1. Wonder Bunny Math Race (Math)
  1. Rules for Wonder Bunny Math Race
  1. Do the math that the game gives you as the bunny (you) are running to the end of the race tap the right number on the fines to have the bunny jump over it.
  2. As you are doing the race you can get extra points by tapping vegetables that a bunny would like to eat.
  1. With the extra points you can make the bonny into different colors and patterns
  1. Look for
  1. What was the hardest math problem for you to work out without paper.

  1. TeachMe: 1st Grade (reading)
  1. Rules for TeachMe: 1st Grade
  1. Go to sight words
  2. Work on Sight words with your child earn coins and go to the town to spend the coins!
  1. Look for
  1. What color is one of the stores in the town
  2. How many stores does the town have?

  1. Musical Journey for Kids (Wildcard)
  1. Rules for Musical Journey for Kids
  1. Go to other countries and learn about their music.
  1. Look for
  1. How many countries can you go to.
  2. What colors of flags are their.
  3. What was your favorite city?

  1. 123 Color
  1. Rules for 123 Color.
  1. Pick out a picture and take turns coloring.
  1. Look for
  1. What picture or pictures did you color.