Exporting Grades from iLearn to MiStar

FIRST, in MiStar...

  1. Create your assignment in the MiStar Gradebook. The Points possible for the MiStar Assignment should be equal to the Maximum grade of the iLearn (Moodle) activity.
  2. Elementary teachers should NOT add a benchmark until after all grades have been transferred.  

NEXT, go to iLearn (Moodle).

  1. Ensure that the Maximum grade for your assignment is equal to the Points possible for your MiStar assignment. You can find the Maximum grade in the activity settings.
  1. For an iLearn (Moodle) Quiz, go to the quiz, click the settings buttonand go to Edit quiz and you will find the Maximum grade at the top. Be sure to save any changes you make by hitting the Save button.

*Note: the maximum grade is not the same as the total of the point values for the questions. By default, the Maximum grade for a quiz is 100.

  1.  For an Assignment, you will find the Maximum grade in the Assignment settings under Grade. (From the assignment, click the Settings buttonto view the settings.)

Be sure to save your changes.

  1. Go to the iLearn (Moodle) gradebook. You can get to the iLearn (Moodle) gradebook from the sidebar (click Grades) or by clicking Course Administration>Grades Overview
  2. Click the Export tab.
  3. Select the correct year and school track.  Hit “Continue”.
  4. Select the class from the drop-down. Hit “Continue”.
  5. Find the iLearn assignment that you’d like to export.  (If you hold “ctrl” + “F”, you can search for your assignment.) Check the box to the right of the assignment name.
  6. Click and scroll down to find the corresponding MIStar assignment from the “Not Mapped” drop-down.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click “Transfer to MiStar”.

For more tips and help sheets from the Tech Coaches, visit http://techcoaches.dearbornschools.org