The 1st Annual Wyvern Crusade

1,500 point Warhammer 40,000 Narrative Tournament

Wyvacon 2015

Wytheville Meeting Center - 333 Community Blvd Wytheville, Virginia 24382

July 25th at 9am

Rules of the Event

Army Construction

  • Entry to play in the tournament is $10.
  • All armies must be a Battle Forged Army(no unbound)
  • Escalation, Forge World, and Apocalypse are not permitted.
  • Lists are not to exceed 1,500 points.
  • All current codexes, supplements, dataslates, and formations from sources not listed above are permitted including Stronghold Assault.
  • Bring 4 copies of your list. 1 for the Judges, and 1 for each opponent.
  • You must have your codex/rulebook with you in a method that GW sells/provides them in whether this be a physical book or digital book. Dataslates and formations that don’t appear in a book(some are available only on black library) may be printed off in their entirety for use in your army. Codexes and rulebooks like Shield of Baal should not be printed off from your computer if you wish to use it in this tournament. You must allow your opponent to check the rules of your army if they wish.
  • No rules released after June 25th, 2015 will be permitted at this years event.
  • Your models do not have to be painted, just know that painting is included for Best Overall.
  • Conversions are fine so long as the model is converted with intent to represent what it is. Proxies are not permitted, but there is some flexibility. A space wolf Grey Hunter can be used as an Ultramarine Tactical Marine(make sure his wargear is right). A Dreadnought is not an Ironclad Dreadnought(at least not without some conversions).

Game Play

  • All painted units(all models have 3 color minimum) will gain the rule preferred enemy(unpainted units).
  • Games will be played on a 4’x6’ table.
  • This is a tournament for a game that we all love. Be respectful and have fun. Poor sportsmanship will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but I don’t expect to encounter any here.
  • First round pairings will be entirely random using to ensure this. Future rounds will be based solely on Battle Points excluding opponents that you have already faced.
  • If your opponent is tabled (has no models remaining at the end of a game turn) or forfeits with enough time remaining to play another turn, you will score maximum points for that mission and your opponent will score the minimum points allowed in the mission.
  • If there is an uneven number of players, the player with the lowest score will receive the Bye. Receiving the Bye will grant you Battle Points equal to scoring the Primary Mission. If a ringer is available, you will be given 3 choices. Receive the Bye, Play the ringer for actual points earned, or receive the Bye and play the ringer for fun and glory no player will receive the Bye twice.
  • Games should be finished in a timely manner. This does not mean that we will be forcing a hard dice down at time. Don’t start a game turn if you cannot reasonably finish it. Call a judge if you and your opponent cannot agree if another turn should be played.
  • When your game is finished, you and your opponent should bring your mission packet to the front for scores to be entered. Scores will only be entered after matching scores are received from both players.
  • Any rules questions that can’t be resolved at the table can be raised to a judge. The judge’s ruling will be final for the rest of the event. If you are concerned about an unusual rules issue in a list you will be running, ask a judge anytime before the event for a ruling so that you can plan accordingly.
  • Any rules being played incorrectly whether on accident or on purpose will be corrected on the spot if noticed by a judge. If you have any concerns about cheating, slow-playing, or illegal list construction, please notify a judge immediately, not after the event. We can investigate and handle the matter discreetly. We cannot help you the next day. This does not have to be an accusation, if you have suspicion of cheating or rules being played wrong, even accidentally, we can keep an eye out and make sure this runs smoothly. We have all made rules mistakes before. Blatant cheating will, however, not be permitted.
  • Cheating will not be tolerated. Each case will be handled individually. We will strive to fix small mistakes, but intentional cheating could mean up to expulsion from the tournament (without refund) and notifying the organizer of the convention, and a ban from future events.


  • Price Support is currently pending. Check back for updates.
  • 1st place - Best Overall will be the player with the highest score after adding the Battle Points and Painting Score. In the event of a tie, the player with the highest painting score is the Best Overall. If a tie still exists, then the player that scored the most points from tertiary objectives is the winner.
  • 2nd place - Best General will be the player with the most Battle Points. In the event of a tie, the player that scored the most points from tertiary objectives is the Best General. If a tie still exists, then the highest painting score will determine the winner.
  • Best Army will be chosen by the judges with input from a player vote. You must paint your own army to be considered for this prize.
  • There will be a door prize that is randomly given out to a player that did not win another prize.
  • No player can win Best Overall and Best General.


9:00am: Doors open, get your badge and pay for the tournament. Lists are accepted at this point to be checked or prior to this event at any time, electronically.

9:30-9:45: Pairings and table assignments are worked out.

10:00-12:00: Round 1

12:00-1:00: Set up your army for paint judging and break for lunch.

1:00-3:00: Round 2

3:15-5:15: Round 3

5:30: Prizes announced

5:40-11:00: Enjoy the rest of the con!