discovering who I am. These ideas give me allot of room to be creative and think outside the box.

Music, more specifically the 'Ukulele. I've been playing for a little over 2 years now and it's been a big part of making me who i am today.

Gaming, I've been doing this since I was a kid, be it FIFA, Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering. But it's really been a main component in my life.

Skateboarding, not really a huge impact on my life but it's a hobby I picked up in the 3rd grade and have skated ever since.

Food - Be it cooking or eating it as long as food is involved, I'm there. I have a great time trying to cook new things and appreciating the awesomeness of fettuccine Alfredo.

Sports/Athletics - Always have I been active. I take pride in my sprinting capabilities, I used to play soccer as a child and I plan on picking that back up this year for Foothill.

With the images I plan to show what each of these sides of me appear like to me and how I depict them. I want to allow the viewer to see my life through my eyes.

1. Mounted GoPro on car hood facing me (driving), maybe time lapse maybe not

2. I'll be standing in a crowd downtown and create a time lapse of the people behind me

3. How I am at school vs. how I am at home Split screen.

4. Time Lapse over bridge at night with me facing the camera

5. Looking straight at the camera with serious face

6. Time lapse of changing facial expressions (emotions)

1. Being creative with mounts

2. Figuring out how to do a time lapse

3. Not sure yet...

4. Finding out how to do a time lapse/ getting the lighting correctly because it will be at night

5/6. Getting out of comfort zone

How others portray me or how I am depending on my peers.

I am printing out my images and creating art on top of my images.

For my project I am going to present myself in the artistic styles of my favorite film directors. I hope to capture the style shown in many of their films and for some I want to capture more specific scenes from one of their films. For example I want to mimic the shots of Amelie in which ripped pictures of my face are pasted into a scrap book. The directors I want to mimic are: Guillermo Del Toro, Quentin Tarantino, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, James Cameron, and George Lucas.

i dont exactly have five ideas, but i have a general one. i believe people dont really know what i feel and what i deal with inside. i want to use paint and other things to protray it.


-Time lapse of me during nighttime

-multipanel self portraits of me

-self portrait during the day

-Self portrait of me changing emotion, color and lighting of video changes depending on emotion

- Time lapse of me standing next to a freeway

-Sitting through fifteen minutes in the dark

-A lot of editing work and certain acting styles

-Sitting in the sun for fifteen minutes while doing almost nothing

-Lots of work in Photoshop and/or After effects

-in danger of being run over

Project Proposal

Detail how you are pushing yourself artistically through your five images.



Expressing life


Inner self

I am trying my best to make the pictures good and interesting instead of just a basic smile picture




Enjoying Life

Try to take pictures that arent basic

I'm going to be using pictures of what i usually do such as surfing, water polo, soccer, riding my bike to school, and finally hanging out at school.

I want to push my self to make creative pictures using those key things.

Bottled-Up because I am antisocial and shy until I get to know people.

Individuality because I work alone a lot and I am a unique person who is different from everyone else.

Music because I have been associated with music ever since I was 7 and have not only practiced music, but enjoyed it as well.

Technicality because I have always wanted to become a Engineer due to my keen creativity, mathematics, and science skills.

Multicultural because I have followed Catholicism since I was a baby and my Asian family traditions have taken up a lot of my life.

In my eyes, I extremely dislike every picture I'm in. I feel taking pictures of myself will be the biggest challenge for me to overcome. When I take pictures, I prefer simple images but in order to portray the topics I have chosen, I will also need to use creativity and complexity.

1.How others perceive me. I chose this topic because I view it as a fun challenge to try to imagine how other people see me through this creative project.

2.How I perceive myself. I chose this topic because it will give the people I know better insight about me.

3.How I view my artistic qualities. I chose this because I wanted to express my passion for art.

4.Socializing is always a big part of my life. I chose this concept because I wanted to show how important socializing will always be for me.

5.Balancing technology with physical activities. I chose this concept because it is a common daily struggle for all most today, to turn off and get out.

Through my five images, I will be pushing myself artistically because I will be utilizing the photography medium to express personal beliefs and claims, which will be a new endeavor for me to tackle.

1. Fear of losing, because I do have a fear of losing at something that I am good at, I hate losing it's almost embarrassing to me.

2. I want to give this concept of giving my trust to someone, I don't always like to give my trust to anyone, so showing this will be like a little part of me.

3. Wonder of the world, I always have question about things.

4. Swinging on a swing, When I was little I loved swinging with my parents pushing me

5. Cunning, this sense of trickery, because I listen to people and remember.

I think that I am pushing myself artistically, by showing my true inner self, and going inside of me.

I am going to have a silhouette of myself as one of my images to represent that i sort of lurk on the outskirts of society. Also i will have myself with fire in my eyes and a fire background (as well as possibly Darkseid's tunic and helmet) to represent how i have had an issue with anger in the past. I will also try to the best of my ability to make myself a lizard man since they are my favorite kind of creature and i believe them to be superior to humans. One of my images will also be with me holding the blood moon and regular moon in my hands to represent my astrological interests.The last will be of me with a dragon perched on my arm as they have always been my favorite creatures.

I am pushing myself artistically to represent different things about myself in my images not to mention all the Photoshop work that will go into it. Also i will have to take the appropriate photos for each edit.

I want to do a cracked mirror type of image, to show the two sides of people. I want to do a watermark type of image, one face normal and the other yelling, also to show the two sides of people. I want to do one where i have it close, with my hands on my face, and my eye peeking out from behind the hands, to show what we all hide inside. I want one where you can only see me through multiple mirrors, showing the way perspective changes things. And i want one where and one where it's multiple pictures in one, all faces doing something different

1. smiling/laughing

2. sports

3. being annoyed

4. dancing/music

5. sadness

I've lived threw these emotions and actions in my everyday life so i'm choosing them as my five different "personalities"

i am going to push myself artistically through these five images by just simply being me and ill try not to have that forced look in my pictures.

1. I want to express the fact that I'm sick of my dad constantly being in the hospital and having to go to doctor appointments.

2. I lead worship at my youth group and would like to express that.

3. I want to show how I am constantly busy with homework and volleyball and choir.

4. I would like to show how I have different takes a while to get to know me really well because I am somewhat guarded.

5. I am going to describe the diversity in my volleyball experience with Foothill in a picture.

I am going to think outside the box for these pictures, using symbolism through various objects to communicate my point while still including myself in the photo.

I would like to address my artistic side in a photograph and I would also like to capture my creativity in a photo. I think it would also be neat to show my darker sides, how sometimes depression can tear me down, and how in times of fear I become a coward. Lastly I would like to demonstrate how often people and myself pretend to be something that they are not. I think all of these aspects contribute to my personalitu and are apart of who I am. I feel that these photos will greatly represent me.

To demonstrate my artistic side I would like to take a photo of me taking a photograph with my camera and then edit a photo on the glass of the lens. I would like to take a photo of me holding a lightbulb and then turn the image black and while. I would then light up the lightbulb to show my creativity. For the depression aspect I would like to get dirty and wear torn up clothes. I would have my hair all messy and my hands up like I'd be yelling at myself. For my coweredness I would like to shoot a landscape and then do like a where's Waldo with me somewhere hiding in the photo. Lastly I want to take a photo where I'm in a nice car wearing cool clothes and then overlay that with another photo of me in a junker with tattered clothes to portray the idea of pretending I'm something I'm not.

Photo 1: I want to do it on how grades and GPA can make or break you in high school and it relates to me because that is what is the most stressful to me.

Photo 2: I want to do it on softball because of how much time it takes up in my schedule and even though I haven't been playing for long, I love the sport.

Photo 3: I want to do it on music because music gives me an escape from everything stressful and time consuming. It could put me in a better mood or relate to something going on with me at the time.

Photo 4: I want to do it on doodling/drawing because thats's one of my obsessions :). I guess it is a big stress reliever, and big part if my life.

Photo 5: I want to do it on technology because I have so many devices and outlets to it everywhere I go. It is also and obsession, but it makes me happy.

Through these 5 images, I'm going to push myself because, for one, these photos are going to be obviously time consuming, and these are about my personal life and I'm going to be broadcasting these to the class which is nerve-racking.

Image 1: I want to do my make up on one half of my face, and keep the other side natural. I want to emphasize that make up is not the definition of beauty.

Image 2: I am going to be wearing a simple white dress, around plants and trees. My hope is to express the beauty of nature and the value nature holds.

Image 3: I am going to have the world painted on my face. I have a desire to see the world and the wonders it holds. I want to travel and experience to world.

Image 4: I will be on a horse bare back. (Or have me with the horse, depends) I have a passion for horses and their beauty. They are apart of me and make me who I am.

Image 5: Will be a simple picture of just me. Because I am just who I am, And I don't feel that I should have to try hard to be accepted by people because that is not what life is about.

I really had to think about each and every portrait I am doing, and what they mean to me. I am exposing myself in ways I have never done before.

1. Thinking after playing a piece of music

2. Playing Jazz

3. Playing a USC fight song

4. Playing a piece of music i'm working on for a concert

5. Me after playing a silly peace of music

I selected contrasting pieces of music to evoke different expressions and body language while playing the sax.

Music is the only art form I've ever studied. My goal with this project is to discover in photographs the mood and feelings I have when playing the sax or after finishing a piece of music. I'm hoping to capture these in a photograph. I want the background plain black, white or green so that the focus is on me not the background.

1. Fitting In (and Uniqueness)

I realize this is probably a very common topic, however I am choosing this because it is something that I used to and still do obsess over.I realize that fitting in is not important and that I should just be myself.

2. Shyness and Quietness

(This topic slightly overlaps with fitting in, but it differs too.) I am shy. I have always been shy. I want to address this topic because it is a part of who I am. Shyness and quiet are two separate things, a goal of mine is to conquer the shyness, but I am fine with being quiet because I am also a quiet person.

3. Who I think people perceive me as versus who I actually am

What I mean by this is that often people are surprised to learn certain things about other people, such as what they do outside of school. I am not talking about personality so much as the various hobbies and activities I do outside of school.

4. Body Image/Appearence

I am choosing to address this because while it does not irk me as much as it used to it still sometimes does.It does not take a ton of makeup, a million products, and a straightener to be beautiful.

5. Several different personalities

I am choosing this because i have several different personalities.

I would like to follow the rule of thirds and not place the subject in the middle of the photo. Also I want to try shooting the subject/myself from different angles and keep my subject in sharp focus.

I want to show that I am a silly person, so in order to achieve this I want to have bubbles in the photograph as I smile.

An idea would be to take a picture of me holding an iPod with a picture of me already on it to represent how I love to procrastinate by wasting my time using technology.

Another concept I want to do is to touch on society's view on women I want half of a magazine page with a women's face covering only half of my face to represent unattainable physical features. I chose this because it seems like a very important topic in today's society

Another idea is to Photoshop a crack on my face to symbolize how I feel like falling apart especially under stress, which happens relatively a lot.

Something a lot of people don't see is how I act at home. I would say I'm a lot more serious, rude and a bit inconsiderate. (my mom agrees). I would consider myself two faced. To represent this I want paint one side of my face with a face on it and take a picture of only that half to represent my other terrible personality that not a lot see.

For the first image it's pretty straight forward just smile, but this can sometimes be difficult for me since I always come out looking awkward in photographs, it will be a bit challenging to put myself out there. For the last three I'm pushing myself by showing my different personalities and feelings I have deep inside that I rarely express outside my home. this is difficult because I am showing this through facial expressions, which is more difficult then smiling for me.

The pictures I will be in, will be artistic in the way that I may seem very out there and secure but the photos will portray my insecure and shy side.

I am pushing myself in a artistic way by showing a side of me that I don't usually show.

1. GoPro Fisheye with me buried in the sand at beach

2. I'll take 4 or 6 pictures and put them in the same canvas with space in between. It'll look like they're looking at each other. It's hard to explain but I have the idea.

3. Long exposure over bridge at night with me facing the camera (Face lit up}

4. Long exposure of me sitting on a bench with people walking by.

5. Reflection in a silver, round ball

1. Getting the shot set up correctly even though I'll be buried

2. Editing and framing

3. Lighting up my face

4. Finding the right spot

5. Keeping the camera out of the shot somehow

A shot of some of my peers standing in the grass with me in the shadows. It shows that I view myself as a lesser person when I'm around them.

A shot of myself with makeup looking into the mirror, blended with an image of myself with no makeup on the mirror. This shows that with a lot of makeup attempting to look nice, I still don't see myself as beautiful.

A shot of myself at church in front of a cross. It shows I am a child of God and I put my full trust in Him.

A shot of me tossing a quad on rifle, looking up at the sky. Above the clouds will have words describing myself. This shows my love for colorguard through the rifle. The words above the clouds represent all the qualities people see in me, but things (the clouds) block me from seeing it.

A shot of myself surrounded by my favorite books. It shows my love of reading.

These images helped me to think about how I view myself as an individual. I will use differnet Photoshop techniques to portray the ways I see myself in the world.

My five topics is the beach, a lot on my mind, Halloween, big city, and stress

I am pushing my self for this project because it will be me in the picture and I will have to make the picture to make sure I like it

Living behind a shadow- my entire life I have lived in the shadow of my older brother (not by choice, just because he is apparently a lot more memorable than me) and since he as gone off to college that shadow has gone away, but has affected my life in both negative and positive ways.

Disclaimer: I love my brother and have really missed him since he left in August, but at the same time I could not be happier he is out of the house.

Life after horses- horses used to be governing force in my life and since I've stopped riding my life has changed in many mostly positive ways.

Laughter- not a day goes by when I don't laugh at least once and I don't intend to change that anytime soon.

Letting go of things/emotions/the past/grudges- One of the hardest challenges in my life (and in most peoples' lives) is learning to "let it go". some people never learn it, but if you can master the art of letting go, you will be rewarded with a lifetime of peace.


Mirrror, mirror on the wall, I am the fairest one of all...if I can just get over the fact that I will never look like those models on the billboard, because they have been photoshopped so much it makes bologna seem like free-range, grass-fed beef- this one is pretty much self-explanatory. I do not appreciate self-esteem issues, standards of beauty or the way our sociey has sexualized women.

These five images are a challenge for me, not only because I need to step out from behind the camera lens, but because I also need to give up an element of control in taking these photos. All five topics require at least a little bit of thought and honesty as they all actually hold importance in my life. This project really requires me to think outside the box as I don't often take pictures of myself except for the occassional accidental selfie.

Playing up the concept of wearing a mask with two of the photos. (ex: putting on makeup with the shot being taken through the mirror or literally wearing a mask). Then a photo without "the mask", so one without makeup. Then one with fairy lights and the last a picture of me taking a picture representing myself taking photography.

I think this would be pushing myself artistically because I have to figuratively represent wearing a mask as to show that people perceive you as something else & sometimes that they never really see you.

1 concept that i want to focus on is fruit because i just love fruit and i think fruit my favorite thing i fell lie the colors are bright to some fruits and pure i dont know if i can do all my pictures on one topic? If not another topic i would like to focus is on is yourself in diffrent character. Or the true colors after black and white. or a picture within a picture.

I would like people to view that there is more color and that colors are bright dark. And i always love bright colors because i really think colors can bring out people emotions.

1) Silhouette: Because 1 silhouette is allowed

2) A custom face mask: Because I feel that's creative

3) A portrait of myself hanging upside down,at angle, from a ledge, etc. (several)

4) A self portrait of myself with multiple flash exposure settings

5) A self portrait with graffiti over lapping my face

I think my images will be artistically pushed through creativity and improvised ideas.

1. Me in front of a (photoshopped) fire. I tend to be irrationally angry quite often, and its what some of my friends see most about me.

2. Me standing alone next to a sign that says "Father Son pancake breakfast." I've had a rather rocky relationship with my dad, and i personally think that is the one thing that had the greatest impact on my life.

3. Me swinging a foam sword, wearing the nerdiest clothing i have. I have a lot of qualities relating to nerds, i relate to nerds, I'm a nerd. I feel like not putting that fact in would not be describing myself accurately.

4. Me sitting at a table with books, calculators, pencils, and other various objects associated with learning. I've always been very intelligent, and it's probably the thing about myself i take pride in the most.

5. Me bringing a box of things to goodwill. I've always cared about other people, and i feel like i need this in this project so shooting doesn't completely trash my self esteem.

First of all, it's hard to accept the fact that my father cannot be a dad, even though i realized this around the age of 7. Also, three of these five things are negative, and it's not always fun to look at yourself in a negative manner.

1. Covering my mouth to show that i am shy and quiet before you get to know me.

2. Half of my face done up with makeup and the other half not to show how society teaches girls that they have to wear makeup to be pretty

3. Me laughing to show that i am funny

4. A photo with gymnastics equipment because I do gymnastic and have for many years.

5. A photo having to do with volleyball because I play for Foothill

I am trying to show my personality and characteristic through the photographs and also portraying activities that i do in my free time.

1 An exposure of me rappelling from something so itslike blured and the back ground is clear, because I want an excuse to go rock climbing

2 A sillout of me against the sunset at the beach with a surf board, because it think it would look cool but it would need timing

3 A picture of me under water blowing a bubble ring, because blowing bubble rings is hard and fun so it would be hard and fun to do

4 A picture of me taking a picture, because it shows im in photograph and would look cool

5 a picture of me with charley or Alysa at the beach because she said I have to take a picture with her so why not kill two birds with one stone and it could have a cool perspective

I am pushing my self because I am doing my best and stink at taking pictures and using photo shop but I am going to do both to the best of my ability

Also all my pictures require a lot of communication and timing to work right

1) My love for animals, animals have always been my go to when I feel upset or lonely.

2) Money hasn't always been something that my family has had so I strive to be as successful as I can be financially.

3) I love to read, I can literally sit for hours reading.

4) I have have a dark humor.

5) Sensitivity, I try not to let things bother me but I'm a really sensitive person.

Don't understand what you mean so I'm gonna guess. This project is going to challenge my creativity and push me to expand my ideas.

1. A picture of my silhouette at sunset at my home at the beach because I see the sunset everyday. I was born and raised at the ocean.

2. A picture that somehow involves water because I play water polo and I live right on the beach so water is a big part of my life. Three of my ideas are: 1. My face superimposed on a background of water 2. Me at the beach 3. My face with the ocean in my eyes.

3. A picture of a Samurai with my face because my great great grandfather was a Samurai

4. A picture of me with a Japanese flag painted on my face and a katana because I am very proud of my Japanese heritage.

5. Me carrying a heavy backpack full of books because school can sometimes weigh me down.

This pushes me because I have a very hard time putting my emotions and visions into words.

For the first portait I plan on going to camarillo airport and go on top of a WWII B-25 bomber that my dad and I crew on.

For the second I plan on going to wheeler canyon in santa paula and taking an action shot long exposure of me coming around a turn on my road/racing cycle and get a cool speed blur.

For the 3rd I'll sit in my racecar and get a cool angle shot

For the 4th I'll be in the pilot seat of the B-25 because I have flown it before and plan to be one of the main pilots in the future.

Lastly for the 5th shot i'll do another action shot of me running since I run cross contry and it consumed a lot of my life.

Some of these shots will be dificult to capture and take many atemps to get it right. It may also be dificult to get the blur I want with the clarity I want. Others may be interesting finding a way to edit them to realy make them pop or be exta interesting.

My first topic idea was to do something gymnastics related, because gymnastics is a big part of my life.

I was also thinking of doing a portrait showing myself laughing at something I find funny, but a genuine laughter, not a "family photo" smile.

I'm really looking forward to growing up and moving to a place outside of Ventura, which is why I want to do one with a big city overlay on my portrait, or the other way around.

But I'm also really into fashion and makeup, so I would enjoy doing one displaying that.

For my last one I want to show how important music is in my life.

I, personally, am a very shy, quiet person who is terrified of other peoples judgement. But for this project I am trying to push myself out of the tiny box I've put myself in and experiment with my photos. So this time around, I'm trying to push myself more by trying to do more things on Photoshop, and taking the photos in places I wouldn't have normally thought of. I'm going to play with lighting and positioning more. I'm going to put more thought, time and effort into these photos.

Good/bad= I can be good at times and sometimes I can be bad

My zodiac sign, I'm cancer, therefore I'm a water sign, and it's set with emotion.

Pleasant= because I'm a nice person overall

Shy= I'm really shy when you first meet me

Peace= I have a thing for being mellow and chill

I'm going to take a picture of a yin yang on my hand to show that there's good people who have good in them yet they still have bad qualities, and bad in people who have good inside them.

I'll be smearing mascara on my face with water.

I'll be holding a flower to show how nice I am.

I'll be holding my laptop in my lap and covering my face, because I'm shy.

So I'll be throwing up peace signs.

1. Me at Disneyland because I go to Disneyland a lot

2. Something with paint because I like to do art

3. Me and my cat because I really like my cat

4. Me with my dolls because I collect dolls

5. Me with my grandma because she is a big part of my life

•The athlete (Reason: The people at Buena only know me for playing on Buena Varsity Girl's basketball and because I used to play softball and now I only play basketball. It's supposed to represent my athletic side and me looking back at then I used to play softball.)

◦Positioning: me looking at the fields

◦Attire: athletic gear

◦Props: trophies

◦Location: fields at Kimball park

•The Goof (Reasoning: My friends and family often see the silly, goofy side of me. Ever since I was little I would spend a lot of time at Hobart park. It is supposed to represent a childish innocence and fun-loving nature.)

◦Positioning: me upside down on a swing

◦Attire: Casual/playful/colorful

◦Props: the swing

◦Location: Hobart Park

•The Formal/Concentrated/Student (Reasoning: School and academics are important to me. I've always had high grades and love to read. My mom is a librarian, so she shared her love of books with me. When I went to Ventura Missionary I was salutatorian. It is supposed to represent my time spent at missionary, my time spent reading and studying, and also growing up.)

◦Positioning: sitting on ledge

◦Attire: heels and suit

◦Props: pencil, briefcase, stack of books

◦Location: Ventura Missionary

•The Daydreamer (Reasoning: I've always contemplated things in my mind a lot. I also like to write poetry and have had a love for the "beautiful romantic" things in life. It is supposed to represent a carefree and warm feeling of freedom.)

◦Positioning: laying in the grass

◦Attire: dress and paint splattered on face

◦Props: notebook & poetry & pencil laying beside me

◦Location: backyard

•The Sad and Plain (Reasoning: As I previously stated, I often contemplate ideas in my head. At times this has led to depressed feelings and thoughts. I want this photo to represent the sad and depressed times. I want it to display how I've felt when it seems there is nothing worth doing and that I'm lost.)

◦Positioning: sitting at a table, or sitting alone in a parking lot, or sitting in a stairwell

◦Attire: plain clothing, no makeup, flat hair

◦Props: coffee mug, empty table, candle

◦Location: tbd

**black and white photo with only one item colored

I have never really taken photos well. I love looking at beautiful photos and am astounded by the creativity involved in them. Just taking the self portraits and making them look good will be a challenge for me. I also think it may be difficult to make sure that what I’m trying to portray can easily be seen through the image. In addition, I do not like taking photos with other people around and some of the locations I chose public, so I will have to get over being self conscious. I guess in a way we are sort of modeling in these photos and that is an area I have no experience in so it may prove to push myself and my comfort zone.

1. An image with half of my face with my hair down, and me looking down, and the other half of me looking ahead, with my hair in a ballet bun, wearing stage makeup.--I am more comfortable dancing ballet than I am in most social situations.

2. An image with a pointe shoe, standing upright, with my face inside the shoe with my eyes closed, and the ribbons loosely arranged around the top of my head.---I spend hours each day in these pointe shoes that I feel almost trapped in them. It gets so painful that I need to close my eyes and work through the pain.

3. An image of me in the shadows, with a spotlight shining next to me.--Although I want to be noticed, I don't like to be in the spotlight. Sometimes I get close, but I shy away from it.

4. A full image of me inside a glass bottle--Represents how I keep my feelings and thoughts bottled up inside me.

5. An image of me sitting on the ground, with my legs in front of me, with my bare feet pointed, and me bent over my legs, looking over my feet. The focus would be on my feet with my face slightly out of focus in the background.--It's easier for me to express myself through my feet in dance, than it is with my face and my words. My feet show the wear and tear of that expression (blisters, bruised toenails, missing toenails, etc.)

I am pushing myself by actually having to put the focus on me. I am very uncomfortable expressing my ideas or thoughts, or bringing any sort of attention to myself. In a way, this project makes me vulnerable because I am going to have to share parts of who I am with other people.

The next part of the challenge of this project is actually figuring out how to make my portrait ideas come to life and having them look good or make sense.

1. With my friends

2. With my dog(s)/cat

3. Either taking a picture or with my brother

4. Surrounded by homework, stressed

5. Half with makeup/edited, dressed up, half without makeup, in regular/lazy clothes

I am choosing these topics because they are important parts of my life. Friends, family, pets, and photography mean a lot to me. School takes up a lot of my time and I get really stressed a lot. There is also a constant pressure to look nice and "fit in" - sometimes I care, sometimes I don't.

I really don't like having my picture taken or taking pictures of myself, so that will be a challenge for me.

For my 5 self portraits i am going to do underwater because i spend a lot of time in water, like at the beach. Also i am going to have a picture with me balancing weight on my shoulders because that's what i feel sometimes. And i am going to have a picture of me going over a hurdle because that's my sport. Also i am going to take a picture of me in school because i spend most of my time there learning. Finally i am going to have a picture of me laying in the sand because i love the beach.

I think i a m pushing myself artistically through these photos because there all places i like or have on me.

In the self portraits I want to express 5 individual emotions that I and everyone feels almost everyday in a more dramatic manor. Happiness, Anger, Sadness, Insecurity, etc.

Because each person experiences and deals with these emotions in their own way, I want to show my emotions in these portraits in my own creative way besides using facial expressions. Ex: to show a portrait of me in a

State of sadness I would probably take a picture of myself with blue paint on my face to represent tears and the emotion more dramatically. I want to state that no matter how small the emotion, it changes and forms the way people act or think.

Through these images I hope to truly deflect these daily emotions but in a more personal way. Dramatizing an emotion can make it seem more important and/or valuable. For myself I would be showing how I experience these emotions and finding ways to express them. It makes it challenging to pick an emotion and display it in a way other than just using facial expressions in pictures. It's also more difficult to completely express an emotion in a way that no person is comfortable with. Sharing a complete and personal side of yourself through an emotion that you wouldn't show normally to anyone. I want to capture every bit of how I feel in these pictures

1) happiness and smiling

2) sporty/athletic

3) wonder/curious

4) Stressed and busy

5) sad/alone

I am choosing these topics because they are some of the major things that I am and what I feel in my life.

I am pushing myself artistically because I will try and photograph my exact emotion and the way I feel and try to express that so that the viewers can feel the emotion in my picture

1. Happiness/Joy

2. Sadness/emptiness

3. Not being good enough

4. Playful

5. Fitting in

The way I chose these were ways on how I feel sometimes, it's based on emotions and feelings about myself.

I'm pushing myself in going out of my comfort zone in showing the "real me." Where I want to pose without make up.

#1 rite of passage 16= driving

I am choosing this because it is the milestone of being 16 and it is a big deal in our lives

#2 The stereotype of foothill 'only nerds go there'

stereotype that isn't 100% true.

#3 things that the world says that defines you or determines your value/identity

I am choosing this because there are those constant unspoken of insecurities. Things that the world sees as valuable. Money, Brains, sports, grades, beauty.. etc it is impossible to achieve it all

#4 the future. Who I am and who i want to become

this would be a good one because it really get me thinking about how i want to grow as a person and develop my character.

#5 finding an identity. Don't try or wish to be something that you are not.

I used wish I was good a sports or dance or something, but I am and that's okay because I am just perfect the way I am... but why? how do i find my identity....( this is suppose to be mysterious and deep thinking)

#6 Oh the places I'll go ( based off of Dr. Seuss)

think about my future and all the wonderful possibilities . not just me but everyone also has amazing potential.

A picture is worth more than 1,000 words. The creative challenge is using and finding the right elements to make the picture a powerful statement. My concepts and topics are complex, so to hint and give the viewer a sense of what I am trying to say will be tricky.

Concept 1: I will have two faces.(Ex. Actual face and maybe a piece of paper)

Concept 2: Self Skecth (Ex. Have part of body skeched out).

Concept 3: I would like a mirror shot where my face is multiplied a lot.

Concept 4: Having a reflection off water.

Concept 5: Having myself laying down reading a book.

I am picking these concepts because I think they are creative and I think that they reflect on myself.

I am pushing myself artistically because I have never attempted to take creative shots of myself. I am discovering photography skills that I have never used and that I thought up from inspiration and I hope that I can develop more upon. In addition, these concept ideas will spark up new ideas therefore it shows that I am pushing myself artistically.

i plan on capturing myself when i am at my finest, when im playing water polo, when im tired/ not tired. also when i am happy or when i am sad. all ia ma going to do is capture who i am as person, doing what i love, and being who i am.

i will try to think of creative ways to capture myself playing wp, being doing things that make me happy, my emotions. i might also find a way to capture my sport.

1: Interesting spots that i live near. I want to bring them out.

2: I'm putting myself into pretty pictures.

3: Bringing out the fun in everyday objects you might pass by.

4: I am also addressing photos of me calmly sitting. Relaxed

5: I'm bringing out the detail in relaxing settings.

Artistically i want to make sure i take pictures of me in my natural habitat. I want to take pictures of me relaxing in everyday objects'

1-laughing photo: the majority of my life I am laughing, so it is important to capture that

2- overlay a photo of me going one way, and my shadow going another: this is to show that sometimes I have a split personality

3- photo with designs painted on me on a white background: to show creativity

4- photo with something about running: running is a huge part of my life

5- photo with shadow on half of my face: one light side, one dark

I am pushing myself artistically because I spent a lot of time thinking about all of my ideas and I will spend even more time getting them right.