By: Master Olga García,

Feng Shui Research Center


Unique opportunity to attend the Feng Shui Research Center’s Advanced Feng Shui Enrichment, Four Pillars and Face Reading Teachings on the Caribbean Island combining studies with vacations.


All seminars will be given in English with Spanish translation.

Time: 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Venue: Hotel Melia Caribe Tropical


Feng Shui Enrichment Seminar

Feng Shui Enrichment Course is a seminar written by Master Joseph Yu that deals with an in-depth insightful treatment of some fundamental concepts together with the house hexagram technique which has never been disclosed publicly by anyone even in the East. We all know that Feng Shui has its original in the Yijing and uses the eight trigrams and the 64 hexagrams extensively. Xuan Kong Da Gua is an example but it is a newer invention. What comes with Yijing Divination was the way originally used. Master Joseph as well as other FSRC members have experimented the method and find it amazingly powerful.

In this seminar I will teach the secrets of the hexagram of the house revealed by Master Joseph Yu at the seminar he gave in Toronto in 2010. Knowledge of Flying Stars and Basic 4 Pillars is required for a better understanding of the hexagrams explanations.

Master Ying Li wrote:

Master Yu gave this seminar the humble name of “Feng Shui Enrichment”. A better name would be “The secrets of an advanced activation method”.

FSRC Certificate of attendance is awarded

4 Days: November 16 to 19th

Price: 900 USD



Leaking Heaven’s Secret come from a famous book written in the Ming Dynasty on poem form. Not a single word is wasted to describe the details.

FSRC Certificate of attendance is awarded

4 Days: November 20 to 23rd 

Price: 900 USD



In our Face Reading Courses, we collect all the information from the famous Masters in the past including a lot of ancient literature like Ma Yi Xiang Fa 麻衣相法, Shen Xiang Quan Shu 神相全書 by Yuen Liu Zuang 袁柳莊. We have also included valuable materials from Bing Jian 冰鋻 written by the famous Honorable Zeng Wen Zheng 曾文正公, who used this technique to help him choose his assistants throughout his career as an important officer of the Qing Dynasty. This seminar also includes techniques from The Complete Writing on Spiritual View of the Body Shen Xiang Quan Pian 神相全篇  by Chen Tuan 陳摶

MODULE 1 will give the foundation of a good Face Reading Technique.

MODULE 2 will add finer details and information to the foundation of Module 1.

Who can attend the Seminars?

These seminars are useful for everyone and will be a great help in our daily life.

No previous knowledge is needed for Module 1.



2 Days: November 24 and 25th

Price: 400 USD

Module 1 Syllabus:

1.         Introduction to face reading

2.         Content and information

3.         3 zones

4.         Spiritual and earthly balance

5.         Profile balance

6.         Left right balance

7.         5 mountains, 4 rivers, 5 officers, 6 mansions

8.         5 elements classification of people

9.         10 face shapes

10.   Personality of 10 shapes

11.   3 life stages

12.   6 face features

13.   12 palaces

14.   Summary & appearance palace

15.   Exercises and practice

FSRC Certificate of attendance is awarded



2 Days: November 26 and 27th

Price: 400 USD

Module 1 Syllabus:

1.         Spiritual View of the Body Xing You Yu 形有餘

2.         Spiritual View of the Body Xing Bu Zu 形不足

3.         Spiritual View of the Body Shen You Yu 神有餘

4.         Spiritual View of the Body Shen Bu Zu 神不足

5.         Forehead

6.         Eyes

7.         Eyebrows

8.         Nose

9.         Ears

10.   Mouth

11.   Cheek

12.   Chin

13.   Philtrum & Fa Ling

14.   100 age position

15.   Exercises and practice

FSRC Certificate of attendance is awarded

Special Offer attending both Modules (4 days) : 700 USD


Enrollment fee is 200 USD for each seminar which will be deducted from the total price but are not refundable in case of not attending the seminar.

50% off if you repeat a seminar.

For more information please send mail to

The price includes handout, certificate and coffee-break during the seminar.

The accommodation and travel expenses to the seminar place are not included in the seminar price.