Other Breeds Available for 2018 Season

Olive Easter Eggers

Yes, there is such things as green eggs, but only the shell colour is green. When we cross our Ameraucanas (blue egg layer) with our Marans (dark brown egg layer), we get a hybrid chicken called an Olive Easter Egger who’s hens lay an olive coloured egg. These birds are beautifully feathered, often including cute ear muffs and beards from the Ameraucana and sometimes sporting feathered legs from the Marans.  They are very friendly, both hens and roosters; even though you would not consider the roosters for breeding, they make wonderful Guardian and family backyard roosters.


Laced Wyandotte

The Wyandotte is a popular Backyard Poultry breed thanks to their very appealing list of attributes.

They have beautiful feathering patterns that come in a variety of colours such as: Black Golden Laced, Silver Laced, Blue Laced, Silver Penciled and Colombian to name a few. The Wyandotte is fittingly described as the “Lawn Art” of chickens.

Not only are they very beautiful; they are a dependable egg layer, friendly and weather hardy.

The Wyandotte lays about 250 medium sized cream coloured eggs a year, they also have a broody tendency that makes them wonderful mothers.  Additionally, this breed tolerates confinement well, but will also free range happily, they can fit in with a mixed flock and are very cold hardy with a rose comb, making them an ideal bird for the Canadian climate.

If it sounds like it couldn’t get any better… they are also a great dual purpose bird weighing in around 6-7 lbs.

Currently we have a Blue Laced Red roo, so please note that when ordering our Laced Wyandottes, you may receive: Blue Laced Red, Black Golden Laced or Splash Laced due to the Blue feathering gene.

Our chicks are therefore sold straight-run for sex and colour.