Cloudy with a Chance of Randomness

Somewhere off the coast of Sumatra, both a scientist and scuba diver dove into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Two days later, their bodies washed up on the nearby island country of Malaysia, dead.

Inspector Adrian Grey woke up with a newspaper in his hands from the night after the incident. He had been pondering on what situations the scientist, Dr. Vladimir, and the scuba diver, James Stackhouse had been in. At 8:00 AM sharp, Inspector Grey and Inspector Drake Whitman showed up in their Chief Ashton’s office.”Boys, you’ve probably heard of the incident at Sumatra.” Chief Ashton said. “The Sumatran Defense Agency, SDA, is pleased with your previous cases and, the thing is, you’re hired for 30k!” “Ashton, we’re really getting 30 grand?”Mr.Whitman spoke, mildly surprised.

”Not unless you complete this case in a week.” Ashton said. The fourteen-hour trip from New York to Sumatra left the detectives restless.

Off to look for clues, the detectives set out to the crime scene. A lot of things happened in the next 2 hours. First, the captain who took them out to the ocean, kidnapped them and took them to a private island. Then the captain tied them up and placed a time bomb set to 1 minute.

 The captain closed the underground bunker with the hostages in it. Before he left Inspetor Grey saw a slimy tentacle close the vaulted door. As the seconds ticked by, our soon-to-be-dead heroes confessed their deepest secrets. They made no attempt at escaping. The timer ticked down, 3, 2, 1…. The detectives waited a full minute before opening their eyes again. The bomb was fake! There was just a timer attached to fake-wired “bomb”.Even the ropes weren’t properly tied! The inspectors slipped out of the rope and exited through the unlocked vault door. Whoever had kidnapped them either A. was in a hurry, B. is very sloppy at designing traps or C.did this on purpose.

The detectives were stranded on an island with no cellphone signal. While waiting on the shore, a giant wave soaked the inspectors in water. Upon opening their eyes again, a giant narwhal lay in front of them. After wiping their eyes clearer from water they found out it was a giant, jelly, narwhal. The narwhal spoke telepathically to all of them, he explained how he had to drown the scientist and scuba diver because they discovered about him.The narwhal said, rather cheerfully, ”Well, now that you’ve heard about me, I have to kill you too, sorry about that.”