Edna Martin Remembers FPC in Her Will

I didn’t know Edna Martin, but I wish that I had. From what her friends have told me about her, she sounds a lot like my high school English teacher, Mary Helen Lowry, who was a real motivator who gave me a love for the English language. Edna was a slight woman, but as we all know, sometimes small packages can yield valuable gifts. That’s what Edna Martin was, a real gift to those who knew her.

When it was mentioned in a recent session meeting the fact that Edna had made a bequest to the church, Jody Holland’s face lit up. “Edna taught me junior and senior English at Hillsboro High. She was the best teacher I ever had.”

Edna’s best friend, a friend since the fourth grade, was Dorothy Frye. Although Dorothy attends another church, she is a member of our Jo King Circle because of her close friendship with Edna. Dorothy and Edna were like sisters; they ate lunch together almost every day. Remembering Edna fondly, she told me “Edna was a wonderful teacher. She loved teaching. She loved people. She was a wonderful friend. We enjoyed each other’s company so much.”

Another friend of Edna’s was Myra Ishee, also in the Jo King Circle. Myra told me “Edna loved life, she loved people, she was always focused on others. When I was going through a tough time caring for my aging aunts and parents, Edna always wanted to know what she could do for me. I remember especially her sending me her favorite Scriptures, which were so comforting when I needed it most.”

Myra also remembers Edna’s beautiful prayers. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always believed that someone who can pray beautiful prayers most likely has a beautiful relationship with the one to whom the prayers are offered.

Edna went home to be with the Lord on August 27, 2002, at age 82. She never married, but had two cousins who lived in Missouri, so most folks who knew Edna said she had no close family. I’ve thought about that phrase – “no close family”. The more I’ve thought about it, the more strongly I feel that Edna Martin had more close family than most of us will ever have. And most of her close family was centered at her beloved church. Yes, Edna remembered her family – her church family – in her will. You and I were part of Edna’s family.

Thank you, Edna Martin, for remembering us in your will.