Terms Of Service for Commissions

How to Contact

The best way to contact me is through email:


I will also discuss commissions via instant messenger, social media DMs, specifically Twitter and Instagram DM services. Please be advised that I often will miss messages on Instagram, so if I do not respond, please email me.

Prices and Payment

Payment for all commissions will be made upfront via PayPal. You can make credit and debit payments using this service.

For projects/ orders that total $200 or more I can work on a payment plan with the commissioner on a case by case basis. A down payment of 50% will still be made upfront for orders totaling $200 or more before work starts.


Any commission will not cost less than the listed base price, however, there are some things that can push prices higher. Things that will most likely bump the price up:

Complex markings or clothing (spots, striping, lace, lots of stitching etc.)

Mechanical subjects

Feathers, reptilian scales

Detailed plant subjects (ie lots of leaves)

Refunding & Cancellation

If you need to cancel and work has already begun, a refund will be issued equal to the amount of work not yet completed.

If you need to cancel, please let me know as soon as possible. It is not acceptable to drop communication instead of formally canceling. This is also very disrespectful, please don’t do this.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission due to communication issues, late payment, improper conduct, or any kind of bullying or harassment.

If I need to cancel the commission due to events in my own life, a full refund will be issued.

The Artmaking Process

I will interpret your character as best as I can in my style. This may mean that at times colors may need to be tweaked, markings and and shapes may need to be slightly adjusted on a case by case basis. These adjustments will not make your character unrecognizable and any character specifics will be still be worked into the piece.

For full illustrations that include a background, or other environmental elements, a sketch comp will be sent over for approval, before work begins. I will accept one complete redo of the sketching process free of charge. For any additional sketch redos or comps a charge of $10 will be made per each full additional sketch.

For smaller commissions and pieces without backgrounds, I will send over a sheet of sketch comps before work begins for the commissioner to choose their preference. Any additional sketch comp sheets will be an additional charge of $5 per page of comps.

Once a commission is colored or finalized, ONE round of small edits and adjustments can be made. Any additional edits will incur an additional charge based upon the request.

If I have forgotten or missed anything, like accessories or markings, I will edit the commission at no additional fee, as long as that information was included in the original reference sheet or description.

Make sure to mention any preferred aspect ratio you may have.


Turnaround times will vary depending on medium, complexity or my personal health.

They could be a few hours or a couple weeks. I will do my best to keep you updated via progress shot emails and updates.

If you need your work completed by a specific deadline let me know at the beginning of our interaction. It is best to request about two weeks ahead of your deadline. I can do rush commissions (a week or less of work time) but they will cost more.

Always feel free to check in, and I will update you.

Use, Rights and Copyright

The pieces I create for private commissioners are for their personal use, but as the artist I retain copyright of those images and as such these image may not be used for profit. This includes reproduction items such as prints or other merchandise. Feel free to post any artwork I have made for you on social media, websites or messaging, but please remember to link back!

I reserve all rights to the artwork, including rights of distribution. If you want the artwork kept private indefinitely, I will do that for an additional charge of $5, or 10% of the commission price, whichever is higher. This fee does not apply to commissions kept private only for a set amount of time, such as holiday or birthday gifts.

If you wish to purchase all or certain rights to the piece, please contact me for pricing.

These rates will be industry rates and as such usually significantly higher, depending on what the rights in question are.