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Paint your car windows in support of Prop CC!!

Think how many people will see your message every time you drive across town!  

Learn about Prop CC here and here and here

Video of how to paint your car::

What to write: 


  1. Prop CC only message--note colors:

For Transportation!

 Vote!     YES on PROP CC     Nov. 5!

For Education!

  1. Other election you support and want to paint on your car? Add “Yes on Prop CC” to the side of your other slogan, with a line | in between, or place in a circle.
  2. Douglas County--this idea came from your School Board work, which we respect and appreciate! If you’re in Douglas County and want to paint your car, consider the School Board election first!


  1. Oil markers (find at box stores like Target or Walmart; Office Supply Stores; Online Stores; Craft Stores. Here is a recommendation for oil markers. Here’s the type we’ve been using, from Staples. About $5 a marker.
  2. Non-abrasive car window cleaning supplies.
  3. Your written plan for what you’ll write--or another car to copy.
  4. Paper towels
  5. Optional: Tape measure
  6. Optional: hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove mistakes
  7. Helpful: Blue painter’s tape to mark your spots

Where and How to Write

General Guidelines:

  1. Clean the car window
  2. Measure and plan with Painter’s Tape:
  • Planning is important as we don’t want difficulty to read to interfere with the message. However--It doesn’t have to be perfect!
  • The beauty of this tactic is that it’s supposed to reflect personal opinion and grass roots, not professional car painting.
  • You can measure exactly using the measurements below (based on a window that is 51 x 20), but it’s much easier to block out only the main areas with painter’s tape and write freehand.
  • If you’re eyeballing, remember to account for the sides of the window and the rear windshield wiper.
  • Don’t forget the “on” when you’re blocking out.
  • Ok, here’s measurements for a 51x20 window.--but again, you don’t have to go this far! We usually just measure the distance from the sides, top and bottom for the big text areas, mark those with tape, and go for it.
  1. Use the lines already in the windshield for the defroster to keep your letter heights consistent.
  • YES” is half as long as “PROP CC” and both are about 6” high.
  • “Transportation” and “Education” fit between two of the rear window defroster lines in height. Capital letters are bigger.
  1. Plan your colors for readability.
  • We used blue, white and red--see picture. Use whatever colors you like. White really pops, day and night.
  1. Prime your paint on the paper towel, not the car, to avoid drips.
  2. Paint your primary message first.
  3. Add shadows and flourishes at the end, if you want.


  • Don’t paint the car itself - only the back windshield - and not anything rubber!
  • Consider testing a small area first - make sure the product you use comes off readily with a cleaner (like isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer). (When it’s wet, it comes off with water.)
  • Make sure to maintain enough visibility so the driver can see through the back window and drive safely
  • Use the back windshield washing fluid sparingly. It does take off some of the paint. Rain doesn’t.


The Election is very soon, so add car painting to existing events. Grab a couple people and paint cars (with owner agreement) while people are meeting inside. Think:

  • Indivisible events
  • Dem events
  • Other activism events
  • Candidate forums
  • Prop CC events
  • Make it a party!  Invite your fellow and new activists - during daylight hours
  • Do your neighbors want their cars painted?
  • Combine this effort with a postcard party!
  • Paint your spouse’s car too - make it a Date Night

How to get the paint off after the election

  • Use hand sanitizer or isopropyl alcohol. Or water.