How to Create a Moodle (iLearn) Assignment with a Rubric

This is only for creating an assignment from scratch.  If you have already created the assignment and would like to add a rubric, click here.

Turn editing on.

Click +Add an activity or resource in the current Topic.

Select Assignment, then click Add.

Give the assignment...

  1. an Assignment name. This will be what the students click on to get to the assignment.
  2. a Description.  These are the instructions for the assignment that students will see.

Set the dates from which submissions will be allowed and the due date.  You may uncheck these if you wish to leave the assignment open indefinitely.

Decide how you want students to submit their work.  Selecting File submissions enables students to compose their work in a word processor (like Google Docs) and upload their final draft here.  Selecting Online text provides students with a text editor right on the Moodle assignment page in which they can compose their writing.  You can select either or both of these options if you wish--or, if you wish to grade assignments that students present or turn in by hand, unselect all of these.

Select the Feedback types you wish to enable.  Selecting Feedback comments allows you to give overall comments on the student’s work.  You may also wish to change Comment inline to Yes in order to comment right on the student’s work if they have submitted it as online text (see above).

Select your Submission settings.

  1. Requiring students to click the submit button means they can edit their submission and save until the due date.  However, once they hit submit, they can no longer edit. Therefore, they should not hit submit until they are completely done with their work.

Changing this to No will allow students to edit their submission until you grade it, regardless of the due date.

  1. The submission statement asks students to verify that they are submitting their work.  Click the question mark for more information.

Select the Grade settings.

In order to grade the assignment with a rubric, you must change the Grading method to rubric.

Click Save and display.

Select one of the following options:

Option 1: Define a new grading form from scratch. This enables you to create a new rubric or transcribe one from another source.

Option 2: Create new grading form from a template.  This allows you to adopt a rubric from a growing selection of ready-made rubrics from popular sources, such as those for 6+1 Writing Traits, Argumentative Writing, and Close and Critical Reading. Once you choose a ready-made rubric, you can edit it to suit your particular assignment if you wish.

If you choose Option 1, you will need to

  1. Give your rubric a name.  This will allow you to find it should you wish to use it for another assignment later.
  2. Create your rubric by setting the first criterion and the descriptors.  You can edit the point totals as you wish and
  3. add more levels of descriptors if necessary.
  4. Click Add criterion to add the next criterion.

  1. Click Save rubric and make it ready to allow you to grade assignments using the rubric.

If you choose Option 2, you will need to search for or select the rubric you would like to use.

Once you have found the rubric you would like to use or edit, click Use this template below the rubric of your choice.

Click Continue.

You may then edit the adopted rubric by clicking Edit the current form definition or you may delete the selected rubric and choose or create another.