Qi Men Dun Jia - WEBINAR


Unique opportunity to attend the Feng Shui Research Center’s Qi Men Dun Jia with Master Edu Hess and Spanish translation with Master Olga Garcia in the comfort of your home.

 All seminars will be given in English with Spanish translation.

QI MEN DUN JIA (upgrading course)

Is one of the most ancient and fascinating topics in Chinese metaphysics. We present the historical background as well as some biography about the most renowned masters in the past who used this art. QMDJ was designed mainly to match battlefield situations but has a lot to offer in today’s world.

Why learn Qi Men Dun Jia?

Because you want to get what you want by being in the right place at the right time. Qi Men Dun Jia gives you the strategy and timing for going for your goals.

In Module 1, we will introduce the building blocks that make up its integrated structure.  We will touch on some of the most known areas of application and discuss some practical examples to demonstrate the richness of this method.

Module 1 syllabus: Entry Door, Foundational Knowledge, Charting, Yong Shen, Timeliness and Location, Selecting a chart, Interpretation Technique, Love and Marriage, Health and sickness, Case Studies.

Module 2 provides a way to plan strategies that can lead to more satisfactory outcomes with lots of study cases.

Module 2 syllabus:

Wealth related topics, Job hunting, Career advancement, Running a business, Making money, Seeking wealth, Academic achievement, Litigation, recovering lost property.

This module is very practical with lots of case studies from real-life situations. After the seminar you will be able to start doing better readings and you will be amazed by how clearly you find answers to questions.