This document lists the steps necessary to set up your Gradebook in D2L so that students can see their marks for online assignments.  These settings will NOT show or create a final mark for the student. This is so the teacher is still free to determine the student's final mark in any way they choose.

1. Open Edit Course

2. Go to “Grades

3. Select the “Setup Wizard” tab (it may be already selected).

4. Click “Start”.

5. Select the “Weighted” system and click “Continue”.

6. Select the “Adjusted Final Grade” option and click “Continue”.

7. Select “Drop ungraded items” and click “Continue”.

8. Ignore this screen and click “Continue”.

9. Choose how many decimal places you would like displayed in student scores in the teacher’s view. Click “Continue”.

10. Select options on how you would like the grades to appear in the students’ view. (I suggest changing the decimal place to 1 or 0 and leaving the rest of the options on their default setting). Click “Continue”.

11. Click “Finish” (or “Go Back” if you would like to change something).

12. You’ll now see a list of options. You can create new ‘Grade Categories’ from this list. Usually teachers use their course Units as grade categories. Click “New Grade Category”.

13. Give your category a name, such as “Unit 1”.

14. If you do not plan to calculate final marks through gradebook, all other options here can be ignored. Click “Save and Close”.

15. Click “New” and then “Category” to make the rest of your unit categories.

16. Your grade book is now set up. Now grade options will be available within the dropbox, discussion, and quiz tools in your course.

Please see the other document guides for how to create Gradebook items from within those tools.