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Sail The World

French World Sailing Association

3900+ members representing 850 boats

currently 450 boats sailing the globe

Mediterranean M/M Net

7.085 MHz

0700 UTC

Med. Coverage


U.K. Maritime Net

14.303 MHz

0800 UTC & 1800 UTC

Eastern Atlantic


Trans-Atlantic MM Net

21.400 MHz

1300 UTC



S.A. M/M Net


7.045 MHz

0630 UTC

1130 UTC

Indian Ocean / S. Atl.


Caribbean Emerg. & Weather Net

7.162 MHz

3.815 MHz

1030 UTC

2230 UTC

E. Caribbean / Atl.


Caribbean M/M Net, St Croix, U.S.V.I.

7.241 MHz

1100 UTC


Mississauga Net

14.121 MHz

1245 UTC



Intercon. Traffic Net

14.300 MHz

0700-1200 ET

U.S., Caribbean, Central America, W. Atlantic

Maritime Mobile Service Net

14.300 MHz

1200-2200 ET

U.S., Caribbean, Central America, W. Atlantic

Waterway Radio & Cruising Club

7.268 MHz

0745 ET

U.S. East Coast, Bahamas, Caribbean

Pacific Seafarers Net

14.300 MHz

0300 UTC


Maritime Emerg. Net

14.310 MHz

0400 UTC &

1800 UTC



Baja California MM Net

7.2335 MHz

0800 PST &

0800 PDT

Coastal Baja / Calif


Chubasco Net

7.294 MHz

1530 PST &

1430 DST

Mexico West Coast


Comedy Net

7.087 MHz

2040 UTC

SW Pac., New Caledonia, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Australian E coast


Sonrisa Net

3.968 MHz

1415 UTC

Baja / SW US/Mex


Manana Net

14.340 MHz

1900 UTC

E. Pac / AK to Panama/Hawaii


Happy Hour Net

3.969 MHz

0000 UTC

Baja / SW US / Mex.


Mobile Maritime Net

14.323 MHz

0025 UTC

S/E Asia


Pacific Inter-Isl. Net

14.315 MHz

0800 UTC

Micronesia up to Hawaii


Pac. M/M Service Net

21.412 MHz

0200 UTC

Pacific World Wide


Roy's Net, Perth

14.320 MHz

1115 UTC

N&W Indian Ocean


Robby's Net (Australia)

14.315 MHz

1000 UTC &

2300 UTC

South Pacific


Tony's Net (New Zealand)

14.315 MHz

2100 UTC

South Pac. / Australia


John's Weather Net

14.315 MHz

2140 UTC

SW Pacific


Tony's Net (Kenya)

14.316 MHz

0500 UTC

Indian Ocean/Red Sea


S.E Asia M/M Net

14.320 MHz

0630 UTC &

1130 UTC

Indian Ocean / S. Atl.


Le reSeau du Capitaine


7am Montreal time

Med, E Pac, Indian, Atl, Carib, Bermuda

INTERMAR (Germany)

14.313 MHz

1630 UTC


Southbound Evening Net

6.516 and 4.149

0100 UTC

Pacific South of San Diego and North of Panama

Following are known non-ham services for mariners:


(Bahamas Air-Sea Rescue Association)

4.003 USB | VHF Ch 72 | 7.096 MHz

0700 ET | 0715 ET (Nassau) | 0720 ET

Wx and Emergency traffic throughout the Bahamas

see also

Cruiseheimer's Net

8.152 MHz SSB

0830 ET

U.S. east coast to Eastern Caribbean

Caribbean Weather Center - Daily Net

8.104 SSB

1230 UTC

Caribbean and SW N. Atlantic/Bahamas

Caribbean Safety and Security Net

8.104 SSB

1215 UTC

Caribbean and SWN. Atlantic

N.W. Caribbean Marine SSB Net

8.188 MHz

1400 UTC

Western Carib. to Panama and Gulf of Mexico


Panama Canal Connection Net

8.107 MHz

1330 UTC

Eastern Pacific & SW Caribbean


Russel Radio, New Zealand

CH. 63 VHF

Bora Bora to Australia


Brunei Bay Radio



Asia, NW Pacific & Indian Oceans


See web site for details.


HF SSB Ship to Shore

Ocean Pro

See web site for details


Professional weather & routing

Northland Radio

See web site for details

Services for Mariners

Arnold's Net (South Pacific) 14.318 MHz at 0400 (UTC)

California Hawaii Net (Pacific E, NW and Hawaii) 14.340 MHz at 1600Z

Coconut Breakfast Net (French Polynesia) 8188 KHz at 1730Z (English)

Coconut Breakfast Net (West of French Polynesia) 12353 kHz at 1830Z (English)

Confusion Net (Pacific) 14.305 MHz at 1900 (UTC)

Far North Radio (Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, NZ) 1800-1900 hours New Zealand daylight time - 6.516MHz and 1900-1930 hours New Zealand daylight time - 4.417MHz.

French Net (French Polynesia) 13940 kHz at 0300Z (French)

Harry's Net (W & S Pacific) 7.095 MHz at 2000 (UTC)

Magellan Pacific Net (8155 @ 1330Z): Set up to facilitate comms between boats from Panama to French Polynesia, via the Galapagos.

N Zealand Wx Net (New Zealand) 7.080 MHz at 2000 (UTC)

Pacific Inter-Island Net (Micronesia & up to Hawaii) 14.315 MHz at 0800 (UTC)

Pacific Maritime Mobile Net (East Pacific) (HAM) 14300-14313 kHz 24h/day in different languages

Pacific Maritime Net, 21412 kHz at 2200Z

Pacific Seafarers Net, (HAM) 14300 kHz at 0300Z

Panama Pacific Net, 8143 kHZ at 1400 UTC daily. Can cover from southern Mexico (Chiapas) down to Ecuador and out to the Galapagos. Net Controllers needed.

Rag of the Air Net, (SW Pacific) 8173 kHz at 1900Z (0700 or 0800 local time in Tonga/Fiji/Samoa/NZ)

Sheila Net (NE Coast of Australia, New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Noumea) 8161 kHz daily at 2200Z

Namba Net (sister net to the Sheila Net with similar coverage but with more relevance to yachts in New Caledonia, Vanuatu and north to the Solomons) 8101 kHz May to October 0815 (local time Vanuatu)

Sonrisa Net for Sea of Cortez, 3.968 MHz (3968 LSB) at 0730 PDT

World radiocommunication Conference WRC

Some more notes here


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