Benjamin Wagner
Software Developer in Columbus, OH 

Professional Experience

Senior Developer at Cement Marketing | | January 2016 – Present

• Lead developer role writing front-end and back-end for websites and web applications

Software Engineer / GUI Specialist at Westell | | August 2015 – January 2016

• Designed & developed web-based GUI for monitoring/managing remote network devices using Ext JS  MVC JavaScript framework

• Created detailed design documentation from customer defined requirements

Independent Software Consultant | August 2014 – January 2016

• Work independently for firms and local clients creating custom web apps and developing new functionality on existing software
• Perform installation, management, and custom template creation in both Wordpress and Drupal CMS platforms

• Utilize the latest technologies in JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for all assignments with a strong focus on user experience optimization, responsive web design, cross-device and cross-platform compatibility

Web Developer at Salon Lofts | | September 2014 – March 2015

• Developed consumer-based web applications using Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS/SASS

• Wrote and practiced software testing for sustained quality and stability

• Collaborated with team of developers focused on effective cross-functionalism and building sustainable agile software

UI Engineer at Numeraire, Ltd. (Coinapult) | | May 2014 – August 2014

• Collaborated with remote team as a User Interface Engineer for the Bitcoin technology company, Coinapult

• Designed web prototypes aimed to enhance mobile UI and improve overall user experience

• Developed administrative tools for internal account management, finance tracking, and data collection/analysis

• Prototypes, tools, and web interfaces implemented and built using Python with the “Flask” web framework

Digital Developer at Fahlgren Mortine | | November 2011 – July 2014

• Full-Time Web Developer at one of the largest independent marketing & communications agencies in Columbus

• Built front-end and back-end applications in PHP and C# (ASP.NET) utilizing HTML5/CSS3/jQuery JavaScript libraries

• Designed and Managed database systems in MS SQL Server and MySQL hosted on Windows and UNIX-based servers

• Trained clients first-hand in managing web content

Priseworks Corporation (Balanced Nation) | September 2011 – November 2011

• Created administrative web tools using PHP and accessing a MySQL database

• Optimized content management interface to improve client usability in managing data and web content

United Security Seals, Inc. | July 2008 – July 2010

• Designed/Developed sites and produced all product photos, videos and graphics for and

• Implemented Joomla CMS with integrated E-Commerce tools for the “Edgemaker” brand 

Skills & Expertise

Programming Languages: PHP, Ruby, Python, C, C++, C# (ASP.NET), Java and Scala

Web Technologies: HTML(5), XML, CSS(3), JavaScript (including jQuery/JSON/AJAX) and other CSS/JS frameworks

Process Optimization: Application  task-runners (Gulp, Grunt), Node.js, NPM, Bower, SASS, LESS and CoffeeScript

Software/Design Tools: Responsive Web Design, Cross-platform/Cross-browser/Multi-device Compatibility and Support, User Accessibility, UI/UX Optimization and SEO

CMS Platforms: WordPress, Drupal, MODX, Joomla and Kentico

Platforms & Operating Systems: Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, Windows, Android and iOS

Source Control: Git, Subversion, and Darcs w/ various task management systems (Assembla, Redmine, Asana, Pivotal)

Database: Relational (MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and document-oriented database systems (MongoDB)

System Administration: Server setup/maintenance for various hosting platforms (Linux/Unix, Mac & Windows IIS)

Other Computing Skills: Command-line utilities and advanced custom Bash scripting

Other Projects & Experience

Spendabit ~ The Bitcoin Product Aggregator  | | Summer 2014 – Present

• Spendabit is the first Bitcoin product search engine, providing a convenient, clean web portal that allows users to search through inventories of merchants (over 2.5 million items and counting) that accept Bitcoin

• Written in the statically-typed programming language called Scala as to reduce software bugs, speed up development, and ensure stability of a constantly-changing collections of data

Cocktail Sail ~ The Cocktail Recipe Generator  | | Winter 2011

• Built custom web crawler/scraper in Ruby to aggregate data from external web sources and store it in a local database
• Designed a cocktail generator web application that returns recipe ideas based on a user’s input of ingredients
• Utilizes advanced jQuery autocomplete functionality by querying a PostgreSQL database and displaying results via AJAX


Ohio University | Athens, OH |  School of Visual Communication |  2007 – 2011

• Attended Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication within the Scripps College of Communication

• Majored in the Interactive Design sequence with a specialization in the field of Computer Science

Eastland-Fairfield Technical College | Multimedia Program |  2005 – 2007