Constitution of the

Associated Student Body at

El Cajon Valley High School (last amended 6-28-17)


        In order to establish an environment at this school that is more conducive for student representation and participation, we the students at El Cajon Valley High School, do establish this Constitution as an outline for our local government.  We understand that our powers are given us by the Administration and are consistent with the policies of the Grossmont Union High School District.

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Associated Student Body of El Cajon Valley High School (ASB).

Article II: Membership

Section 1: There are two types of ASB Membership: regular and active.  Terms begin in the beginning of the first term/semester and end on the last day of the final term/semester of that scholastic year.

Section 2: Regular Membership includes all students who are enrolled in El Cajon Valley High School.  These members shall be entitled to one vote each in all student body, class, and dance elections.

Section 3: Active membership includes all students who have purchased an ASB sticker/card.  Regular members can do so by purchasing the school activity card from the Finance Clerk at the current rate at any time during the the scholastic year.  

        A. Only active members can hold ASB office or class office, but that is not a requirement to run for club offices.

        B. Only active members shall officially represent the ASB in interscholastic competitions, public appearances, or in any other manner.

        C. Active ASB members have the following privileges: free attendance at home games, reduced rates on special event tickets, clothing, or items sold in the student store.  Active members shall be entitled to other privileges not herein mentioned but granted by the ASB.

Article III: Objectives

Section 1: The objectives of this organization shall be to represent the best interests of the student body, to model good citizenship, and to unite the membership for the purpose of creating a positive, productive, and safe environment.

Section 2: ASB endeavors to accomplish said objectives by working through various groups and organizations on campus and through the Student Congress.  The ASB, in conjunction with the faculty, staff and administration, dedicates itself to governing the student body so that students’ social, educational and scholastic needs are met.

Article IV: The Student Government Class

Section 1: The Executive Board shall consist of five elected officers: the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Attorney General.

Section 2: AMENDMENT (6-28-17) The Commission Board shall consist of twelve eleven commissioners: School Service, Special Events, Spirit, Communications, Sales, Elections, Media, Publicity, Public Relations, Environment, Business Manager, Social Media and Athletics. and Student Affairs.   

Section 3: All members of the Executive and Commission Boards shall serve in office, commencing with the last two weeks of the school year in which they were elected and continuing until the last two weeks of the following year.  Service branch members must serve for a minimum of one term/semester.

Section 4 ASB members of the Executive and Commission boards are required to attend regular business meetings.  A quorum shall be set at a simple majority of the class.  In order to vote on any legislation, a quorum must be present.  Absentee ballots are not permitted; each member gets one vote.  The President gets no vote.  

Section 5: A member can be removed from office if the majority of the Student Government class votes the member out.  The Advisor is the sole person who can begin the proceedings for impeachment/removal after it has been deemed that the member in question has not performed to the letter of his/her position.

Section 6 Vacancies shall be filled by a majority vote of the Student Government class.  In the event that the President’s job is vacant, the Vice-President will act as the President until the Advisor appoints a new one or until one has been nominated and voted in by the rest of the class.  In the event that there is likewise no Vice-President, the Advisor will appoint an acting President and Vice-President until suitable replacements are elected.  The Vice-President does not automatically become the President; he/she must be nominated and then voted into office.

Section 7: Grades in the class are left up to the Advisor’s discretion.  Members of the Executive Board may provide input, but it is ultimately the teacher(advisor) who assigns the grades, as per GUHSD policy.  Students earning less that a C- may be removed from the class by the Advisor.

Section 8: In order to maintain a student’s office in the ASB class, a student must have an overall 2.3 GPA (if they have previous ASB experience) or a 2.5 (if it’s their first year).  Students failing to have that average will temporarily be stripped of their title until the end of the grading period.  If the student’s overall GPA is not brought up to a 2.3/2.5 by then, he/she will be given an associate commissioner status in the class.  In order to start and stay in ASB, all associate commissioners must have at least a 2.3 GPA overall.  Once the student falls below a 2.3 GPA overall, the student will be given until the 2nd progress report of each semester to bring it up and must be passing all his or her classes; if the student falls short, he/she will be removed from the class for the remainder of the year.  AMENDMENT:  Students’ grades from 9th-12th grade must be checked, they must be passing his or her classes by the 2nd progress report of each semester; students must have a 2.3/2.5 GPA and their grades be raised by the 2nd progress report and semester.

Article V: Responsibilities of the Executive Board

Section 1: The ASB President shall preside over meetings of the Student Government class, oversee the activities of the four executive board members, manage relations of ASB with individuals and groups outside of ECVHS, attend District ASB Executive Council meetings, and ensure that the laws of this document are being faithfully executed.  He/she has the ability to sign checks, purchase orders, check requests, and facility requests.

Section 2: The Vice-President presides over the Student Congress and runs the meetings of both the Senate and the House of Representatives.  He/she is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Commissioner of School Service, Special Events, and Spirit, and is an ex-officio member on the Homecoming, Air Band, and dance committees.  The Vice-President also presides over ASB meetings in the absence of the President.  He/She also attends the monthly district ASB meetings.  He/She has the ability to sign checks, purchase orders, check requests, and facility requests.  The Vice-President also runs Golden Apple elections and is responsible for making sure all clubs are chartered and have a current copy on file with ASB.

Section 3: The Attorney General shall be responsible for keeping track of all hours worked by students in ASB at games, dances, and ASB functions, as well as daily attendance in class.  He/She also is responsible for maintaining order at business meetings. The Attorney General is responsible for ensuring that all students adhere to the rules of this document,  In addition, the Attorney General makes sure that all organizations receiving ASB funding possess an ASB card.  The Attorney General makes and monitors the work schedule for the concession during the school day and he/she works with the Treasurer on keeping the concession stand sanitary enough to pass the County Health Inspection with distinction.  The Attorney General attends the monthly district ASB meetings.  He/She also oversees the activities of the Commissioners of Media and Student Affairs. AMENDMENT (6-28-17) He/She also plans, organizes, and supervises all elections for class offices, dance titles, and ASB.  He/She oversees all aspects of the ASB nominating Convention, including the publication of the election supplement.  In addition, the Attorney General works with the Commissioner of Spirit/School Service to plan the ASB election assembly.  He/She does not ever count ballots in the absence of the ASB Advisor.

Section 4: The Secretary shall record concise and legible minutes of all ASB, Senate, and House of Representatives meetings and make them available to the membership of said groups.  He/She will send a copy to all local administration members and the finance clerk.  The Secretary is also responsible for submitting any Bulletin notices in a timely fashion to the receptionist for the purpose of communicating to the student body any information regarding Sales, activities, or policies regarding them which are generated by ASB.  He/She is also in charge of distributing incoming mail and sending outgoing mail.  AMENDMENT (6-28-17) The Secretary oversees the activities of the Commissioner of Communications, Commissioner of Athletics, Publicity, Social Media, and Public Relations.

Section 5: The Treasurer shall be responsible for signing purchase orders, check requests, checks, and petty cash forms, as well as for keeping  record of all ASB accounts as written up in the ASB Budget.  He/She types up the budget and distributes copies to all ASB class members, the finance clerk, and administration members.  The Treasurer is responsible for giving monthly reports to ASB on the status of ASB spending and income.  He/She oversees the activities of the Business Manager and the Commissioner of Environment and Sales.  In addition,  the Treasurer keeps a record of all sales requests by keeping a calendar at all business, and he/she informs all clubs about the status of their sales.  

Section 5:  Article VI: Responsibilities of the Commission Board

Section 1: The Business Manager is in charge of overseeing the activities in the Tribal Trading Post, the student store.  This includes the following tasks:  ordering all merchandise, taking monthly inventory of all items, making a work schedule and ensuring executives are working their hours, and working the store daily at lunch.  He/She meets with vendors and recommends to the Advisor quantities to order and prices to charge for each item ordered.

Section 2: The Commissioner of Communications is responsible for the announcing of the daily bulletin at the beginning and ending of each week(over the loudspeaker/broadcast system) as allowed by the administration, and he/she has the duty of regularly changing all marquees on campus.  This includes the scrolling marquee outside of Tribal.  The Commissioner also is in charge of keeping record of all marquee requests and income generated as a result of personalized messages.  He/She also reproduces all marquee request forms.  

AMENDMENT (6-28-17)REFER TO ARTICLE V SECTION 3 Section 3: The Commissioner of Elections plans, organizes, and supervises all elections for class offices, dance titles, and ASB.  He/She oversees all aspects of the ASB nominating Convention, including the publication of the election supplement.  In addition, the Commissioner of Elections works with the School Service Commissioner to plan the ASB election assembly.  The Commissioner of Elections does not ever count ballots in the absence of the ASB Advisor.

Section 3: The Commissioner of Environment is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the school’s clean campus and recycling programs.  He/She collects and deposits all revenues generated by the recycling materials such as aluminum, plastic and paper, and maintains the bins for recycling.  The Commissioner of Environment also has the power to shut down a section of campus that is frequently dirty.  He/She assigns all students to work for both efforts and evaluates their performance weekly in each area.  He/She also makes decisions about campus beautification.

Section 4: The Commissioner of Media is responsible for deejaying all gym dances, providing music on Fridays(or any other day approved by the administration) at lunch, and running the sound at all assemblies and special events.  He/She is also the person who deals with technology-based activities of ASB.  This includes the Convention slide show and working with the ASB website.  The Commissioner of Media also is responsible for the maintenance, expansion, and upkeep of all equipment, including our CD and record collections.

Section 5: The Commissioner of Publicity is responsible for all aspects of publicizing student activities, athletic contests, and ASB-related events.  (This includes the production, posting, and removal of posters in a timely fashion.)  Also, he/she ensures that all blue boards and the AMENDMENT (8-18-15) large teepee is being used daily.  The Commissioner of Publicity also is responsible for ordering all supplies(inks, paper, tape, etc.) and keeping a record of expenditures,  He/She also must organize and clean the publicity cabinet.  Finally, he/she checks all posters for appropriateness of language and graphics.  This means ensuring that all advertisements have the official “ASB-Approved” Stamp somewhere in view.  

Section 6: The Commissioner of Public Relations is responsible for managing all showcases on campus, making sure all displays are current and appropriate.  He/She is also in charge of the promotion of school events by informing the local and school newspapers and the media about them regularly.  This includes the solicitation of donations from school events.  The Commissioner of Public Relations is also responsible for the planning, organization, and the execution of the Pow Wow. He/She is also in charge of hanging the “Be Brave” signs up. Finally, all ASB student exchanges are the responsibility of the Public Relations Commissioner.  AMENDMENT (6-28-17) He/She acknowledges all staff and student birthdays, oversees the student component of the Hall of Braves, and is in charge of honoring achievement in all areas of student endeavor.  This is done in some tangible fashion, as well as through announcements in the bulletin or at assemblies/rallies.  He/She is also a representative to the school’s PTSA and attends their meetings regularly and reports back back to the ASB Class.

Section 7: The Commissioner of Sales oversees all activities associated with the school concession stand.  He/She makes and monitors the work schedule for the concession during the school day.  He/She orders the food for the gym concession stand, and is in charge of obtaining and counting the cash boxes for the events held there.  Inventory is kept daily and restocked by the Commissioner of Sales.  Finally, he/she is in charge of keeping the stand sanitary enough to pass the County Health Inspection with distinction. AMENDMENT (6-28-17) Prior to running for this position, you must have served at least one year in ASB.

AMENDMENT (6-28-17)REFER TO SECTION 9 Section 8: The Commissioner of School Service is responsible for the planning, organizing, and executing of all assemblies on campus.  In addition, he/she oversees all aspects of Homecoming with Special Events.  He/She is responsible for the filling out and recording of all facilities requests for any ASB-related event held on campus.  The Commissioner also assists with the Pow Wow if it is held as an assembly during school hours.

Section 8: The Commissioner of Special Events is responsible for the planning, organizing, and executing of all dances and events for which ASB charges admission.  He/She sets up a work schedules for ticket sales and taking, concessions, security, shoe sheriff (at dances).  The Special Events Commissioner must keep a budget of all events, and he/she is responsible for the purchase of deejays, decorations, and music for dances.  He/She ensures that all contracts are filled with the Finance Clerk and the School Facilities Manager according to their deadlines. He/She is also in charge of the Dodgeball event.

AMENDMENT (6-28-17)  Section 9:  The Commissioner of Spirit is responsible for the planning, organizing, and executing of all spirit games, pep rallies, and pep assemblies.  He/She keeps records of Spirit point totals and makes them public monthly.  The Spirit Commissioner acts as a liaison to the Pep Club and helps in whatever capacity that the Pep Club President needs.  He/She is also responsible for the spirit budget, including ordering and purchasing materials for all spirit-related events.  He/She is also maintains the spirit trophies. AMENDMENT (6-28-17) He/She is also in charge of arranging the Student Spirit Section at home sport games. Finally, the Commissioner of Spirit oversees the entire F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S. event and has the option to emcee the event.

AMENDMENT (6-28-17)REFER TO SECTION 6 Section 10: The Commissioner of Student Affairs acknowledges all staff and student birthdays, oversees the student component of the Hall of Braves, and is in charge of honoring achievement in all areas of student endeavor.  This is done in some tangible fashion, as well as through announcements in the bulletin or at assemblies/rallies.  He/She is also a representative to the school’s PTSA and attends their meetings regularly and reports back back to the ASB Class.

AMENDMENT (6-28-17) SECTION REMOVED (AMENDMENT 8-18-15) Section 11: The Commissioner of Associates oversees all associates and is appointed by the ASB advisor.  

(AMENDMENT 5-11-17) Section 10:   AMENDMENT (6-28-17)The Commissioner of Athletics Sports Management is responsible for obtaining the list of eligible seniors from the office before every Sports Assembly. They are also in charge of determining when each sport of every season has their senior night, asking if they need posters/advertisement, and then relaying this information to the Commissioner of Publicity.  During Sports Assemblies, they are in charge of lining up the athletes when they’re being recognized and what gifts they will be receiving during the assembly. Any miscellaneous tasks relating to sports will be delegated to the Commissioner of Athletics Sports Management. The Commissioner of Athletics is also in charge of communication between ASB and Athletics. In addition, they provide the school with updates, game dates, changes in the game schedules, CIF updates, and correspond with Athletic’s Secretary.

(AMENDMENT 5-11-17) Section 11: The Commissioner of Social Media is responsible for advertising ASB’s activities and events across the numerous social media platforms available at the time. Currently those social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The Commissioner of Social Media is appointed by the advisor from the pool of associates and confirmed by the ASB class.  

Article VII: Responsibilities of the Service Branch

Section 1: The Associate Commissioners assist their supervising commissioner in the execution of their duties.  Their responsibilities include helping with committees as they are formed, but they are done after their primary responsibilities are done. (AMENDMENT 5-11-17) Associate Commissioners do not go on the ballot that the commissioner candidates do. They are selected at the discretion of the ASB advisor but undergo a heavy interviewing process decided by the outgoing ASB executives. The ASB executives will do a vote and have the ultimate decision on whether or not the selected person(s) are able to join the class for the next year.

Section 2: The Class Senators act as liaisons between ASB and their class.  They can serve on committees when selected, and are given responsibilities of an associate commissioner on an as needed basis.  They can work on class-related activities for their ASB sponsored events, including preparation for Spirit week and F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.S. Senators and Class Presidents attend monthly Senate meetings; only Senators must attend ASB business meetings.

Article VIII: Student Congress

Section 1: The Purpose of the Congress is to represent the best interests of the student body by acting as a liaison between the students they represent and ASB.

Section 2: The Student Congress is comprised of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Members of the House of Representatives are the two students who are selected by their fifth period teacher or elected by the fifth period class during the beginning of the term/semester.  (Only needs to attend the monthly meetings).  Members of the Senate are the club and the class presidents, team captains, and the class senators.  A club vice-president or team co-captain may attend Senate meetings if their resident or captain is unable to attend.

Section 3: The Congress provides a check on the power of the ASB class by providing input of the enactment of new legislation.  Legislation only becomes valid with the passage by simple majority of both Houses and the approval of the ASB class.  A ⅔ majority of both houses is required to override any current legislation.  In order to vote on legislation, a quorum is needed: for the House, it is more than half of the total membership; for the Senate, it is 50% of the entire house and all four senators.  

Section 4: Either house of Congress can conduct investigations necessary for the consideration of legislation.

Section 5: Either house of Congress can bring about the Articles of Impeachment against student body officers by securing a petition with names from one-fourth of the student body.  Once started,  a hearing will be conducted in a joint-session of Congress; two-thirds majority of both houses will then start a school-wide election for passage of the removal of the officer in question.  The election will take place in their fifth period classes.  A majority of the classes must vote in favor for removal of any officer.

Article IX: Amendments

Section 1: The ASB Class, a petition with 20% of the student body’s signatures, or either House or Senate may propose an amendment to this Constitution.

Section 2: Amendments shall be approved as per Article VII, Section 3.

Article X: Elections

Section 1: The purpose of elections is to ensure that the best possible candidates are placed into office.  This is done in a democratic process so that all students of El Cajon Valley High School have equal access to represent the student body in school affairs.

Section 2: ASB is solely responsible for handling all ASB, Homecoming, and ASB dance elections.  The Senior class is responsible for running Senior Prom elections.  ASB sets the requirement for running for Homecoming prior to distributing petitions.  In general, they must meet the minimum 2.5 GPA, have no major referrals after freshman year, and must own an ASB card.  The ASB class can set up a point systems for service credit, or they can allow all clubs/organizations to nominate a representative for each gender.  Each class is responsible for running their own elections.

Section 3: In Order to run for any elected position (besides ASB), the following requirements must be satisfied: the student must have at least an overall GPA of 2.0 and must be a full-time student.,  They may not have more than one “U” in conduct on the past progress/ report.  They must have no outstanding fines.  Petitions must be filed by ASB-appointed deadline. No ASB Executive can run for class president.

AMENDMENT (9-18-15): SECTION REMOVED. Section 4: In order to run for any “king/prince” title, the candidate must be male; in order to run for “queen/princess” titles, the candidates must be female.

Section 4: Freshman class officers must be elected by the third week of the school year; all other classes must be elected by the second-to-last week of the school year.  ASB officers must be elected by the third-to-last week of the school year.  Dance elections must be decided the night of the dance.

Section 5: All elections are done by secret ballot.

Section 6: The winner of each election is the person who has the simple majority of valid votes cast.  (Valid votes are those votes cast by qualified voters; AMENDMENT (6-28-17) registered 9th-11th grade voters for ASB, class voters for the class-related elections, and the entire student body for Homecoming King and Queen elections.

Section 7: No absentee ballots may be cast.  Voting may only occur during times that have been previously determined by the ASB class.

Section 8:  School administrators can amend any requirements for any title.  These shall be printed on the petition.  

Section 9: Delegates to the ASB Nominating Convention must have an ASB card and at least an overall GPA of 2.5 by the time of the Convention.  

Section 10: No student transfers into ASB are allowed (unless they have been in ASB at their previous school or has been approved by the advisor).

Section 11: In order to run for ASB President, the student must be an incoming senior.  To run for ASB Vice-President, the student must be an incoming Junior.  To run for any other ASB office, the student must be at least an incoming sophomore. The student must have at least one year of experience in ASB to run for an Executive position.

Section 12: The school narrows the list of Homecoming candidates down to ten semifinalists for king and queen; the Senior class narrows the list down to five finalists for each; the entire student body elects from the five finalists. The runners up become the rest of the senior class Homecoming court.

Section 13: All students running for Homecoming must be a student at ECV.

Article XI: Student Clubs/Organizations

Section 1: To be an approved club on campus, a current charter must be on file with the ASB Secretary.  All charters must be voted on by ASB and approved by the administration.

Section 2: A club is defined as a group of at least 5 individuals who, under the direction of a staff advisor, meets regularly to share common interests which do not endanger the lives of impact the welfare of people in any adverse manner.  They may be restricted by the Grossmont district policies(ex: religiously affiliated or non-CIF sport -related clubs).

Section 3: Only approved clubs are capable of fundraising on campus.  To get a fundraiser started, the group must fill out a sales request and have it approved by ASB.  They may not last more than two weeks, AMENDMENT (8-18-15) and they may not sell any items for less than a dollar.  Clubs may file for one more two-week extension.  They must turn in a report of their success of their fundraiser prior to being allowed to fundraise again.  The treasurer of the organization must turn in this report to the ASB Treasurer, who then turns it into the Finance Clerk.

Section 4: Clubs may be started at any time in the school year.  Charters expire in June and must be re-filled out each year.

Section 5: At any time, the advisor of a club or a class may remove any officer not performing to the letter of their responsibility.  In order to elect a new officer, a meeting must be advertised for the purpose of taking nominations a week prior to a second meeting which will include the voting of the new officer into the vacant position.